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Dave from the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Blog interviews the biggest names in fly fishing and fly tying today. He digs out all of the best fly fishing tips and tricks to help you understand how to choose the right gear, find fish, present the fly, discover new patterns and much more. Find out about new rods, lines, techniques, knots, tying tools and unheard of tips along with great stories about life and the times of some of the most knowledgeable guides, shop owners, and fisherman from around the world. Season 1 covers all things steelhead fishing. Better understand topics like spey casting, nymphing vs. swinging flies, intruders, finding fish, conservation and finding new waters. Come join us for the current season and share the stories and great memories told by amazing people.


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Dave from the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Blog interviews the biggest names in fly fishing and fly tying today. He digs out all of the best fly fishing tips and tricks to help you understand how to choose the right gear, find fish, present the fly, discover new patterns and much more. Find out about new rods, lines, techniques, knots, tying tools and unheard of tips along with great stories about life and the times of some of the most knowledgeable guides, shop owners, and fisherman from around the world. Season 1 covers all things steelhead fishing. Better understand topics like spey casting, nymphing vs. swinging flies, intruders, finding fish, conservation and finding new waters. Come join us for the current season and share the stories and great memories told by amazing people.






WFS 459 - Forged Fly Fishing with Richard Wilby - BC, Stillwater, Steelhead

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/459 Presented by: Trxstle, Stonefly Nets Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Richard Wilby, the man behind Forged Fly Fishing, shares his journey of creating a fly reel company and a fishing gear company simultaneously. He shares his lineup of reels, what it's like living in Merritt BC, and the rich stillwaters of the area around this part of the world. We also find out which is the perfect stillwater reel. Forged Fly Fishing Show Notes with Richard Wilby 3:10 - Richard tells how he first got into fly fishing and why he started his company, Forged Fly Fishing. The first reel they launched was called Requiem in remembrance of his father. 5:32 - Not soon after releasing the Requiem, they launched the Royale which is now upgraded to be called Anthem Steelhead/Spey Reel. 6:15 - He explains the difference between a center pin reel and a mooching reel. 6:55 - For stillwater fishing, they have the Invictus Fly Reel which is a smaller version of the Anthem. 7:43 - We dig into his process of starting a fly reel company. The most difficult part of his journey was finding proper manufacturers. 10:05 - He has complete control over every aspect of the design of their reels. He shares more about the process of designing their products. 12:18 - He talks about their current location in Merritt BC which is his sister's cattle ranch. 13:39 - He mentions some places in their area where you can catch giant Kamloops rainbows. His favorite lake to fish in is Knouff Lake. 15:48 - He uses the Swellfish Classic Inflatable Boat (12'10"). 17:23 - He proudly talks about his Pro Staff at Forged Fly Fishing. 18:53 - We dig into the other company he started in 2018 called Spitfire Fishing Products. He named it after his grandfather who fixed and designed machine guns for the Spitfire aircraft and the Hurricane during World War II. 21:31 - One of their sought-after products at Spitfire is their Hawker Spoons. All of their products at Spitfire are for ocean, stillwater, and any type of fishing. 24:53 - They also have Pro Staff at Spitfire. 26:11 - They have physical shops in their area. Their products are also available in several fly shops in Canada which you can find in the Retailers section on their website. 28:15 - He shares how he gets going out there during stillwater season. He fishes mostly in the spring and more in the fall. This year, he plans to do more river fishing. 29:52 - We dig into steelhead fishing. For steelhead runs, he usually goes to Cowichan River with a Scandi setup during winter right around Christmas. 33:37 - He gives a heads-up about their products at Forge Fly Fishing and Spitfire Fishing Products. 34:43 - We talk a bit about Riley, his dog which is a Golden Retriever and Border Collie cross. She loves the water. 35:28 - He tells more about what they do in his sister's cattle ranch. He and his wife have been helping out there. 39:40 - For stillwater fishing, his fly box usually contains a lot of leech, scud, and blob patterns. 41:12 - He talks about the new big thing that's coming out soon from Forged Fly Fishing. He also shares a significant tip for manipulating the reel while fishing. 45:09 - I ask him about his bucket list of trips. This includes Terrace and Kenai. 46:20 - For stillwater fishing, his go-to fly is a ruby-eye leech. 46:38 - He mentions some of the guys in their area who are reliable sources for fishing. Some of them are their Pro Staff at Forged and John Kent who designed the pumpkin head leech. 47:32 - He describes what it's like living in Merritt BC. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/459


WFS 458 - Mystic Outdoors with Jeff Brady - Fly Rods, M Series, Roosterfish

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/458 Presented By: Waters West, Country Financial, Chota Outdoors, and Togens Fly Shop Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Jeff Brady from Mystic Outdoors to share the story of how he purchased a fly rod company during Covid and what it took to keep this thing above water and growing. Jeff also digs into choosing the fly rods and what it takes to choose the right fly rod for the species you are chasing. You can listen to the entire the Podcast or read more below. Mystic Outdoors Show Notes with Jeff Brady 03:56 - Jeff had a great season and noted The Wasatch Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo 04:20 - Jeff also noted a really cool event in Colorado called Trout Fest. Trout Fest Colorado is a one of a kind summer festival and celebration of conservation, education, and fly fishing. 04:32 - Jeff mentioned that shows are a pricey investment but it's so much fun to see everybody, see your friends and talk a little business with people and meet people like us. 04:48 - We talked about the cost of the booth at a typical show, and as per Jeff, it depends on the show; the range is going to be anywhere from 800 to 2,000 dollars for a 10 by 10 booth. 05:32 - Jeff also mentioned the travel cost, logistics cost, shipping cost, and all those things. It's a major investment, but at the end of the day, typically, there's a big return that you look forward to. 06:29 - Jeff talks about Stillwater; that is one of the categories they are focusing on. Phil Rowley is Mystic Outdoors Ambassador and he's the host of our Littoral Zone Podcast. 06:55 - There's definitely been an increase in interest in Stillwater flyrods. Jeff mentioned that he has seen a big boom in the sale of his M-Series Fly Rods. 07:16 - Jeff mentioned that there are a lot of new fly-fishing men and women in the industry. There's been a large increase in fishing pressure, particularly in Colorado, Utah, the West, the North East, and the North West. People are looking for a little more solitude. Stillwater Fishing is one type of fishing that allows you to find more solitude on the water. 9:04 - Dave makes the analogy between Michael Jordan and Phil Rowley. Who do you think would win in a one on one fishing competition. 9:18 - Hey, Jeff attended the Denver The Fly Fishing Show this year. The Denver Fishing Show is one of the biggest fly fishing show of the year. 10:57 We talked about the live event from the giveaway where you get the chance to win a fishing trip and huge fly fishing gear pack. Click here to check out the next event 11:45 - Jeff was born and raised in the Dallas, Texas, area, and he went to college there. He always had a burning desire to be a ski bum because that's what he wanted to do. 13:00 Jeff failed his last college test and decided to move west with his 1987 4Runner packed up and ready to go. They headed to the Red River in Mexico. 17:38 - Jeff shared that all of their rods, from their premium entry-level rod, The Inception, all the way up to their trimmer saltwater line, were designed by Dennis Klein. Learn more about the Mystic Story here 20:25 - Jeff noted the popularity of there Reaper X Fly Rod. He also made a analogy of the blind cast off and how the Reaper X will stand up to any rod in the market. 24:56 - Jeff shared story about Dennis Klein who designed their every line up rods. 28:56 - Jeff talked about the Sapphyre Rod series and how it's one of the only women's fly rod series. 29:54 - Jeff shared that they have two rods in their line-up, the Inception Fly Rod and the Inception with Mystic Outdoors Case Special, that are manufactured in China. 34:00 - Jeff talked about Covid and how their business impacted the industry as a whole. He was incredibly impressed with the creativity that fly shops across the country came up with to stay afloat. 35:10 - Jeff shared their business strategy for 2020: get out to shows, get busy with the brands, and talk about the plans to reenter the fly-shop...


