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Jay and Dan 3.0 Finale - Part 4

In Part 4 of the Jay and Dan 3.0 Podcast finale we talk to our friend James Duthie tries to convince us he's not a Senators fan, remembers being asked to recruit Dan for TSN, and recounts the old AM/PM golf mix up. We flashback to the story that literally launched it's own podcast with the tale of the Rubber Boot man. Engineer Jim joins the pod and talks about recording the first podcast at Fox, and quickly realizing their genius. We flashback to a 6 Degrees segment from the 2.0 days. The...


Jay and Dan 3.0 Finale - Part 3

In Part 3 of the Jay and Dan 3.0 Podcast finale we talk to our friend Gerry Dee, who recalls first meeting the guys at an event over fifteen years ago, and is grateful for what they've built since. With Gerry we flash back to season 1 of 3.0, and his hilarious stories about working at The Keg, and his trip to Scotland. Couple of BFF's from the Fox days drop in for a chat, as Bernie Kim and Mike Botticello join the pod to discuss their fondest memories of working with Dan. We flashback to...


Jay and Dan 3.0 Finale - Part 2

In Part 2 of the Jay and Dan 3.0 Podcast finale we call up Jonathan Torrens who introduces us to the profanity bartering system, talks about Dan showing up at his house for a vacation (and poo-rade 4x4 relay), before concluding that Dan is nothing if not authentic. We flashback to Jono's hilarious first ever appearance on the 1.0 version of the podcast. Charissa Thompson joins the show to talk about the mark they guys left on their American coworkers, but can't recall Dan showing up a her...


Jay and Dan 3.0 Finale - Part 1

Over the next four episodes we will call up some of our dearest friends, look back at our fondest memories, and celebrate the journey that has led us here. On this episode, Peter Schrager recollects first meeting the guys after reading about them, all the while dropping several 90's hockey goalie references. We flashback to Peter's in studio appearance on 2.0, where he recalled saying 'what's up' to Justin Bieber, after which Dan plays him his CKDJ demo. Original producer of 1.0 Mike...


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E20 - "for the Week of February 2nd, 2021”

The boys tackle Global Warming… in their studio, discuss scissor safety, and Dan wants all the seat covers once the pandemic is over. NFL Network Analyst Mike Garafolo gives his take on Little House On The Prairie, Kidz Bop, Blippy, and explains how he fell behind on Star Wars. Oh, and he chats NFL TV Deals, Deshaun Watson, and Super Bowl as well. A special surprise guest gets Dan up out of his seat. .


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E19 - "for the Week of January 25th, 2021”

Jay ponders what virtual Hedonism would look like, while Dan concludes that he sounds better with his mask on than off. Friend of the pod Robert Lusetich joins the show to discuss his part in the new Tiger Documentary, reminisce of his time in Sochi, and celebrate Australia Day.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E18 - "for the Week of January 18th, 2021”

The boys open up with some Hot Fibre Talk, Jay debuts a new look, while Dan's Instagram is under attack. TSN MMA Analyst Robin Black joins the pod to discuss transitioning from music to the world of MMA, how Joe Rogan introduced him to Dana White and the journey that landed him at TSN.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E17 - “for the week of January 10th, 2021”

Jay thinks he won an iPhone, while Dan lets his kids use his laptop and ends up in a stranger’s basement. ESPN NFL Analyst Mina Kimes joins the pod to discuss cleaning her desk with shaving cream, being a Seahawks fan, and how she learned to be herself in the world of media.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4 - Best of Pod Bahds 2020 Pod, Bahd

The guys kick off the new year with 10 minutes of never before heard footage!!! 2020 was a challenging year, but we got through it with a little help from our friends. The guys look back at the year that was some of their favourite moments spent with friends of the pod, and end of with their Greatest Hits collection. Enjoy!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E16 - “for the week of December 21st, 2020”

Dan is joined in studio by SportsCentre Anchor Kayla Grey, who shares her IKEA ‘do’s and don’ts’, looks back the journey that brought her to TSN, and introduces us to her slim thick dog Rusty. NFL on Fox play by play announcer, and “playboy” according to Dan’s phone, Kevin Burkhardt joins the pod to discuss his holiday plans, and tells us what it’s been like to call games in a pandemic.


