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Elk. Bear. Hog. Turkey. Deer and More. Hunting Stories that will make you laugh or maybe cry; real life chronicles from the field.


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Elk. Bear. Hog. Turkey. Deer and More. Hunting Stories that will make you laugh or maybe cry; real life chronicles from the field.




Ep 089 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Jesse Griffiths

Gather 'round the hearth as we explore the visceral connection between the wild outdoors and the warmth of the kitchen with our esteemed guest, Jesse Griffiths. In a tale that marries the primal thrill of the hunt with the delicate art of cuisine, Jesse, author, chef, and culinary conjurer, takes us through the forests teeming with game and into the sanctuary of his restaurant Dai Due. His vivid recollections of hunting, paired with his role at the New School of Traditional Cookery, stitch together the fabric of tradition, respect for nature, and the gastronomic pleasure of field-to-table cookery. As the leaves turn and the chill sets in, tales of turkey hunting unfold like the changing seasons. From the silent brush of the South Texas ranches to the camaraderie of pursuit in the Oregon mountains, each narrative pulsates with the anticipation and strategy unique to the sport. Reflect on the first brush with success, when the sound of a responding gobbler sets the heart racing, to the awe-struck moment of encountering a banded bird, a living testament to the wilderness's enduring tales. Jesse's Linktree Our Linktree Support the show


Ep 088 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Ashley Covert

When Ashley Covert traded her vegan lifestyle for the woods and wild game, her journey opened up a world of respect for nature, ethical hunting, and self-discovery. As we sit down with Ashley, she recounts the poignant transition sparked by a craving during pregnancy that led her from a plant-based diet to embracing the hunter's path. Her engaging story isn't just about changing eating habits; it's a profound exploration of the connections we make with our food sources and the conscious decisions that shape our consumption. Ashley's Linktree The Hunting Stories Linktree Support the show


Ep 087 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Derek Wolfe

When the stadium lights dim and the roar of the crowd fades, where does the heart of a champion lead? For Derek Wolfe, Super Bowl hero and former Denver Bronco, the call of the wild was impossible to ignore. Step off the beaten path with us as Derek recounts the transformation from NFL glory to becoming a master of the mountainous hunt. His stories, rich with the anticipation of a mountain lion pursuit and the adrenaline of Western big game hunts, will transport you to the heart of nature's grandeur. Instagram Derek Wolfe 95 Hunting Stories Podcast Wolfe Untamed Youtube Support the show


Ep 086 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Brandon McDonald

Embark on a wilderness journey with seasoned archer and hunter, Brandon McDonald, as he weaves the tale of his archery and black bear hunting exploits. Drawing you into his world, Brandon's story begins with the birth of his YouTube channel—an endeavor meant to capture hunting memories—that flourished into a go-to resource for bow aficionados. As we traverse the Canadian wilderness, our exchange delves into the ethical complexities of bear baiting, the peace of lakeside fishing mornings, and the pulse-quickening afternoons of bear hunts. Support the show


Ep 085 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Finn & Jon Weddell

As I welcomed the extraordinary father-son duo, Finn and John Waddell, to the mic, we unearthed the layered narrative of hunting traditions that have shaped their bond. Our journey with the Waddell's takes us through laughter-filled tales of moose mishaps and deer that turn up their noses at garden pumpkins, to the poignant stories of camaraderie and resilience that can only be found in the quiet of the woods. Together, we celebrate the victories, both big and small, that come with a family's legacy in the heart of the great outdoors. Support the show


Ep 084 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Leigh "McNasty" McClendon

When Leigh McClendon isn't captivating the internet with his viral cat antics, he's living a less-known, but equally engaging life as an ethical hunter. This episode takes you through the unexpected journey of a social media star who's just as comfortable with a rifle in hand as he is behind the camera. Leigh's candid discussion on the whirlwind of reactions from his audience, his heartfelt take on family hunting traditions, and the strategy behind a successful whitetail hunt make for a narrative that's both personal and profound. Leigh's Links Youtube Facebook Instagram TikTok Support the show


Ep 083 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Dave Thomas

Episode 83 with Dave Thomas When childhood adventures pave the way for a lifetime passion, the stories are bound to be riveting. Dave Thomas of BowHunter Planet joins me, on a journey through the wilds of memory and experience, painting a vivid tableau of life as a bowhunter. From his earliest days with a bow in hand, nurtured by family traditions, to the birth of BowHunter Planet amidst the less-than-romantic realities of funding a dream, Dave's saga is as heartfelt as it is humorous. Support the show


Ep 082 The Hunting Stories Podcast: John Lusk

Join us on a gripping expedition into the heart of hunting and the stirring narratives of life in the wild with our guest John Lusk, a seasoned bowhunter with tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a background as rich as his arrow quiver, John's experiences as a pastor and hunter uniquely intertwine, painting a compelling picture of adventure and introspection. His YouTube channel, Lusk Archery Adventures, captures the essence of his analytical prowess and passion for archery, making him an extraordinary storyteller for this episode. Instagram Lusk Archery Adventures Hunting Stories YOUTUBE Lusk Archery Adventures Support the show