WFS 457 - Euro Nymphing with Craig Richardson - Seychelles, South Africa, Competitive Fly Fishing

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/457 Presented By: Waters West, Trxstle, Mavrk Fly Fishing, Dette Flies Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors In this episode, we meet Craig Richardson - Head Guide at Fly Cast Away on St. Brandons Atoll, Guide at Como Maalifushi in the Maldives, and WorldCast Anglers. Craig's early entry into competitive fishing in South Africa sets the stage for our exploration of euro nymphing and the drawbacks of excessive tight lining. He shares an intriguing story about landing his first guiding opportunity in a tigerfish river, highlighting a significant milestone in his angling journey. Craig provides valuable recommendations for those dreaming of a Seychelles trip and discusses the amazing strength of Humphead Parrotfish, the angry nature of Giant Travellies, and the unpredictable allure of Triggerfish. The conversation also touches on Craig's fishing adventures with Jeff Currier and his current work at Bob Marriott's Fly Shop in Los Angeles, adding another exciting dimension to his angling journey. This episode is filled with insights, stories, and a shared passion for the sport. Show Notes with Craig Richardson 03:00 - We had Jako Lucas in the podcast in episode 281 where we dug into Jako's top 20 fly fishing destinations. 05:00 - An average Giant Trevally size is about 75-85cm. A bigger one is about a meter. And a huge one is about 115-120cm. 14:05 - Craig got into competitive fishing at 13 years old when he joined the youth team in South Africa. 18:00 - Craig tells the story of how he was offered his first guiding gig in a tigerfish river in South Africa. 26:30 - Baitfishing for carp is the largest community of fishermen in South Africa. 28:10 - Craig based all of his fishing knowledge on the book, Trout Hunter: The Way of an Angler by Rene Harrop. 35:00 - Craig explains why focusing too much on tight lining is bad for euro nymphing. 46:00 - FlyCastAway.com and AlphonseFishingCo.com are great companies to book your Seychelles trip with. 46:30 - We talk about the Humphead Parrotfish and what makes this creature special. 48:25 - Giant Travellies are one of the maddest and most aggressive fish in saltwater. 49:10 - Parrot fish fights really hard. Their beaks are like bolt cutters. 50:30 - People usually come to Seychelles to target GTs but end up loving Triggerfish. 52:00 - Watch this Triggerfish attack a diver. 54:00 - We talk about Jeff Currier. Craig tells us how they used to fish together a lot when they became neighbors. 1:02:30 - Craig is in Los Angeles right now, working for Bob Marriot's Fly Shop. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/457


WFS 456 - Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing with Adam Cuthriell from Fishhound Expeditions - Ask a Pro Bonus Series

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/456 Presented By: FishHound Expeditions In this episode of Ask a Pro, we catch up with Adam Cuthriell from FishHound Expeditions, a company specializing in wilderness heli and float trips in Alaska. Adam takes us through the ins and outs of mousing for rainbows, one of the most exciting ways to fish for these amazing creatures. We dig into the techniques involved in presenting your mouse fly to make it appear like a real mouse as well as some invaluable tips on the importance of positioning yourself upstream of the fish and the benefits of using articulated mouse patterns to help with fish mortality. We also explore other fun ways to fish for rainbows including swinging streamers, as well as the rivers that the FishHound crew typically fishes in, such as the Kwethluk and Kuskokwim Rivers. Adam tells us the best fly lines for mousing, and we take note of some of the mouse patterns that they commonly use, such as the Rio Pip Squeak and Mr. Hankey. Join us as we dive deep into the world of mousing for rainbows with Adam from FishHound Expeditions. Show Notes with Adam Cuthriell 00:40 - We did the first round of Ask a Pro last year at WFS 346 with Adam. 01:20 - Adam tells us what FishHound is all about - heli and float trips throughout Alaska for rainbows, arctic grayling, dolly varden, salmon, and more! 02:40 - We talk about the rivers that they usually fish like the Kwethluk and Kuskokwim Rivers - beautiful rivers! 04:55 - We talk about how mousing for rainbows works and the best times to do them. 09:25 - Adam describes how to present your mouse fly to make it appear like a real mouse panicking and making its way out of the water. 10:55 - We talk about how to cast a big mouse fly. 12:30 - Tip: Position yourself upstream of where the fish is. Adam explains this technique. 13:45 - Adam describes what mousing looks like when you're fishing from a boat. 15:40 - Adam recommends the Outbound Short fly line by Rio. 17:05 - Swinging streamers with a 2-handed rod is also a fun way to fish for rainbows. 18:00 - We noted some mouse patterns that they commonly use like the Rio Pip Squeak and Mr. Hankey. Anything that's articulated is great because it helps with fish mortality. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/456


