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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.

LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.


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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.






HR 3: Have you done any Christmas Shopping yet?

Saudi Arabian Players all received a special surprise after they defeated Argentina in the World Cup! Find out what they got? Also, Is there a chance that Sean McVay leaves the Rams to become an NFL Broadcaster after this season? Have you done any Christmas Shopping yet? You will not believe what a SKY NEWS reported did after a Wales Match in the World Cup! Another edition of GAME OF GAMES! and SUPER CROSSTALK with SEDANO and KAP! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


HR 2: Tribute Video

Mychal Thompson is in studio and we talk about real or fake Christmas trees what do you have? Justin Verlander is meeting with the Dodgers today. Also, Anthony Davis says that he liked what San Antonio did for Lonnie Walker with a video tribute. Should AD get one from the Pelicans? he says he wants one. Mason talks about the BOX OFFICE from Thanksgiving weekend and it was the worst one for movies. Plus, there was a Tornado warning in Houston during the Bills and Lions game and it interrupted...


HR 1: Jynx

SUPER CROSSTALK with TRAVIS and SLIWA - We are back after a good Thanksgiving Break. The Lakers win, the Rams lose. Are the Rams done? Do they still have a chance to make the playoffs? and we talk about USC's win over the Notre Dame. Also, there is such a thing as the announcer jinx and we have more proof. Mason gives it another shot at his GRUBHUB account password, will he get it? WHEEL OF QUESTIONS - If you can be an inanimate object and had to get 100 people to touch you, what would you...


HR 3: World Cup Wednesday

Where was your BEST World Cup experience. We want to talk WORLD CUP right now! So we will take your calls! Also, What is your favorite WORLD CUP SONG? we play a few and try to decide what artist has the BEST Song. We continue to take your calls. Clinton talks about a police chase from the other day and he thinks all 4 guys got away! Another edition of GAME OF GAMES as KAPPY joins us. SUPER CROSSTALK with SEDANO and KAP! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


HR 2: Heisman

We go down memory lane as Momo and Greg sing along the "Gummy Bears" theme songs (it was a cartoon from the 90's for those of you that need to know) and Will Caleb Williams the USC Trojans QB become the next Heisman Trophy Winner? and we look at he College Playoff Rankings. Clinton asks Momo about Documentaries as she is producing one and Shaq has another one coming out on HBO! Momo and Clinton talk about going back home to High School or College reunions. Plus, Corporate Greg has his topics...


HR 1: Thanksgiving Eve

SUPER CROSSTALK with SLIWA and BETO DURAN - Clinton Yates and Momo are in for the guys on this THABKSGIVING EVE. The Lakers lost to Phoenix but AD is still playing great! Despite the loss the team is looking good. Momo had a situation where she lost her purse and her husband had to go in search for it at a Donut Shop. WHEEL OF QUESTIONS - One of the Kardashians cut a lock of her sons hair to smell it often. Do you have a thing like that from a significant other? and that questions takes us...


HR 3: Cool

How cool are you? What defines someone as cool? Who at the station is cool? Olivia Pichardo is the first woman to make the roster of Division I baseball team. Are you opposed to a woman choosing to play baseball over softball in College? Momo went to school with Chelsea Clinton and she thought that they were going to be friends. Did she ever meet Chelsea Clinton? We have the latest on the Benjamins Watson and Peter Burns after a joke that was made on air. Plus, Jacob Emrani is in studio and...


HR 2: Thanksgiving

We hear from Mike Leach and what his Thanksgiving Meal looks like. We go around and talk about what we do at our homes for Thanksgiving. Greg says he watched a movie that he RATES an A+. Find out what movie that is because if you know Greg he doesn't like too many things. Is Justin Herbert a Social Media Quarterback? Cody Bellinger was non- tendered by the Dodgers and made him a Free Agent but he has not signed with anyone. Were the Dodgers better keeping him? Corporate Greg has his topics...


HR 1: World Cup

SUPER CROSSTALK with TRAVIS and SLIWA - Momo is in for Mason, We begin talking about the World Cup, Argentina might be in trouble after a stunning loss to Saudi Arabia and Mexico and Poland tied. Also, Anita Marks from Bet LA calls in to help you make your picks for the NFL on Thanksgiving and the World Cup! WHEEL OF QUESTIONS - Does the "streaker" who got tackled at the UCLA game have a case for assault. John Tweeted out the video if you haven't seen it? Learn more about your ad choices....


HR 3: UBER Rating

More USC vs. UCLA talk and O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Momo are in studio today. Momo talks about the latest on the filming of the "Sterling Affairs." We are getting a lot of comments on our live stream, Mason reads some of them. Also, Should the Angels trade Shohei Othani? If the team is for sale, they should trade him right? What is your UBER rating? the guys talk about their rating and how can you keep a HIGH rating. Of COurse Mason likes a quiet ride. Another edition of GAME OF GAMES! and...


HR 2: Harmful Joke?