Ep 081 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Bryan Speller

As the sun peeks over the horizon and dew glistens on the underbrush, I can't help but recall the time I first shouldered a rifle, the weight of tradition heavy on my young shoulders. Today, we're not just tracing the path of bullets and arrows; we're walking down memory lane with seasoned hunter Bryan Speller. His tales take us from the moment he took aim at his first squirrel to the heart-pounding chase of elk in the dense Washington forests. Alongside Bryan, we explore the impact of his military background on his hunting strategy and how the soft whisper of a fly line has become as familiar as the crack of a rifle. Support the show


Ep 080 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Armando Martinez

Has the thrill of the hunt ever been overshadowed by a heart-stopping moment of fear? It certainly has for our guest, Armando, who shares a riveting tale of an oryx hunt in New Mexico that turned terrifying when his son went missing. This episode is not just about the chase of a formidable game animal, but also about the lessons learned, the beauty of father-daughter bonding, and the inherent risks that accompany the thrill of the hunt. Instagram The Bow Hitch (FOLLOW FOR RANDOM ACTS OF KIDNESS) The Hunting Stories Podcast CarbonTV Support the show


EP 079 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Ali & Geff Werning

Ready to embark on a gripping hunting adventure? We have hunting enthusiasts Ali and Jeff Werning with us, unspooling wild yarns from their hunting escapades. We've got an adrenaline-pumping sheep hunt on the opening day to share with you, that underscores the significance of preparedness and caution when treading risky terrains. We'll also explore the exhilaration that comes from a successful hunt, including overcoming a blustery day and a daring animal. Support the show


Ep 078 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Gracie Spearman & Steel Turner

We recently sat down with young hunting enthusiasts, Steel Turner and Gracie Spearman, for a chat that spanned from big game hunting to duck hunting, and even thermal night vision hunting for coyotes and pigs. And let me tell you, their experiences and tales from the wild are nothing short of exciting. Instagrams Racks&Quacks Steel Turner Gracie Spearman Hunting Stories Support the show


Ep 077 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Calvin Jackson

Have you ever felt the thrill of the chase, the exhilaration of the hunt, and the sweet satisfaction of a successful game? This episode gives you a front-row seat to one such adventure, featuring our guest, the intrepid hunter Calvin Jackson of British Columbia. Calvin, who had initially set out for a bison hunt, takes us through his unexpected moose hunting exploits. Strap in as we journey through the grizzly terrain with a group of hunters. Their quest for bison takes a twist when they stumble upon bull moose. The high country is their playground, the land of fossils their discovery, and amidst the thrill of the hunt, they find time to indulge in a little fly fishing. We don’t just track, hunt, and conquer, but also pause to appreciate the stunning landscape that is our hunting ground. Calvin on Instagram Our Instagram Support the show


Ep 076 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Cliff Gray

Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure as we welcome Cliff Gray, a seasoned commercial outfitter, passionate hunter, and spearfishing enthusiast Hang on to your seats as our journey takes a hair-raising turn with an exploration of lion hunting. We uncover the primal world of hunting lions, focusing on the critical role of dogs and the tracking process. Get a unique perspective on the reality of treeing a lion in a cave and learn about the strength and tactics lions employ when cornered. This riveting segment gives you an adrenaline-charged glimpse into the intense world of lion hunting. Cliff's Links Support the show


Ep 075 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Stevie Balderaz & Phil Wise

Ever thought about what it takes to hunt a perfect ram in the wild mountains? Welcome back to another gripping installment of the Hunting Stories podcast, where we're reuniting with our dear friend and recurring guest, Phil Wise, and his hunting partner Stevie Balderaz. Both are seasoned hunters with a treasure trove of stories to share, from their first meeting, their thrilling adventures across rugged terrains, to the adrenaline-filled pursuit of a ram in the mountains. Hunting stories are a fascinating blend of danger, excitement, challenge and camaraderie. Today's episode is no exception, as Phil and Stevie delve into their experiences hunting sheep in the mountains. Picture the grueling journey to retrieve water, the post-hunt butchering under challenging conditions, and the sheer effort it takes to haul their bounty down the mountain. They share the peculiarities of hunting the Barbary sheep and the unique taste and texture of its meat. They also recount their encounters with Audad and other amusing incidents from their expeditions, painting a vivid picture of the wild and unpredictable world of hunting. We're wrapping up this episode with a collection of their hunting misadventures and hilarious mishaps. From surprise visits from the Marlboro Man, a hilarious laughing incident in a hospital, to an impromptu backyard party in a Southwest Texas border town. Each story is a testament to the bond they share, the joy of finding the perfect ram and the priceless memories they've created along the way. Whether you're a seasoned hunter yourself, or someone who simply enjoys a riveting adventure tale, there's something in it for you. So, strap in and get ready for a wild ride with Phil Wise and Stevie Balderaz. Support the show