WFS 455 - Catskills Fly Fishing with John Shaner - Theordore Gordon, Beaverkill, Dry Flies

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/455 Presented By: Daiichi, Waters West, Drifthook Fly Fishing, Dalton - Country Financial Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Ready to explore the world of Catskills fly fishing? In today's episode, John Shaner takes us into the Catskills area and describes the flies, the people, and the history of these famous waters. We also dig into some of the famous hatches of the East, and we get a full scoop on the people, the places, and what makes this all unique and historic. Plus, we hear stories about the legendary Theodore Gordon. It can't get any better than this! Tune in now. Catskills Fly Fishing Show Notes with John Shaner 03:54 - John tells us how he first got into fly fishing. 04:39 - John shares insights on the reasons behind the prominence of Catskills in fly fishing, but he believes the Catskills is not the birthplace of fly fishing in the US, even though some may disagree. 08:01 - John has a connection with the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, and they recently reviewed the fly collection, gaining insight into the evolution of fly development in the Catskills. John Shaner on Theodore Gordon 08:57 - John discusses Theodore Gordon's role in introducing and popularizing dry flies in the US. 10:17 - Roy Steenrod, Herman Christian, and Rube Cross are some of the people who continued the Catskill dry fly fishing after Gordon died in 1915. 13:35 - While Theodore Gordon is primarily known for fishing in the Neversink, he also had fishing experiences in the Beaverkill and the Limestone Streams of Pennsylvania. 15:03 - In the late 1940s, John McDonald collected Gordon's notes and letters into a book called The Notes and Letters of Theodore Gordon. 16:18 - John is a big George Edward MacKenzie Skues fan. 18:39 - We learn the difference between the English chalk streams and the Catskills. 20:10 - We talk about some big names in Catskills fly fishing, like Ed Van Put and Joan Wulff. We also talk about the Darbees and Dette. Dette Flies is one of our sponsors on the show. 30:25 - John gives us an overview of the locations to explore in the Catskills and the best times to fish there. 38:52 - We learn more about the Catskill flies, especially the Hendrickson hatch. 42:51 - John walks us through his fly fishing setup. For his rod, John mostly fishes exclusively in 4 wt. He uses a 9ft. 4wt. Graphite rod, and he prefers long leaders. A short leader for him is anything less than 15 feet. 44:57 - We did an episode with John Hudgens and talked about their leaders. Check out here: The Anglers Academy with John Hudgens - Henry's Fork, Bolivia, Dry fly Fishing. 45:43 - John highlights the importance of hook strength, which he says many people might not think about. 54:38 - We delve into more details about the Hendrickson hatch. Two Indicators to Identify a Hendrickson Hatch Forsythia - The blooming of the shadbush is an indicator of the Hendrickson hatch. Elder leaf - Another sign of the Hendrickson hatch is when the elder bush's leaves reach the size of a squirrel's ear. 1:00:18 - John suggests getting early accommodations for people visiting the Catskills. 1:02:44 - Aside from Theodore Gordon's book, John also recommends Sparse Gray Hackle's Fishless Days, Angling Nights, Art Flick's Streamside Guide to Naturals and Imitations, Harry Darbee's Catskill Flytier: My Life, Times, and Techniques, and Fly Fishing the Beaverkill by Gary Lafontaine and Eric Pepper. 1:14:39 - We talked about John's brief guiding career. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/455


WFS 454 – Bass on the Fly with Mark Middleton – Kayak Fishing, Events, and Family

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/454 Presented By: Dette Flies, Stonefly Nets, Bearvault, Togens Fly Shop Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Today we have a special guest, Mark, who is not only a talented angler and a Navy veteran but also turns out to be my long-lost cousin. So we start off the conversation by discussing our family connection. We talk about how he volunteers for Project Healing Waters by helping veterans by tie flies and fishing with them. Mark shares with us his experience being on a Navy ship and then delves into his love for kayak fishing. We also talk about the Kayak Fishing Northwest events in Oregon and Idaho and a walkthrough on how we can sign up for them. Mark then talks about how they get prepared for the KFNW tournament and breaks down his top 5 flies for smallmouth bass. We wrap up the episode by talking about my dad, Doug Stewart, and what he admires most about him. Show Notes with Mark Middleton 03:55 - Mark's stepfather was my dad's cousin. We talk about our family connection. 11:07 - We talk about how he was introduced to Project Healing Waters. Now he helps veterans tie flies and fish with them. 12:30 - We had Beau Beasley on the podcast where we talked about the new book that he was working on which has 40 powerful stories from veterans with traumatic pasts. We got emotional on that episode, it was really touching. 15:30 - Mark talks about his experience being on a Navy ship. 18:55 - Mark talks about kayak fishing. He's got a Hobie kayak he uses when fishing in big lakes. 22:55 - We talk about Kayak Fishing Northwest events in Oregon and Idaho and how you can sign up for them. 29:15 - We talk about how using a sounder or finder helps in Stillwater fishing. 31:15 - Mark talks about how they get prepared for the KFNW tournament. 38:30 - Mark breaks down his top 5 flies for smallmouth bass: 1. Simi Seal Leech 2. Baitfish Brush 3. Popper 4. Wooly Bugger 5. Damsel or any bug imitation 39:28 - We talk about fishing the Umpqua and the Payette Rivers. 42:50 - They have a training event coming up at KFNW that will be held in Henry Hagg Lake. You can check their schedule and sign up for the event here. 48:18 - Mark feels younger when he joins these tournaments and he gets to spend time with his son Mark Jr. 54:55 - We talk about my dad, Doug Stewart. Mark calls him every once in a while to check on him. Mark tells us what he admires most about my dad. 1:02:35 - Mark and his wife are going to Alaska in July. He noted a video that shows the exact trip that they're taking. Watch below. 1:06:25 - We noted my dad's book, The Practical Fly Fisher: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Fly Fishing. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/454


Traveled #7 - Top Lakes in Idaho with Darren Huntsman - Stillwater Fly Fishing, Henry's, Hyde

