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Titans Time is your Tennessee Titans podcast for the Pigskin Podcast Network. Tyler, the host of Titans Time, is always bringing you the latest news and information about the Titans and around the NFL. I also make sure to give you my thoughts and opinions on what is going on with the team and what I think they should do. Make sure to follow the podcast and rate 5 stars. Also check on the podcast on Youtube and make sure to subscribe. It is really appreciated. Titan Up!


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Titans Time is your Tennessee Titans podcast for the Pigskin Podcast Network. Tyler, the host of Titans Time, is always bringing you the latest news and information about the Titans and around the NFL. I also make sure to give you my thoughts and opinions on what is going on with the team and what I think they should do. Make sure to follow the podcast and rate 5 stars. Also check on the podcast on Youtube and make sure to subscribe. It is really appreciated. Titan Up!






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Titans Hire Ran Carthon As New GM & NFL Playoff Talk | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL

The Tennessee Titans have a new General Manager, and his name is Ran Carthon. Talk about an exciting and great hire by the Titans. This move got all Titans' fans on their feet and ready to see what the future has to hold. Ran has been a part of the 49ers organization since 2017 and we can see how well constructed the 49ers roster has been over the last couple of years. I have no doubt that Ran and Vrabel will work together and hopefully put together some of the best Titans' teams we have...


Titans in a Win/Win Situation in Week 18? | #TennesseeTitans #NFL #TitanUp

The last week of the NFL Regular Season is here and the Tennessee Titans head down to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars with big stakes on the line. This is a big game as it will decide which of these teams will be the AFC Champions and be getting to host a Wildcard Playoff Game. The Titans situation however is very interesting. If they win this game, they make the playoffs. If they lose this game, then they more than likely get a top 10 pick in this years draft. Could this be a win/win...


Titans Week 16 and 17 Talk with TTP | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL

The losses just keep coming for the Titans. Whether it is losing more players to injuries or losing games, the Titans just can't seem to stop the bleeding. After an embarrassing loss to the Texans this past week, the depleted Titans team now has to turn around on a short week and face off against the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, the Cowboys game has no effect on whether or not the Titans will be in position to make the playoffs. All of that falls on their final game of the season against...


Titans Fire General Manager Jon Robinson | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL

Man, talk about some news that Titans fans did not expect to see today. Just two days after an embarrassing loss to the Eagles and former Titans receiver, AJ Brown, the Tennessee Titans have fired General Manager Jon Robinson. While this was a move that some Titans fans have been calling for, no one actually expected it to happen in the middle of a season where it looks like the Titans will win the AFC South and make the playoffs again. Amy Adams Strunk had different plans though. While we...


Titans Take Down Packers in Lambeau on TNF | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #Packers #NFL

The Tennessee Titans are now riding a two game win streak after beating the Broncos in Week 10 and then following that up with a win on prime-time TNF against the Packers in Lambeau. In the game against the Packers, we got to see the Titans put on their best offensive performance of the season. They had the passing game clicking on all cylinders and Treylon Burks ended up having his best game of his rookie season. In this episode, Titans Rossi joins the show as we breakdown the Titans and...


Titans vs. Chiefs SNF Game Reaction | #TitanUp #TennesseeTitans #NFL #Chiefs

The Tennessee Titans had a chance to knock off the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, but ended up coming up short in overtime. Malik Willis made his second career start for the Titans in this game, and for the most part looked a lot better than he did in the game against the Texans last week. But between receivers not being able to get separation and the play-calling in the second half, the Titans offense just could not get a drive going. The brightest spots for the Titans in this game was...


Vols Win and Titans New Stadium Confirmed | #Tennessee #TitanUp #GoVols #TennesseeTitans #NFL

Man, talk about an exciting past week for Tennessee Sports' teams. Starting off this past weekend, the Tennessee Vols were able to outlast Alabama in an epic showdown, in Neyland Stadium, to end a 15 year losing streak. Then, we find out that the Tennessee Titans will, in fact, be getting a new stadium and the plan is for it to be up and ready to go by the 2026 season. Our good buddy, Titans Rossi, joins the show as we break down everything that has happened over the past week and give our...


Titans vs. Colts Week 4 Game Preview | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL #Colts #ForTheShoe

This week, the Tennessee Titans have their first divisional matchup of the season, and it is against the Indianapolis Colts. Both of these teams struggled in the first two games of the season and then turned things around in Week 3 to get their first win of the season. We already know that the Titans will be without Amani Hooker and Zach Cunningham for this game. This could spell trouble for the Titans run defense as they have already struggled this year to stop the run and now have to go up...


Titans vs. Bills MNF Game Reaction | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL #Bills #BillsMafia

The Buffalo Bills absolutely embarrassed the Titans on Monday Night Football in Buffalo. Do want to say congrats to Bills fans as y'all got us this year. And y'all have earned the right to talk y'all's talk. This game started off really close as both teams scored on their first drives and then were stopped on their next drives. After that though, it was all Bills for the rest of the game. The injury bug has once again started hitting the Titans roster and we are seeing that the Titans aren't...