Ep 074 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Deandre Reed

Ever wondered how a passion for one sport can lead to an unexpected love for another? That's exactly what happened with DeAndre Reed, a one-time football player turned passionate adult-onset hunter. Join us as we relive DeAndre's captivating journey from his first encounter with archery in a shop with his then-girlfriend, to his exciting hunts across South Dakota and Arkansas, complete with hair-raising encounters with alligators and triumphant deer hunts. DeAndre is not just about shooting arrows and hunting deer, his story is intertwined with heartwarming moments of family bonding and repairing relationships. Listen in as he shares some of his most cherished memories of hunting trips with his father and brother, which not only led to successful hunts, but also mended relationships and created lifelong memories. DeAndre's tales of hunting triumphs, familial bonding, and the lessons he has learnt along the way make for an enriching and exciting listen. Support the show


Ep 073 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Josh Sunberg

Get ready to immerse yourself in breath-taking hunting tales from our guest, Josh Sunberg. Coming from a humble farming background in Southwest Iowa, Josh opens up about his passion for hunting, thrilling encounters, missed shots, and some unforgettable adventures. From corn fields to big timber blocks, he shares his knowledge of different hunting terrains, keeping you hooked with his tales of hunting in the wild. The episode takes an interesting turn as Josh dives into his first hunting experience, sharing invaluable lessons about the importance of preparation. He recounts how a simple hunting trip with his dad turned into an unexpected learning experience. His story of the failed attempt at tracking a buck and the panic that followed serves as a strong reminder of the unpredictability of nature. Further, he sheds light on the technical aspects of hunting, sharing his experience of putting GPS collars on big horn sheep lambs, revealing the fascinating technology behind it. We also explore the darker side of hunting as Josh shares a shocking incident of witnessing illegal hunting practices. His stories of hunting challenges in Yellowstone, mountain sheep hunting adventures, and even surviving a blizzard during an elk hunting expedition in Wyoming, encapsulate the thrill, challenge, and deep respect for nature that comes with hunting. Josh's commitment to ethical hunting practices shines through, offering valuable insights for hunters at all levels. So, get ready to embark on this captivating journey with us, as we explore the exciting and unpredictable world of hunting. Instagram Josh Sunberg The Hunting Stories Podcast Josh's Youtube Support the show


Ep 072 The Hunting Stories Podcast: James Visser

In this episode, James transports us on an adventure alongside him in his relentless pursuit of a buck with a unique antler configuration. His detailed narratives, from the initial sighting to the unexpected escape of the buck, create a vivid imagery of the open terrain and the thrill of the chase. But James' hunting tales don't stop there. He introduces us to the world of hunting javelina, and shares an astonishing encounter with a giant javelina in the wild - a moment that left him fascinated and hungry for more. Instagram Bow Disciples The Hunting Stories Podcast Support the show


Ep 071 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Todd Helms

Join us this week, as we sit down with Todd Helms, managing editor at Eastman's Hunting Journals and host of the Wingman podcast, as he shares his fascinating journey from Michigan to the vast plains of Wyoming. Todd paints a vivid picture of Wyoming, a place where the animals outnumber the people. Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush as Todd spills tales of some truly gripping hunting adventures. From his dad’s short-tempered encounter with a deer stuck in a bank, to the unnerving presence of bears on Kodiak Island, Alaska, Todd dives into the most thrilling, challenging, and sometimes humorous situations he has faced. We also delve into his epic 33-mile horseback hunt in Yellowstone National Park, an adventure packed with snowstorms, grueling terrains, and a rich history of the hunting camp. However, it’s not all about the thrill of the chase. Todd also sheds light on the physical and mental toll of extreme Western hunts, underlining the role of proper nutrition in ensuring success. He recounts his wife's first elk hunt in Wyoming and how unexpected encounters with bears added a dash of excitement. This episode is packed with stories that highlight the unique bonds and experiences hunting brings, from enduring intense weather conditions to pulling off a successful hunt. So whether you're an experienced hunter or just intrigued by the wilderness, there's something in here for everyone. Tune in and let Todd's hunting stories fuel your next adventure. Instagram Todd Eastmans The Hunting Stories Podcast Wingman Websites Wingmen Eastman's Hunting Journal Support the show


Bonus Ep: The Hunting Stories Podcast, 2023 Elk recap

Join us on a thrilling ride as we revisit the incredible adventures of September's hunting escapades. Brace yourselves as we dive into an unfiltered, humorous conversation and share a chuckle with my hunting companions Pat Littrell and Jermaine Hodge, who bring a twist of fun and camaraderie to our wild adventures. From the anticipation of drawing the tag to setting up camp, and traversing rough terrains, every detail paints a vivid picture. Toss in Pat's infamous taco dinner, and the subsequent success at the "back camp", there's enough laughter to keep you entertained. So, if you're craving a hearty laugh and an exciting hunting story, sit back, grab a drink, and get ready to be transported to the wild! Instagram The Bow Hitch Jermaine Hodge Pat Littrell Hunting Stories Podcast Colorado High Altitude Hunters Support the show