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/453 Presented by: Yellowstone Teton Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/teton In this episode, Darren Huntsman will be sharing his expertise on some of the best top lakes in Idaho and beyond. Not only that, but he'll also be giving some game-changing tips for stillwater fishing that you won't want to miss. So if you're planning a trip to Idaho or just looking to up your fishing game, be sure to tune in and join us for this informative and fun-filled episode. Lakes in Idaho Show Notes with Darren Huntsman 2:47 - Darren tells us how he got into fly fishing. He grew up just outside of Shelley, Idaho. 3:48 - He shares how STLWTR Fishing Co. came about. 4:43 - I ask him about the stillwater opportunities in eastern Idaho. 5:16 - He mentions some lakes in Idaho that are good fisheries. 7:53 - He gives recommendations on planning a trip to Idaho. 9:03 - We talk about Hebgen Lake. 11:15 - His favorite thing about stillwater is that the fish are bigger. 12:01 - We dig into his stillwater fly fishing technique. 12:53 - One of the focuses of STLWTR Fishing Co. is to get more kids fishing. 13:22 - We talk about boats. He has an old 16ft Klamath which is his favorite boat to fish out of. 14:44 - Aside from Hebgen Lake, one of the easiest to get up to is Chesterfield Reservoir. 17:56 - He shares his setup and techniques in fishing the Chesterfield Reservoir. 22:30 - We talk about the recently held Southeast Idaho Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo. 24:38 - He tells what is it that makes Southeast Idaho unique. 25:36 - He talks about fishing in Alaska. He ran fishing trips from 1991 to 2015. 30:22 - We dig into his plans for STLWTR Fishing Co. 31:46 - We talk about why stillwater fishing has not gotten traction as much as the others like river fishing. 32:55 - I mention our Littoral Zone episode with Phil about approaching new lakes. 34:15 - He shares more about his experience during the Southeast Idaho Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo. 36:55 - He gives us a list of his top flies. 39:06 - I ask him about private lakes in their area and Sheridan Creek. He also mentions the Eagle Ridge Ranch. 41:22 - He tells more about the times of the year they fish in some of the lakes in Idaho. 41:53 - He highly recommends fishing in Henry's Lake. 42:47 - He mentions the species you can find in Hebgen and Henry's lakes. He also recommends other lakes and lodges in Idaho if anyone is planning to visit. 45:20 - Darren is a stonemason by trade. He did all the stonework for Angler's Lodge. 45:38 - We talk about Johnny Sack's Cabin. 46:39 - Their area is just a shooting distance almost from Yellowstone Park. 47:05 - He tells about the changes he has seen in Idaho through the years, particularly in the fly fishing scene. 50:06 - His go-to local fly shop is Jimmy's All Seasons Angler. He gives examples of the fishing stuff he usually gets from Jimmy's. 52:00 - He gives a list of stillwater fishing must-haves. 53:25 - He highly recommends Bill Schiess' book entitled "Fishing Henry's Lake". He also gives fishing tips that he got from the book and from Phil Rowley. 58:23 - I ask him about the type of music and the bands he loves listening to. 59:24 - I talk a bit about our next episode with Phil Rowley. He also shares a story of their experience in the Pyramid Lake. 1:03:52 - He shares his favorite place to dine in Idaho. 1:04:39 - He mentions some famous people in Idaho. He also mentions our episode with Bob Jacklyn. 1:05:57 - He tells a story about Craig Mathews. We had him in the podcast in episode 427. 1:07:13 - He used to camp with his family. His parents had a 16-foot Aristocrat lo-liner. 1:08:40 - We tackle a bit of the history of the fishery in Idaho. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/453


WFS 452 - Angling Oral History Project with James Thull - Trout, Salmonids, MSU Library

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/452 Presented By: Mavrk Fly Fishing, Trxstle, Angler's Coffee, BearVault Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors James Thull from Montana State University talks about what they have going at MSU Library, home of the world's largest collection of books on trout and salmon. We talk about the rich history and culture of angling through MSU's extensive book collection and over 370 interviews with anglers from around the world. James also highlights some of the notable interviews, including the ones with Bud Lilly and AK Best, as well as his experience interviewing Lefty Kreh at his house and fishing with Jeremy Wade from River Monsters. We discover the challenges James faced while traveling to different countries to conduct interviews and MSU's mission to preserve the global history, culture, and legacy of angling. Show Notes with James Thull 03:30 - They have the world's largest collection of books on trout and salmon at MSU. This collection was started by Bruce Mordan and Bud Lilly. 04:29 - Bud told James a story of an old gentleman he took fishing who landed his last fish and then died a few weeks later. 06:45 - You can head over to wetflyswing.com/msu to check out their trout, salmon, and angler history collection. They have done around 370 interview videos with anglers from around 65 to 70 countries. 19:30 - Someone donated a book signed by Isaac Walton to MSU Library. 23:30 - They collaborated with the American Museum of Fly Fishing on a project to digitize old cassette tapes. 27:05 - James recommends checking out the interviews they've done with Bud Lilly. Also the interview with AK Best. He also mentioned some of the notable ones including Lefty Kreh. 32:05 - James interviewed Lefty Kreh at Lefty's house. Lefty showed him his museum of personal artifacts. James saw a picture of Lefty with Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemmingway standing together with rods in their hand. (Unfortunately, we couldn't find this picture on Google) 37:00 - James talks about the tips Bud shared with him: The fish don't know whether you're using a $900 rod or a $90 rod. For the most part, fish strike for 2 reasons - they're hungry or they're pissed. 44:00 - James talks about going to different countries in Africa and Asia to conduct interviews. We hear about the challenges he faced along the way. 59:40 - We had Henry Winkler on the podcast in episode 334. We noted his book, I've Never Met an Idiot on the River. 1:00:40 - James talks about fishing and hanging out with Jeremy Wade from River Monsters. 1:04:30 - Their mission at MSU is to preserve the global history and culture of angling. 1:05:00 - James talks about their upcoming to Belize this fall to teach people about using archives on angling and history. 1:06:30 - We had John Gierach on the podcast for the 2nd time at WFS 434. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/452