Titans vs. Bills MNF Game Preview | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL #Bills #BillsMafia

The Titans and Bills matchup for the third year in a row for a Prime Time Game. Over the last two years the Titans have had the Bills number and been able to come away with the victory. This year, the Titans head up to Buffalo for Monday Night Football. The Bills are coming off of a dominating win against the defending SuperBowl Champs, while the Titans are coming off a disappointing loss to the Giants. We already know that the Titans will be without Kristian Fulton in their secondary for...


Giants vs. Titans Week One Game Reaction | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL #Giants

Week 1 is over and the Tennessee Titans are 0-1 after falling to the New York Giants. The Titans jumped out early in this game and a lot of fans, including myself, thought that the Titans were just going to continue to dominate in the second half. The Giants had different plans though as the stopped the Titans on their first drive in the second half and then proceeded to rip off big plays to get the momentum on their side. There are several reasons for why the Titans ended up losing this...


Giants vs Titans Week One Preview | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #WeekOne #NFL

Week 1 of the NFL Regular Season is finally here!! The New York Giants are coming to Nashville to take on our Tennessee Titans and I know all Titans fans are hoping that this season starts off a lot different for the Titans. The Titans defense will be looking to slow down a returning Saquon Barkley. While the Titans offense will certainly run through the returning King Henry. The national media has been doing all that talking throughout the offseason and doubting the Titans because of all...


Who Should be the Titans Back-Up Quarterback? | #TennesseeTitans #TitansUp #NFL

We are getting closer and closer to the day where NFL teams have to have their rosters trimmed down to 53 guys. The big question all Titans fans have had throughout training camp is, are the Titans going to keep 3 quarterbacks on the roster? But now, going into the last week of the preseason, we may have our answer. There is no doubt that Malik Willis has played better than Logan Woodside in the preseason. He has also been getting more work with the second team offense in training camp. This...


Bucs vs Titans Joint Training Camp Practice Recap | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL

The last two days, the Tennessee Titans have hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for joint practices leading up to their preseason matchup this weekend. We got to see the backups and a couple of starters face off against the Ravens in the Titans first preseason game. But, this is the first time this year that we get to see pretty much all of the Titans starters go up against another team. And the starters did not disappoint. The Titans first string offense started off hot in yesterday's...


Titans Training Camp Week 2 | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL #TrainingCamp

Week 2 of training camp is here and this week the Titans put pads on for the first time this year. Slowly but surely, the preseason and regular season are getting closer and closer and players practicing with pads on just confirms that. So far this week, the wide receiver room just continues to impress everyone every day. At one point we thought this receiver room might not be that good and that the Titans may need to look at bringing in another veteran guy. However, guys are stepping up...


Titans Training Camp Week 1 Review | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #TrainingCamp #NFL #NFLnews

Training camp is finally here! I think I can safely speak for all football fans when I say that everyone is so glad that football is back! Wednesday of this past week, the Tennessee Titans had their first training camp practice and already a couple of questions about the team have been answered. From Treylon Burks actually being on the field and starting strong, to Malik Willis looking like the 3rd string quarterback. Now while all football fans try not to get too excited about training camp...


Titans Time Q&A and Training Camp News | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL

In this episode, we have the first ever Titans Time Q&A. People on twitter and facebook sent in questions that they wanted to hear my opinions and thoughts on. We have questions ranging from my favorite moment watching a game to how well do I think Ryan Tannehill will play this year. Along with the Q&A, we talk about how the Titans have agreed to deals with the last two rookies they had to sign from the 2022 NFL Draft as well as what players will start training camp on the PUP list. And even...


What Player Has the Best Chance to Win Comeback Player of the Year? | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #NFL

We are less than a month away from NFL Preseason Games starting up. As the season gets closer and closer, fans of all NFL teams cannot wait to see their guys back out on the field. Especially the guys who are returning from injuries that ended their season last year. That also brings up the question of what returning player has the best chance to win the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Titans' fans think that King Henry is going to come back to take the league by storm and run away with...


Early Titans' 53 Man Roster Prediction | #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp #Roster

Training camp and the NFL season are slowly but surely getting closer and closer. We all know that between now and the NFL regular season that every team is going to be making moves to try to help their team out. They might be signing new players, releasing players, or even making a trade for a player that they think would put their team over the top. In this episode, we take a look at the Titans current roster as of June 13, 2022 per their roster on tennesseetitans.com. I give my early...


Is Derrick Henry Still the Best Running Back in the NFL? | #NFL #TennesseeTitans #TitanUp

In this episode, I talk about what running back is the best running back in the NFL. Is it Jonathan Taylor, Nick Chubb, CMC, or does Derrick Henry still sit atop of the mountain? I give my honest opinion on where I would rank each one of these running back and why I rank them where I do. I put all bias aside and give each running back the credit they deserve. Even in doing that though, I still feel like no one has taken the title of best running back in the league away from Derrick Henry....