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The weekly English Premier League Football ("Soccer") gameshow podcast, featuring quizzes, statistics, debate and more!


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The weekly English Premier League Football ("Soccer") gameshow podcast, featuring quizzes, statistics, debate and more!




S4E7_Bale's Back! David Luiz did...good? And will Fulham survive?

(Quick update: Our show still keeps its current name and logo for now!) For our latest EPL breakdown, we highlight the latest improvements on both sides of North London. We also discuss the latest battle for the remaining top 4 spots and the current relegation picture. OH, and Brighton's goal fiasco! (No quizzes this week.)


S4E6_North London Woes, VAR...Issues & Utd get 9!

For our latest EPL breakdown, we highlight the latest issues on both sides of North London, the latest suspect decisions made by VAR and United's current success, capped by a 9-goal victory over Southampton. (No quizzes this week.)


S4E5_The 2020 English Premier League Awards

It's the end of the year and a perfect time to recap the recognisable parts from an intriguing calendar year of football. Before we break down our choices for Best Player, Best Team, Worst Manager, we recall the latest on-field action, including the title race being wide open and Sheffield United on task to break a unwanted record...


S4E4_Is Son a world class player? Does Arteta keep his job? *NLD Special*

We return to the mics for a North London Derby special! We quiz out some of those key stats and discuss Spurs's ultimate victory over the Gunners. We also plays a special round of Player Profile.


S4E3_Why is Jordan Pickford NOT in VAR Jail?

We return to recap Liverpool's VAR moment against local Merseyside rivals Everton, as well as Pickford's vicious tackle on Van Dijk. We also look at West Ham's comeback from 3-0 down against Spurs and Arsenal not taking at least a point from Man City. No player Profile this week.


S4E2_How Many Goals Were Scored This Weekend?!

In our next quizzical episode, we look over the result of the century. Aston Villa, 7...Liverpool 2. We also examine Spurs's 6-goal victory over Utd and Everton strong start. Player profile once again features.


S4E1_Arsenal comfortable, Leeds unlucky, Spurs...spursy

WELCOME TO THE SEASON 4 DEBUT! The guys are back to quiz out the highlight of the the 1st Matchweek of the 2020/21 season! We chew over Arsenal's performance over Fulham, the shootout between Liverpool and Leeds and Spurs's 1-0 loss to Everton.


S3E26_The Season Finale!

After a unique season of EPL football, we conclude our season of recordings! We discuss the fate of the 3 relegated teams. Will Bournemouth bounce back up? What next for Watford FC? We also assess Chelsea and Man Utd and their official UCL participation next season. We wrap up the episode with closing thoughts on our respective North London Teams. Will Spurs ever find that ascendancy again? When do Arsenal get back to strong contention? (Since we had technical issues, we had to skip 'Player Profile' and final scores. But we hope you enjoy the quizzical round up we manage to record!)


S3E25_The 4th North London Derby Special (and our 100th show!)

After another North London Derby encounter, the guys quiz out some of the key stats from this game, and previous NLD fixtures. Player Profile returns as part of our special and we conclude with a discussion of Man City's successful UCL appeal.


S3E24_The Premier League is Back and So Are We!

After a two month absence, we return! For the next few episodes we'll be paying around with our format, so bare with us as our restart to podcasting action is a little different to our usual structured quiz. (But give us your feedback. What elements of our old show would you like to see again?) In our return to the mics, we congratulate Liverpool on officially clinching the title, we look at the "what next" for Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd, and we ponder the current fate of our respective North London teams...sad face emoji.


S3E23_Joe Hart and the Ongoing Postponement

In this week's quizzical rendition, we're joined by local KC news reporter Marcus Officer! He helps us quiz out Chelsea and Man United's current stats, as well as playing a round of 'Rumour Mill' and 'Team Profile.' Marcus also shares his thoughts on the league's response to the Coronavirus and how they conclude the season.


S3E22_Dejan Lovren and the Isolation Dilemma

In our next episode without EPL action, we look at Liverpool's ongoing dominance over Everton and pinpoint the moment Manchester City lost their momentum this season. We ask whether Dele Alli has caused more controversy and a version of Team Profile is played! We also discuss elements of uncertainty that remain unanswered from the Coronavirus outbreak, including Player contracts and how the league determines the final table positions.


S3E21_Jack Wilshere and the Coronavirus Conundrum

In an extended episode, we bring back the memories of those key fixtures form this current season. They include the first North London Derby, Chelsea's 5-2 win over Wolves and Leicester's 9-goal thriller over Southampton. Rumour Mill questions Everton's development plans for the summer and Player Profile looks at those players whose illnesses have kept them sidelined for long periods of time. We conclude with an extensive discussion on how they plan to wrap up the current Premier League season!


S3E20_Ederson and the Monsoon-Inspired Butter Fingers

In today's quizzical outing, we analyse the Manchester Derby, Chelsea's destruction of Everton and Liverpool limping over the line against Bournemouth. Rumour Mill questions Harry Kane's future and Player Profile goes to measurable heights ;-)


S3E19_Ismaïla Sarr and the Invincible Sting

Today's episode has us quizzing out Everton's 1-1 draw with Man United, Spurs's 3rd consecutive loss in all competitions (this time to Wolves) and Liverpool's unbeaten run coming to an end (at the hands of Watford FC!) 'Rumour Mill' has us questioning if Frank Lampard plans a major Chelsea squad overhaul and 'Player Profile' cross-examines players who weight over 180lb!


S3E18_Olivier Giroud and the Doubling Down on Mourinho's Mechanisms

We recall the weekend's action with Chelsea's convincing win over a lackluster Spurs, Arsenal seeing another EPL victory, this time over a resurgent Everton and United's 3-0 win over Watford. Rumour Mill has us questioning Declan Rice's future at West Ham and Player Profile tests the guys's knowledge on the VAR victims of the current season.


S3E17_Harry Maguire and the Flexing at the Jewels

After a staggered Winter Break, the guys return to quiz out the latest on-field action. This includes Chelsea'a VAR robbery against United, Spurs snatching 3 points from Aston Vila and Arsenal scoring 4 goals in a single game! We also discuss Man City's 'Financial Fair Play' breach! No Player Profile this week.


S3E16_Steven Bergwijn and his Vicious Volley at the Pep Rally

Another Premier League weekend sees the guys break down some of their favourite fixtures. We examine Spurs's shock win over City, the ramifications of Arsenal's 0-0 draw with Burnley and Everton's come-from-behind win over Watford. Rumour Mill and Player Profile also feature.


S3E15_Sofiane Boufal and the Shortened Winter Breaks

In our latest FA Cup edition, the guys look over the ties between Manchester United and Tranmere, Spurs and Southampton and Liverpool and Shrewsbury. We quiz out some of the latest rumours and a version of FA Cup TEAM Profile is played.


S3E14_Andrew_Robertson and the No-Red Redemption

We're back! The guys return to quiz out the latest Premier league happenings, including Liverpool's trip to Spurs, Arsenal unlucky encounter with Crystal Palace and City's destruction of Aston Villa. We also play "Stadium Profile", a slight twist on our usual closing quiz classic!