Skeena Spey School Bonus Announcement - Last Day and Live Event

Enter to Win Here: https://wetflyswing.com/giveaway Join the Live Announcement: https://wetflyswing.com/live Grab a Spot to the Skeena Spey School and Lodge here: https://wetflyswing.com/school Support all of our Partners below: Waterworks Lamson: https://www.waterworks-lamson.com/ Echo Fly Fishing: https://echoflyfishing.com/ Anglers Coffee: https://anglerscoffee.com/ RIO Products: https://farbank.com/pages/rio Skwala Fishing: https://skwalafishing.com/ Loon Outdoors: https://loonoutdoors.com/ Togens Fly Shop: https://togensflyshop.com/ BearVault: https://bearvault.com/ Trout Unlimited Canada: https://tucanada.org/ Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness Lodge: https://skeenaflyfishing.com/ JH Fly Co: https://jacksonholeflycompany.com/ School of Fishing: https://schooloffishing.co/ Pieroway Rods: https://www.pierowayrods.com/ Wet Fly Swing Podcast: https://wetflyswing.com/ Enter to Win Here: https://wetflyswing.com/giveaway


WFS 451 - Simon Gawesworth on Spey Lines, RIO Products, Skagit and Scandi

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/451 Presented by: Angler's Coffee Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Simon Gawesworth is back on the podcast to drop some spey knowledge bombs all day long. We're going to discover which spey line and tip you need for trout and steelhead this year. We find out what Simon's schools look like and we get a rundown of what event you'll find Simon this year. We also dig into his new role at Far Bank. RIO Products, Skagit, and Scandi Show Notes with Simon Gawesworth 3:46 - Simon tells us what has been keeping him busy. He transitioned from Brand Manager in RIO to Education and Engagement Manager for Far Bank. 4:54 - He describes the trips and programs they conduct at Far Bank. 7:59 - He talks a bit about that time he'd been in Skeena Spey Lodge. 9:00 - He differentiates a fishing school from a clinic. 10:42 - He tells more about the Skeena Spey Lodge. 11:53 - We talk about their transition to online video education. 12:58 - Just last year, they released the second season of their education series. You can access their videos here. 15:40 - We dig into rods. For steelhead, he recommends a 7wt or an 8wt. 16:50 - He recommends what fly lines to use for a 12 or 13 ft 8wt rod. He mentions their 550gr and the 575gr Skagit lines and RIO Scandi. 19:50 - I ask about running lines. He says that the low-stretched shooting lines are the best for hooking and landing a fish. 27:57 - He encourages listeners to check their video on how to choose a sink tip. 28:55 - I ask him about the story behind the T tips. 30:26 - We dig into the RIO Skagit Mow Tips. 34:45 - We talk about trout spey. 38:03 - He compares the Skagit vs Scandi on casting. 42:41 - He tells about the biggest struggle that he has observed among people learning to cast. 45:33 - I ask him if he is interested in doing casting competitions. 47:29 - He shares his love for traveling. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/451


WFS 450 - Trout Unlimited Canada with Lesley Peterson - Bull Trout, Cows & Fish, 50 Years

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/450 Presented By: BearVault, Drifthook Fly Fishing, Waters West Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Lesley Peterson, Conservation Director of Trout Unlimited Canada, talks about her involvement with the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club and Trout Unlimited Canada, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. She discusses issues like urban and sediment runoff that pollute river systems and how TU Canada has a project to rescue fish in irrigation canals, having already rescued over a million fish. Lesley also talks about the Athabasca Rainbow Trout and the ways you can get involved in TU Canada's conservation efforts. This episode also mentions other notable conservationists and organizations who've done amazing work in stream restoration and conservation as a whole. Show Notes with Lesley Peterson 04:00 - Lesley is a part of the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club. 04:50 - We talk about Trout Unlimited Canada. They just celebrated their 50 years anniversary. 12:50 - We talk about Urban and Sediment runoff that pollutes the river systems and ultimately, the fish. 15:20 - They have a project that rescues fish in the irrigation canals. They've rescued over a million fish now. 18:50 - We talk about the difference between the Athabasca Rainbow trout versus a regular Rainbow trout. 19:45 - You can donate or volunteer for their program. Lesley talks about the other ways to get involved.. 22:30 - Lesley is the Conservation Director at TU Canada. 31:28 - We talk about Phil Rowley being the former Marketing and Communications Director of TU Canada. Phil's got his own segment on our podcast called, The Littoral Zone. 33:15 - We talk about Cows & Fish, how this organization came to be, and its mission. 36:30 - She noted Jack Imhof who was the National Biologist/Director of Conservation in Canada for 10 years. He's done so much amazing work and taught many people about stream restoration. 42:00 - Lesley majored in Conservation Biology in Edmonton, Alberta where she got really interested in conservation. 42:45 - The Executive Director of TUC, Silvia D'Amelio is a Biologist too. She's been with TUC for 20 years. 46:00 - She noted Sporkful Podcast which she listens to a lot. Also Archored by April Volkey. We had April on the podcast way back in 2018 at WFS 30. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/450


WFS 449 - Skeena Steelhead Spey School with Brian Niska - Finding Fish, Spey Tips, Eco Boost

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/449 Presented By: Angler's Coffee, Yellowstone Teton, Trxstle, Bearvault Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Brian Niska is back on the show to take us into Skeena steelhead fishing. Brian paints the picture of what you can expect if you're putting out a trip together to the Skeena Spey Lodge. He describes why he fishes the shallow water close to the bank, plus he gives us tips on how to do it. Brian really got nerdy today, and we loved it! So grab your gear because we're going deep into the weeds today with Brian. Skeena Steelhead Show Notes with Brian Niska 01:00 - We're back at it, and we're giving away a trip to Brian's lodge. 03:20 - In episode 370, we talked about the Skeena River Spey Lodge with Brian Niska. Today, we catch up with Brian and get an update on what he's been up to since then. 05:16 - Brian talks about fishing opportunities at the Skeena Spey Lodge. 10:06 - Brian paints a picture of what to expect when planning a trip to the Skeena River Spey Lodge. They have 14 A-frame cabins and a cool lodge building that used to be a barn. 11:02 - Their culinary team is top-notch, so you can always expect delicious food. 14:48 - We talk about the Spey Fishing School and how it's different from just a typical guiding trip. 15:50 - If people are interested in fly tying, they can spend time on the tying bench set up right by the pool table. They have great fly tyers amongst their guides, like Michael Orlowski and Adrienne Comeau. 24:26 - Brian tells a story about the time he caught a 30-pound Chinook Salmon in the middle of August. We had George Cook on the show before and talked about Chinook. 31:30 - Brian enjoys skiing with his family in winter. He also discusses the possibility of heliskiing at the Skeena Spey Lodge. 35:26 - Brian dives deep into the techniques, gear, and fly presentations that they use for finding fish at the Skeena Spey Lodge. 46:48 - Brian and his team use Mow Tip from RIO. 50:56 - The Skeena Lodge has a fully-stocked fly shop on the premises, where they've got a great selection of all the gears they use for fishing. 58:44 - We touched on the history of the Skeena Lodge. 1:07:00 - Brian and his team love using the Kingfisher Shallow Water Extreme boat. 1:09:00 - Brian recommends taking a day or two in Vancouver before going to the lodge. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/449