Mason tells us about the World Cup as of where the wives and girlfriends are staying during the tournament. Clinton Yates joins the guys in Studio to talk some about the USMNT loss to Wales. Also, is anybody watching the Rams anymore? We have a great play by Kai Jones called by Eric Collins and apparently he is kind of a BIG DEAL. We listen to a compilation of his calls. Plus, Benjamin Watson leaves a TV set after Peter Burns jokes about his wife. Was the joke "harmful?" we have the audio....


HR 1: Suck The Ducks Feathers

SUPER CROSSTALK with TRAVIS and SLIWA - Team USA tied vs. Wales in the World Cup - Momo and O'shea Jackson Jr. are in for John today. They talk about the UCLA vs. USC game from Saturday as Mason was in attendance. What is the worst stadium to get out of? Dodgers Stadium? SoFi Stadium? or the Rose Bowl? Also, Have you ever heard the expression suck the ducks feathers? WHEEL OF QUESTIONS - If you cangain a certain attribute about yourself but equally lose one what would change between Looks,...


HR 3: Cody Bellinger

Lamar Odom says he has an idea that can make the Lakers better this season. Listen to his suggestion. We have BREAKING NEWS on Cody Bellinger! Are you surprised the Dodgers non tendered Cody Bellinger? Also, Mason loves watching CNN at New Year's but is it okay with anchors drinking on New Year's during a broadcast! Plus, find out what store has bee shoplifted the most? Have the guys ever shoplifted? Another edition of GAME OF GAMES and SUPER CROSSTALK with SEDANO and KAP! Learn more about...


HR 2: Hey Lock In C'Mon!!!

Today is the day that the Dodgers must decide their future with Cody Bellinger. Should they brink Cody back? Should they let him go? the Cubs seem interested in Bellinger? Also, should the F Word be allowed to be said on TV? How competitive is Ireland? Mason takes another crack at his GRUBHUB password. Will he guess it today? Also, do you own memorabilia? You will not believe what Mychal has from the SHOWTIME Lakers! We get an UPDATE of the Kareem goggles that Mychal has from his last game....


HR 1: Stafford is Back!

SUPER CROSSTALK with SLIWA - Why was everyone taken aback by John comments about the sex robot? it was hilarious! Also, are you over the MEGACAST since now LeBron James and company with "THE SHOP" have joined in on another channel? Plus, Mychal Thompson joins the guys in studio and we have BREAKING NEWS - Matthew Stafford is off the injury list. Should the RAMS play Stafford? Mason gives us an update on his visit to the Chiropractor. WHEEL OF QUESTIONS - if you can ask your future self a...


HR 3: Special Guest

Tyler filling in for Greg has his topics ready for BOBCAT! Also, We have a surprise guest for the guys. Listen to who we booked! This person talks about his latest projects, the Lakers and has he ever been star struct? How do you feel about Driverless cars? We are terrified of them except for Mason. Tyler is so quiet when he talks to the guys and they have fun with that for a minute. Another edition of GAME OF GAMES with KAPPY joining us. SUPER CROSSTALK with SEDANO and KAP! Learn more about...


HR 2: Relationships

Mason has an addiction to GRUBHUB and John changed his password. Mason get a chance to guess a yes or no question to see if he can guess it? Also, Has the relationship between the Lakers and Russell Westbrook improved? Plus, Anita Marks calls in to help you make your Bets for this week of the NFL and you can catch her on Wednesday's at 8 PM on BET LA as she goes in depth on bets. JJ WATT decided to pay a guy who lost a bet because the refs did not count a defensive TD. Shaq says that there...


HR 1: Lost its Shine!

SUPER CROSSTALK with TRAVIS and D'MARCO FARR in for SLIWA - USC vs. UCLA this weekend. Has that game lost its shine? Does this game mean more to USC or UCLA? Also, Mason says he messed up his back by twerking and is now seeing a chiropractor. Is a chiropractor a real doctor? and do you think SEX ROBOTS will ever become a thing? Mason has the story. What would you call your robot? WHEEL OF QUESTIONS - If you go back in time and meet your parents what do you say to them? And Did OKC make a...


HR 3: Show Meetings

Boss Amanda wants to meet with the guys about the show post show on a daily. For ways to improve on the show. Good or Bad idea? And Lane Kiffin Head Football Coach of Ole Miss did not like some of the calls made against his team vs Alabama. We talk about the Lakers and Kyle Kuzma says that he has not watched a Lakers game this season. Plus, do you believe in Ghosts? Mason says he does not! Clinton Yates comes in studio to chime in on ghosts. Another edition of GAME OF GAMES and Clinton stays...


HR 2: Who is the FACE of the NBA?

Mase wants to propose something to Kevin Demoff and the Rams after they noticed something this past weekend. Find out what Mase has in mind? Also, Is Giannis Antetokounmpo the FACE of the NBA? Also, Jeff Saturday the Head Coach of the Colts can no longer play Fantasy Football so he handed his account to someone else. If John and Steve couldn't play anymore, who would run their team? and LeSean McCoy had something to say about Bill Belichick. Listen to what he said about him. and Corporate...