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Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk. Featuring The Pete Carroll Show and The K.J. Wright Show during football season, and The Jerry Dipoto Show during baseball season.


Seattle, WA


Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk. Featuring The Pete Carroll Show and The K.J. Wright Show during football season, and The Jerry Dipoto Show during baseball season.




Hour 4-Which is Worse?, Goldsmith's thoughts on Matt Chapman, and Ranked

We play Which is Worse with questions on being in stuck in traffic vs stuck on a tarmac, warm vs flat beer, NFL refs or MLB umpires and more. Then, Brock gets Aaron Goldsmith's insight on whether Matt Chapman is a realistic possibility for the M's. Plus, Goldy ranks his top spring training spots to visit.


Hour 3-Can Ty France return to All-Star form? Huskies WR Rome Odunze

Goldy & Brock break down what they've seen, heard, and learned from Ty France's offseason at Driveline and react to self-admitted swing issues he is working on before his '24 campaign - but will it be enough to return to his All-Star form? Huskies WR & future 1st round draft-pick Rome Odunze joins Brock & Goldsmith.


Hour 2-Do the M's have enough 'impact' players? Brock's 'Blue 88'

Mariners broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith sits in for Mike Salk and Brock asks him if the newly acquired players bring enough impact that Goldy was calling for the last time he hosted the show in November. The guys discuss if the M's have a winning philosophy and how does that translates into actual success, but the 'buy in' has to come first. Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-Julio Rodriguez lands in Top 10 of #MLBTop100 rank, Bryan Woo

Maura & Justin take the reigns for the first hour of the show and share The Ringer's "NFL QB Comittment Index" to learn what category Geno Smith is currently in compared to his peers around the league, preview the huge PAC-12 matchup in MBB tonight between the #21 ranked Cougs vs #4 ranked Wildcats, hear about Julio's #MLBTop100 ranking and revisit the conversation with M's RHP Bryan Woo.


Hour 4-Are the M's ahead of changing MLB market?, Can Ryan Grubb fix the LOS?, and Ranked

The LOS has been a mess for some time now for the Seahawks. We discuss the struggles Ryan Grubb will face in trying to fix it on the offensive side and why we think he can do it. Then, between the slow market for some remaining big name free agents and teams like Boston and Minnesota shedding payroll, things are definitely shifting in MLB. Could the M's be at the forefront of a changing market due to RSN? Plus, Justin and Salk have another edition of Ranked for you.


Hour 3-Seahawks mock draft reports, getting to know Mariners players

Mock draft season in full swing and Brock & Salk are pretty excited about the names being available for the Hawks at #16 in the 2024 draft, namely Byron Murphy. Chad Rueter ( suggests the Hawks trade back w/ the Eagles (to #22) & take Jerzahn Newton, followed by Michael Penix and a LB. The whole show plays a "Getting To Know You" game of some lesser-known Mariners players on this year's roster.


Hour 2-Is the MLB FA market resetting? M's pitcher Bryan Woo, Brock's 'Blue 88'

The guys discuss a Bob Nightengale report that the current offer for 2-time all star Tim Anderson is only $2M and how it shows teams would rather take a chance on that upside rather than betting on players refinding their talent in their 30s. Brock & Salk are joined by Bryan Woo from Spring Training to discuss his sophomore year before Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-Julio admits sophomore slump, Ray Roberts on Hawks needs

Salk opens the show by talking about one of the guys on the M's who is a legitimate MVP candidate (Julio) along with a Cy Young favorite (Luis Castillo) and explains the dichotomy of going back & forth between excited and frustrated with the organization and upcoming season. We revisit the conversation with Ray Roberts.


Hour 4-Fan Graph's Dan Szymoborski, Biggest Seahawks offseason questions and Ranked

Dan Szymborski of Fan Graphs joins us to discuss the M's win total projections, a Cy Young favorite on the squad, Julio Rodriguez's ceiling, his favorite offseason additions, and what the acquistion of Matt Chapman would mean for the M's win total.