Bonus Skeena Steelhead Spey School Giveaway Announcement - Win a Trip and Gear

Enter Giveaway: https://wetflyswing.com/giveaway Save your spot: https://wetflyswing.com/school This is a quick bonus episode to announce the Skeena Steelhead Spey School we just launched and the giveaway that is going on now! Learn more at https://wetflyswing.com/giveaway


Littoral Zone #4: Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing with Nico Sunseri and Phil Rowley - Pyramid Fly Co, Giant Lahottan Cutthroat Trout

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/448 Presented By: Yellowstone Teton, Angler's Coffee Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Our stillwater guru, Phil Rowley, sits down with Nico Sunseri of Pyramid Fly Co. to take us to Pyramid Lake fly fishing. Nico shares his extensive knowledge of the area, giving us insight into the unique fishing techniques that work best on this North American stillwater. We hear about the history of the extinct-but-not-so-extinct Pilot Peak strain Lahontan Cutthroat. We also hear about Phil's time fishing the waters of Pyramid Lake. Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Show Notes with Nico Sunseri 01:51 - Phil went Pyramid Lake fly fishing earlier this year with Nico Sunseri and the Pyramid Fly Co. crew. A few things changed since his last visit to this North American stillwater in 2011. 02:24 - Nico also runs the BearFish Alliance Podcast, where Phil has shared his stillwater experiences as a guest several times. 07:32 - Nico grew up in San Dimas, where Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was filmed. He is relatively new to fly fishing but has been an avid spin angler since he was a kid and used to fish at the Puddington Reservoir. 12:05 - Pyramid Lake is located 40 mi northeast of Reno, Nevada. It is home to Summit and Pilot Peak strain Lahontan Cutthroat. The Pilot Peak strain was the original strain at Pyramid Lake and was thought to be extinct in 1943 due to overfishing. Other species in the Pyramid Lake Ancient Cui-ui Tui Chub Sacramento Perch 28:56 - Nico talks about the different techniques you can try when fishing Pyramid Lake. 35:57 - He walks us through his setup with a switch rod. 46:09 - Nico also talks about using ladder chairs at Pyramid Lake. 51:40 - Nico talks about the best times to go to Pyramid Lake. March is the most popular month to hit the Pyramid Lakes waters. 55:38 - Nico tells us about the Pyramid Fly Co and how he and Capt. Robert Hagerty partnered up. He also talks about the team of experienced guides like Morgan Kane, Trevor Herring, and Cole Hildahl. 1:00:36 - Nico shares about the wide range of services offered by Pyramid Fly Co., details about the delicious food they serve, and the different accommodation packages they offer. 1:11:57 - Pyramid Fly Co. can also be found on Youtube, where viewers can catch some exciting fly fishing action on Pyramid Lake. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/448


WFS 447 - Fly Fishing Honduras with Cam Gordon - FishHound Expeditions, Log Jam Productions, Alaska

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/447 Presented by: FishHound Expeditions Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/fishhound Cam Gordon is here today to share his journey around fishing Honduras, fly fishing, and Fishhound Expeditions. We find out how he found himself creating this Honduras fishing operation, what his next year looks like around the Fishhound Expeditions in Alaska, and what it's like to be a full-time guide. Fishing Honduras Show Notes with Cam Gordon 3:20 - Cam takes us back to how he got into fly fishing and how he made it into a business. 5:16 - He talks about when and how they started their guiding trips in Alaska. 7:54 - I ask him what keeps him in Alaska. 8:55 - March is one of his favorite months in Talkeetna, Alaska. 9:50 - He talks a bit about their guiding in Fishhound Expeditions. 11:09 - We talk about fly fishing in Honduras. He recommends Fly Fish Guanaja with Steve Brown which he says is one of the best operations for saltwater flats fishing. 12:15 - Guanaja is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras which is where he's starting his operations. 12:28 - He shares how he and his girlfriend discovered a fantastic spot in the Bay Islands. 13:20 - He talks about their soft opening in Honduras and his transition from a guide to the owner of Fishhound Expeditions. 15:06 - He describes Honduras, what to expect, and what makes it amazing for fishing. The spot where he is at is bonefish mecca. 16:02 - I ask him if the grand slam is doable in their area in Honduras. He also mentions the species you can find there. 18:25 - We talk about tarpon. 19:27 - He shares about the time when the whole Fishhound team came down to Honduras. Their head guide, Will Donnelly, also talked a bit about this in episode 401. 22:40 - He mentions some places near him to get some food and hang out. He aims to make the fly fishing resort he's starting there to be a little different from the rest. 24:34 - We dig into how he sees this venture with Fishhound as a long-term deal and how this all started as a spur of the moment when COVID-19 hit. 30:04 - For those interested to fish in the Bay Islands with Cam, they can reach out to Fishhound Expeditions. 31:12 - He has been working with Steve Brown of Fly Fishing Guanaja to start his operations there and learning everything. 34:13 - He compares guiding and fishing in Alaska vs in Honduras. 39:34 - He takes us flats fishing and shares some exciting stories of fishing in Honduras. 44:25 - He talks about how he explored the flats by himself when he first came to Honduras. 46:02 - He mentions some of the challenges he encounters when fishing there such as changing weather conditions. 47:18 - He describes the mangroves and the important role it plays in conserving the environment. 49:02 - He mentions a nonprofit organization called Fish for Change which teams up with local organizations to work on conservation initiatives. 50:26 - We touch on his Instagram account called Log Jam Productions which gives people a glimpse of his life as a backcountry fishing guide in Alaska. It also features some of his best friends whom he met through fishing. 54:50 - I ask him about his life before fishing and guiding with Fishhound Expeditions. 55:36 - He talks about the technicality of going through a whitewater. 56:39 - He shares an amazing story when his boat deflated while fishing with a father and son client in a river in Alaska. 1:02:10 - I ask him about the music scene in Honduras and the types of music he listens to. 1:03:25 - He grew up in the Great Lakes. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/447