Jay and Dan 3.0 SE415 - “for the Week of December 14th, 2020”

SportsCentre Anchor Jermain Franklin sits in for a vacationing Jay, and plays a ‘finger game’ with Dan. The guys discuss how they met, best drink/food combos, and issues that early settlers would have encountered. We get a call from none other than Santa Clause, who tells us how kids can reach him this holidays season and the great difference it can make ( CNN fact checker Daniel Dale returns to tell us what its been like keeping track of Trump’s lies in an election year, and...


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E14 - “for the Week of December 7th, 2020”

Sportscentre Anchor Lindsay Hamilton co-hosts along side Jay, runs down her McD’s order and gives us a Coles Notes version of ‘This Is Your Life’. Max Kerman from the Arkells joins the pod to reveal his top three albums of 2020, find out the plural of Sagittarius and tease a new music video dropping very soon.


Jay and Dan 3.0 – S4E13 – “for the Week of November 30th, 2020”

Natasha Staniszewski makes her Jay and Dan debut…for the very third time! Jay mentions who he saw when visiting his money guy Ralph, while Natasha gives us a much anticipated Civic update. Cole Perfetti joins the pod from Canada’s World Junior Camp to discuss being drafted by the Jets, Team Canada’s strict quarantine ahead of the tournament and receives some tips from Jay regarding life in the ‘Peg.


Jay and Dan 3.0 – S4E12 – “for the Week of November 23rd”

SC Anchor Jermaine Franklin joins Jay, as Dan is off honeymooning with his Zombie Bride, and recounts being startled by Swiper. New TSN Calgary Bureau Chief Salim Valji joins the pod and receives some tips on the new gig from Jermaine. Mr. Franklin also receives a surprise call from a former colleague who shares some fun memories from their time together.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E11 - "for the Week of November 16th, 2020”

Jay further explores the possibilities for Zombie Dan, while the guys picture Bob Weeks grooving out to Steely Dan. PGA Golfer Graham DeLaet gives us a recap from Augusta, tells all about the TSN Master's house, and tries to strong-arm the bosses into letting Jay and Dan come along next year. Bahd of the Pod Jeremy Taggart chimes in with his own Augusta memories and reveals what personality trait one must possess to be a YouTube sensation.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E10 - "for the Week of November 9th, 2020”

The guys recap their commercial shoot, Jay gets his lights up early and encourages Dan to wed a zombie bride. Friend of the pod, and former NHLer, Brian Bickell calls into the show to discuss his experience on Battle of The Blades, being the focal point of the Orono newspaper and gets roped in to help Dan with his basement. Calgary Stampeders QB Bo Levi Mitchell joins the pod to tell us how he's been staying busy, reveal he's training for a Madden showdown, and enlists the guy's help for...


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E9 - "for the Week of November 2nd, 2020”

The guys address Natasha's debut appearance on the pod last week, Jay puts us onto Natural Wine while Dan delivers an update on Ron the cat. Wall Street sports columnist Jason Gay joins the pod to discuss Halloween in New York, explain what the 'Royal Box' is, and reminisces about his old days at Fox Sports One. Friend of the pod Ben Teller joins the guys with just a fascinating dating tale…just fascinating.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E8 - "for the Week of October 26th, 2020”

With Jay on vacation, Dan is joined in studio by Sports Centre Anchor Natasha Staniszewski as she discusses her McCain fame, and why she had to stop baking during the quarantine. TSN Reporter John Lu calls into the pod to tell us about his first-hand experience with COVID and recalls running into a moose (literally).


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E7 - "for the Week of October 19th, 2020”

Toilet Talk! The boys discuss what causes one not to flush, where the best public washrooms are, and investigate the decline of the padded toilet seat. TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro joins the pod to review each Canadian team's activity during Free Agency Frenzy. Canadian Olympic Skier Manuel Osborne-Paradis calls in to discuss his recent retirement from the sport, Canada's best kept secret skiing location, and peeing in a ski suit.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S4E6 - "for the Week of October 12th, 2020”

The host of the Hockey Panel on TSN and friend of the pod James Duthie calls in to discuss his new book 'Beauties' as well as the incredibly produced accompanying podcast of the same name. I mean the thing is just so well put together…anyways Jimmy tells the guys the inspiration behind the book, outlines the unique process of collecting stories, and details how it all came together. As promised last week; Engineer Jim drops by for a special Six Degrees of Separation in honour of Eddie Van...