Hour 3-How do Hawks correct draft mistakes? Shannon Drayer from M's Spring Training

Brock & Salk continue the conversation from Hour 2 regarding the roster construction of the Seahawks and Salk's concern that it was built from the outside-in as opposed to the LOS-out, and that revolves around DK and JSN. The Mariners full squad practice is officially underway and Shannon Drayer joins the guys to share early observations.


Hour 2-Mariners injuries starting early? Ray Roberts, Brock's Blue 88

Brock & Salk make the case for the Mariners signing Matt Chapman due to some news out of Spring Training via Shannon Drayer about Luis Urias experiencing a slight health setback. Do the Seahawks have enough "meat eaters" on the LOS? According to former Seahawks OL Ray Roberts... they do not. Rounding out the hour with Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-Are Mariners done making moves?

Salk ribs Justin's 'Man of the Year' weekend in Portland before we get into Scott Servais's comments from Spring Training addressing how the team's offseason "didn't start out great" but he's proud of the way Dipoto/Hollander navigated it - but are they finished? Maura takes us Around the Weekend of WSU basketball, NBA All Star game, Kraken hockey and more.


Hour 4-Ryan Grubb's explains his offensive style, Callers and Ranked

We discus Ryan Grubb's comments on his offense not being built around the passing game but around his player's strengths. Then, we take your calls and Justin and Salk day dreaming in Ranked.


Hour 3-How the Seahawks are avoiding conflict, Stacy Rost

John Schneider has a new position within the Seahawks and the guys discuss how and why this is an important step for the organization moving forward with a new coaching regime. Brock & Salk are joined by Stacy Rost (Bump & Stacy) to tackle a variety of issues within the Seahawk sphere.


Hour 2-Mariners P Bryce Miller, Brock's 'Blue 88'

Brock & Salk react to the news of Geno Smith getting his gauranteed money but ask if that still means he'll be the QB next year because some folks in the national media - including our own Brady Henderson of ESPN - aren't so sure. With pitchers & catchers reporting to Spring Training, the guys are joined by RHP Bryce Miller to discuss his rookie year in review, how he's feeling going into the season and his offseason workout. Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-Seahawks retain Geno Smith & Dre'Mont Jones, Ryan Divish

Maura & Justin recap some of the Seattle Sports Star Awards that KJ Wright hosted at The Westin and featured a ton of local legends. The Seahawks... did nothing... meaning Geno Smith & Dre'Mont Jones will stay with the team and their money becomes due. Caitlin Clark breaks the scoring record for NCAA Womens basketball and the Kraken take down the Bruins, and we revisit the conversation with Ryan Divish from Mariners Spring Training.


Hour 4-Buy or Sell, the challenges for the new Seahawks coaching staff and Ranked.

We play a little Buy or Sell with questions on whether Kyle Shanahan's seat is getting warmer, whether Russell Wilson will sign a veteran minimuj deal, if Julio will join the 40/40 club this year and more. Then, we revisit some of Roger Rosengarten's earlier comments on Ryan Grubb's offensive style and dig into the challenges facing this new Seahawks coaching staff. Plus, Justin and Salk have a hazy Ranked for you.


Hour 3-What kind of QB does Macdonald want? Ryan Divish (Seattle Times)

Now that coordinators are set and the draft is within reach, it's time for the guys to debate the possibility of the Hawks looking to get "the" next QB - is that JJ McCarthy or Michael Penix? Ryan Divish joins Brock & Salk from Spring Training to share some observations and discuss how he feels going into the season after all the offseason drama.


Hour 2-Decision Day for Seahawks players, Roger Rosengarten (UW, OL)

The deadline is quickly approaching for the Seahawks to make some big decisions on their financial future regarding the 2024 roster and the guys share their thoughts on what they believe could happen today. Brock & Salk are joined by UW OL Roger Rosengarten to discuss Ryan Grubb, Michael Penix and more before Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-Tragedy in KC, KJ Wright Show

Salk opens the show with the horrific news out of Kansas City's Super Bowl parade shooting and shares some thoughts on the incident. Will we have a decision on Geno Smith and/or Dre'Mont Jones by the end of the day, or will they still be on the roster in '24? We revisit the KJ Wright Show ahead of him hosting the Seattle Sports Star Awards show tonight!