WFS 446 - Maine Fly Guys with Greg LaBonte - Musky, Brook Trout, In the Film Podcast

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/446 Sponsors: BearVault, Country Financial, Anglers Coffee, Trxstle Are you planning a trip to Maine for some Fly Fishing? Would you like to find out which are the top species to chase on the fly? Greg LaBonte from Maine Fly Guys answers these questions and much more today on the podcast. Greg is the owner of Maine Fly Guys and also a professor with a focus on fisheries. He describes his take and how he utilizes his podcast, In the Film to start discussions around controversial topics. Click play below to listen to the podcast. 11:58 - Greg noted their popular blog which focuses on fish biology and life histories. Take a look at Maineflyguys.com 12:56 - We talked about how brook trout and other salmonids get stressed around 70 degrees F and can impact their survival. 13:24 - Gord Pyzer was on the podcast in episode 446 and talked about musky life history and fishing tips. 18:15 - Lefty Kreh said his favorite smallmouth bass fishing was in maine! 23:24 - The St. John River is a important fishery and is almost entirely un-dammed. The musky have thrived in this basin and have impacted brook trout. 44:25 - You can find Greg on a beach chasing stripers in the months of June, July and August. Greg's Top 7 Species for Maine: 52:55 - Greg hosts the In the Film podcast where he tries to stay on the edge of topics to create a good discussion. 55:54 - Greg notes the IFW Hoot Owl regulation review episode. You can listen to in in the Film here. 59:35 - We talked about the Web Growth Code Podcast and my interview with the founder of Buzzsprout. 1:02:56 - MK Kitchen in Gorham is a must stop for great food. 1:11:54 - Shoutout to Queen!


Great Lakes Dude #2 with Jeff Liskay - A Roadmap to Great Lakes Steelhead Fishing

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/445 Presented By: Angler's Coffee Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Our main man, Jeff Liskay, is back on the podcast, and he's going to take a deep dive into how to build a roadmap to success when chasing Great Lakes steelhead and salmon. We cover all things Great Lakes from gear, fly, big water, and of course, swinging flies. We also hear a classic Elk Creek story from the Great Lakes Dude. Don't miss out on this one. Great Lakes Steelhead Show Notes with Jeff Liskay 00:39 - We start the episode with a story of Jeff's first trip to Elk Creek in Pennsylvania in 1982. 05:00 - Jeff shares his insights on how to build a roadmap to success when chasing Great Lakes steelhead and salmon. 06:00 - Each river has its signature and personality that you need to understand, from the flows to the run, timing, and everything in between. There are a lot of different factors before you even wet your fly. The first thing is that you have to understand and make a mindset of what's a realistic catch rate. 09:42 - There are two distinct stream characters in the Great Lakes. 12:14 - Success starts before you leave the house. Your job is to put together a game plan way before your trip. The most successful anglers are the ones who can adjust the quickest during the day. 15:12 - Clarity is going to be a big part too. Michigan streams generally stay fairly clear. But Wisconsin streams, Ohio streams, and some New York streams, they can get fairly turbid. 18:16 - You have to make a report card for each river before deciding to fish one. 20:15 - The tributaries are going to be your go-to during super high water events. They warm quicker in the spring, so the fish will gravitate to them. They also cool quicker in the fall time, so a lot of times, there's not enough water for the fish to go up them in the fall. 20:56 - Water temperatures are very key. But water temperature is in relationship to the other rivers that are surrounding the river you plan on fishing. 22:57 - The hardest thing to overcome is the competition with fellow anglers. Jeff's tip is to fish areas with fewer anglers. Jeff's Rule of Three Execute your plan. Evaluate it. Adjust if it doesn't work. 35: 14 - Get yourself a map, find the tributaries, and divide the whole river into three sections. Always start in the lowest section possible. 42:49 - Take breaks and observe the water you are fishing. The stream always gives up its secret if you look upstream. 47:10 - If you have a question, send them over to Dave at dave@wetflyswingpodcast.com or Jeff. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/445


WFS 444 - Selecting Hooks for Fly Tying with Steve Potter - Daiichi, Deer Hair, Cigar Fly

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/444 Presented By: Waters West, Daiichi Steve Potter is here today to dig into deer hair poppers and walks us through the steps in choosing the right hook for the next fly you're about to tie. We find out the best resources for fly-tying materials including some tips on how to tie bass bugs. Steve tells us why he likes it better to live in Florida than in California and where his go-to fisheries are in that area. We also find out how his signature cigar and hummingbird fly came to be... do they really work on fish? Show Notes with Steve Potter 3:40 - Steve retired from the Navy in 1985. He served for 21 years. 10:30 - We had Pat Cohen on the podcast at WFS 107. 11:10 - Steve is a Daiichi fan. He uses the 2546 hooks. 12:30 - Daiichi's got a new specialty hook - 2477. Steve uses this a lot for his game-changer flies. 16:40 - Steve now uses a regal vise but before that, he used a Thompson vise for a long time. 19:55 - For wet flies, Steve uses a 1550 Daiichi Standard Wet Fly Hook. 22:40 - For Wooly Buggers, he recommends using a 2220 Daiichi 28:40 - Steve's go-to fly is a Clauser Minnow for saltwater fishing. He uses 2546 for this one too. 30:00 - We had Enrico Puglisi on the podcast in episode 210 where we talked about how he developed the EP fibers and brushes. 33:20 - Steve lives near a golf course where there are alligator gars, crappies, and black bass in the pond. 36:00 - Steve tells us why he prefers to live in Florida than in California. 38:30 - We noted the 2720 Stinger Hook. 44:50 - We noted Joe Jackson who we had on the podcast in episode 384. He also ties some hummingbirds and other cartoon-like flies. 46:14 - Steve tells the story of when he gave a Kingfisher fly to Jeff Currier which Jeff then gave to Bryan Gregson from Yellowdog Fly Fishing. Bryan caught a rainbow with it in Kamchatka. Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/444


WFS 443 - Fly Fishing Europe with Bas Van Dam - Sea Run Brown Trout, Van Life, Italy

