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Thanks for listening to the Emily Rooney Show. As of July 9, 2012, Emily is hosting segments on Boston Public Radio, our midday show that runs from noon to 2 p.m. every weekday. You can also keep up with her on Twitter or her television show Greater Boston.


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Thanks for listening to the Emily Rooney Show. As of July 9, 2012, Emily is hosting segments on Boston Public Radio, our midday show that runs from noon to 2 p.m. every weekday. You can also keep up with her on Twitter or her television show Greater Boston.




7/6/12 | Summer Reads

We hear from area authors and literary insiders who reveal what’s on their summer reading lists. Plus we open up the phone lines and take your recommendations.


7/5/12 | National Debt

Kara Miller hosts and we're joined by the authors of White House Burning — Simon Johnson and James Kuak — which argues that the national debt is eating away at America's future and that the consequences will be dire.


7/4/12 | The Queen; Downton Abbey

In honor of Independence Day, we aired a special rewind episode about Elizabeth the Queen, followed by our interview with Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton on Downton Abbey's success and how she plans to stay on top.


7/3/12 | Tom Hamilton; Dan Bern

In an all rock and roll episode, we reaired an interview with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton and our resident provocateur Steve Almond returns with an in-studio performance by Dan Bern and his backing band, Common Rotation.


7/2/12 | Science Vs. Spirituality

On today’s special rewind episode with Kara Miller, two of our generation’s great thinkers — Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow — debate the fundamental questions that define the human experience.


6/29/12 | Week In Review

Political analyst Avi Nelson, former state treasurer Shannon O'Brien and Innovation Hub host Kara Miller convene to discuss this week in the news.


6/28/12 | Affordable Care Act Upheld

We’ve brought in political, legal and medical experts — Jonathan Gruber, MIT economics professor with a focus on the areas of public finance and health economics, David Kravitz, blogger at Blue Mass Group and former clerk under Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Dr. Harry Selker, executive director of the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies at Tufts Medical Center, and former Lietenant Governor Kerry Healey — to sort through what the Supreme Court's decision and what it means...


6/27/12 | Having It All; The Future Of Boston

We ask Boston Globe columnist and mother Joanna Weiss to respond to Anne-Marie Slaughter's controversial Atlantic article. Then the Future Boston Alliance joins us in the studio with their plan to renew Boston's cultural landscape.


6/26/12 | Whitey Bulger; Life Without Parole; Dental Care Crisis

We ask Brian Gutman, head of The Massachusetts Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Juveniles and juvenile justice policy advocate, and Barbara Kaban, director of research and policy at the Children's Law Center, "What does the Supreme Court's precedent mean for the over sixty people in Massachusetts serving life sentences for crimes committed when they were teenagers?" Then, Donald Stern, senior counsel in the litigation department at Cooley, LLP, comments on Whitey's plea to delay his...


6/25/12 | Politics, As Usual; Seniority

Immigration, SCOTUS and Sal DiMasi. It's politics, as usual with two of greater Boston's heavyhitters: Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi and deputy chairman of the Massachusetts GOP Peter Blute. Then, pending state legislation will remove seniority from being the deciding factor in teacher hires, spawning a range of reactions from teachers and unions.


6/22/12 | Week In Review

Denterlein PR's public affairs professional Terence Burke, host of WGBH's Innovation Hub Kara Miller, and Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald columnist turn up the heat on the week's biggest headlines.


6/21/12 | Speaking Styles; Sal DiMasi

Steve Huggard, attorney and government accountability watchdog, explains why the prison system isn't designed to care for the ill. Then, two experts — one a professional speech coach and the other a psychologist and scholar of body language — analyze candidates' speaking styles.


6/20/12 | Corpse Flower; Cursing; Corby Kummer

Zoo New England's horticuluralist describes the aromatic blossom. Then, inspired by the Middleborough swearing ban, we ask two experts — how did profanity develop and why do we use it? And Corby Kummer shares his insights into Cambridge's propose soda ban, dining al fresco and more.


6/19/12 | The Moment; First Time Home Buying

Larry Smith of Smith magazine talks to us about his new book, The Moment. Michael Nichols, Trisha McCarthy and Tom Gleason give us insight into buying your first home.


6/18/12 | Politics, As Usual; Everything Money

David Kravitz of Blue Mass Group, Rob Eno of Red Mass Group, and economist Richard Parker discuss developments in Greece and locally. Then our personal finance maven Sheryl Marshall gives you the skinny on whether to buy or lease your next vehicle.


6/15/12 | Week In Review

Three local journalists — Dave Wedge, Joanna Weiss and R.B. Scott — weigh in on the week that was.


6/13/12 | Military Suicide; Regret

Associated Press correspondent Robert Burns, Boston Globe columnist Juliette Kayyem, and Kim Ruocco, director of TAPS' suicide prevention program, discuss the shockingly high rate of suicide amongst active duty troops. Then, everyone has them but what purpose do they serve? We ask a journalist, a rabbi and a philsopher to teach us about the role of regrets.


6/12/12 | Apple Announcements; Social Studies

Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe tech reporter, gives us his take on Apple's recent announcements, the Windows phone and Verizon's new data plans. Then our social etiquette guru Robin Abrahams answers all your questions about summer getaways.


6/11/12 | Politics, As Usual; Tom Hamilton

Regular contributors Avi Nelson and Scott Lang discuss the major developments in local and national politics. Then Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton joins us to talk about going on tour again with his band mates of 40 years.


6/8/12 | Week In Review