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/443 Presented by: Dalton - Country Financial, Drifthook Fly Fishing, Mavrk Fly Fishing, Chota Outdoor Gear Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Bas Van Dam is here to take us around fishing Europe and how he has done this living out of his van. We dig into the different parts of Europe that allow this. We get a bunch of huge tips like how to find cheap houses that you can stay at that are under the radar, what the Dolomites, Italy is like, and some of the other resources that you should check out when you're planning your next trip to Europe. Fishing Europe Show Notes with Bas Van Dam 3:01 - Bas has been fly tying for almost 40 years now. 3:50 - He takes us back to how he got into fly fishing. He grew up in the Netherlands. 5:22 - He talks a bit about fishing in the remote spots he has been to. 7:37 - We dig into how his van life started and how it has been since then. He's currently in Leonidio, Greece where there's a lot of climbing. 8:24 - He talks about the challenges of living out in a van and camping in Greece and other parts of Europe. 9:49 - He gives some tips on camping in Europe. He recommends the Park4Night app. 10:52 - Their camper van is a Ford Transit. 11:41 - We dig into fishing in Europe. He says that one of the best places to fish is in Fyn, an island in Denmark. 14:08 - I ask him why Denmark is a hotspot for fishing. 16:28 - He talks about the best times to hit sea-run browns in Denmark and also do some traveling with the family. 19:17 - He recommends Go-Fishing, a fly shop in Odense, Denmark. The shop is owned by Claus Eriksen whom Bas says is one of the best fly fishermen in Denmark. 22:28 - We dig into his fishing gear and techniques. Pattegrisen or the pink pig is a famous fly from Denmark. 26:53 - He recommends some video resources on sea trout fishing in Europe such as the tourist information from Fyn and @kanalgratisdotse, a Swedish fly fishing channel. 27:50 - We further talk about sea trout fishing in Europe. 29:19 - He recommends the sea trout guidebook with the title "117 Fine Funen Fishing Grounds". 29:31 - Bas gives some tips on traveling around Denmark including holiday houses that you can stay at. 31:50 - He talks about what activities can tourists do in Denmark aside from fishing. 33:39 - We talk about the places he's been to since he started his van life and his next destination. 35:20 - He talks about why he loves the Dolomites in Italy, the best times to visit, and the species you can fish there. 37:08 - He tells about the best thing you can do when you're planning a trip to Europe and the best times to visit. 39:12 - I ask him the best places to fly into when you're coming to and going around Europe. 40:17 - He recommends some online resources on fishing in the Dolomites such as Trentino Fishing. 41:14 - He talks about getting a license or ticket that will allow you to fish in certain sections of the river in Trentino, Italy. 42:11 - He compares trout fishing in Denmark vs in Italy. 42:28 - He shares when he's going to start his trip back up north and the next destinations he's planning to visit. 44:30 - I ask him about how he plans and sets up his trips. 45:05 - Arco is the best place in Italy for sport climbing while Sarca is good for fly fishing. 45:54 - I ask him about the fly fishing niche in Europe. 46:41 - He shares his dream destination outside Europe through his camper van. 47:16 - He hiked the whole Appalachian trail with a fly rod in his backpack for six months. 47:49 - We talk about his background that allows him to live the van life. At the moment, he's a professional fly tyer. 48:18 - He used to sell his flies through Etsy. Starting May 1st, you can purchase his products at the-fly-tying-guy.com. 50:23 - Their van uses solar panels as an energy source. I also ask about the mileage and setup of his van. 53:16 - We go back to fishing in Italy and what gear to prepare for trout fishing in that...


WFS 442 - Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians with Alen Baker

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/442 Presented By: Togens Fly Shop, Daiichi, Stonefly Nets, Angler's Coffee Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors Alen Baker is here to take us to the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians. We discover who some of the most famous people are in this region and why they have a drift boat in the museum. We also learn how they are different and similar to some of the museums around the country. Tune in and get ready to reel in some new knowledge! Fly Fishing Museum Show Notes with Alen Baker 03:00 - Alen shares how he got into fly fishing in 1981, noting that he grew up fishing with worm bait. 04:18 - Alen's idea for the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians came to fruition after a trip to Nova Scotia, where he visited the Salmon Museum and was inspired to create something similar for the South. 08:12 - The museum primarily focuses on the people and methods of fly fishing in the mountains, with a special exhibit on Ray Bergman's rod and book called Trout. 10:03 - Alen noted some individuals that have contributed significantly to the history of fly fishing in the Southern Appalachian region, like Fred and Allaine Hall, who were well-known fly pattern creators. 13:05 - The Hall of Fame has expanded to include the Ozarks and is now known as the Southern Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. It includes people like Bernard "Lefty" Kreh, Davy Wotton, Dave Whitlock, and others who have significantly contributed to the fly fishing industry, including conservationists and craftsmen. 14:08 - Other notable museums include the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum, the Fly Fishers International in Livingston, and the American Museum of Fly Fishing. 16:15 - Alen walks us through the museum's Hall of Fame selection process. The museum holds a meet and greet and induction luncheon for their Hall of Fame, followed by a museum tour. They also host a fundraiser to raise money for groups like Casting Carolinas. 19:08 - Bryson City is well known for whitewater rafting on the Nantahala Outdoor Center and the Smoky Mountain Railroad. 20:54 - The new building for the museum will feature aquariums and a cabin-style museum with a vaulted ceiling to house exhibits such as Gary and Wanda Taylor's McKenzie-style drift boat built and run in the southeast. We had Wanda Taylor on the show before. 26:15 - We had a whole mini-season on drift boats before. In one episode, we also had John Bond talk about moving his drift boat to Norway. We also had Jack Dennis in Episode 217. 28:12 - The museum has also established satellite exhibits in various locations to promote the museum and make it more accessible to people who cannot visit the primary site in Bryson City. They currently have seven satellite exhibit locations. 35:14 - Alen wrote My Fly Fishing Playbook and also a book about the museum. He will also write a follow-up book to Fly Fishermen of Caldwell County: North Carolina Life Stories. 38:46 - Alen recommends the Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing and Tuckaseegee Fly Shop for people who want to fly fish in Bryson City. 42:00 - Jim Casada, Don Kirk, and Jim Dean were some of the individuals that influenced Alen in his fly fishing. Don started his own Hall of Fame called Legends of the Fly. 46:18 - If you build it, they will come. -- Alen Baker Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/442