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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.



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I Want A Job At The Roblox Store - WAN Show June 7, 2024

Add AG1 to your morning routine and see what it can do for you: Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring today's video. Get 20% Off + Free International Shipping with promo code WANSHOW or visit Check out the Secretlab Titan Evo Ergonomic Gaming chair and more at Subscribe to Floatplane to check out Dan Week, and other exclusive content: Timestamps: (courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:38 Intro 2:05 Topic #1 - IKEA looks to hire for their "Co-Worker Game" Roblox 4:02 Would young Linus & Luke work there? Costs, past jobs 11:26 Luke questions if the positions are full-time 13:04 Topic #2 - Computex 2024 - Intel's Lunar Lake 14:52 Qualcomm disclosure, Linus on changing scripts 16:02 AMD's competitive gens, Qualcomm's designs & camera 21:16 MS pressuring laptop makers rumor, Apple's Macs 23:09 Microsoft's Replay, Apple V.S. Battlemage, Lunar Lake & TMSC 27:20 Panther Lake, AMD's Zen 5, Snapdragon & HP battery life 33:19 Bit of Linus walking into Qualcomm's "meeting" 34:34 Premiere's instability, Luke on data centers 37:30 Nvidia Blackwell & Grace, high wattage scaling 44:09 "Badminton data center," Linus on Nvidia's potential 50:42 Merch Messages #1 51:00 How is FFVI going with Luke? ft. Toxic Linus, Dan 54:33 LTTStore's keyboard pins relaunch 55:30 Scribedriver future stock, "The Write-Off" missed opportunity 57:17 Cable tie holders stock, products pricing discussion 1:05:19 Topic #3 - NVIDIA hit $31T on market cap, third biggest stock 1:06:16 Linus on running AMD GPU, Linus's computer & experience 1:08:04 Nvidia's Rubin, Nvidia's worth, "Enterprise," ARRI cameras 1:13:46 Topic #4 - Humane tries to sell to HP for $1B 1:15:13 ICQ's shutdown, VK, Linus's final offer to Putin 1:17:16 Details about Powercolor's tour video? ft. "Scripted" 1:26:30 Sponsor - AG1 1:27:28 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:28:23 Sponsor - MANSCAPED 1:29:20 FP's Dan week exclusive ft. Dissing Dan for not having a 3rd arm 1:30:29 Topic #5 - Microsoft's Copilot+, Recall controversy 1:32:01 Linus teases a cool PC video ft. Couch moving 1:35:56 Linus will opt in, Luke refuses, power play, housing essay 1:40:22 Topic #6 - 84 deer killed in $834K cull via helicopter 1:43:02 Luke on the global rat distribution, argument for Recall 1:45:02 Dan's experience with filming, potential Sweepstakes 1:47:21 WhatNot charity leftover items 1:47:42 Merch Messages #2 1:48:10 Most pointless thing you saw at Computex? ft. Perma-banning 1:53:01 FP Poll: was LTT's Nvidia video scripted? 1:54:28 Merch Messages #2 1:54:36 Opinion on expos nowadays? ft. Whale LAN, Dennis 2:01:00 Tech that is a huge advancement to existing ones? 2:03:04 Advice for writing vows? 2:08:10 Topic #7 - Google's internal privacy incidents leaks 2:09:29 Topic #8 - Zoom to replace you with AI 2:10:17 Topic #9 - Adobe's new terms forcibly claims your projects 2:11:28 Topic #10 - Spotify's The Car Thing 2:12:46 Topic #11 - Apple's event to introduce "Apple Intelligence" 2:13:59 Topic #12 - Twitter allows consensually created adult content 2:15:00 Topic #13 - Facebook to use data for AI training, only EU can opt out 2:15:22 Topic #14 - Instagram implements non-skippable ads 2:15:30 Topic #15 - Team Fortress 2's #SaveTF2 movement raises 260K signatures 2:15:46 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:16:40 How do you deal with product superiority and markets? 2:17:37 Do you see discrete GPUs sticking around? 2:18:20 Solution for summer heat and office computers? 2:19:54 How did you retain talent during LMG's early day? 2:24:15 Outro ft. Linus's sweaty legs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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AMD Is Copying The Worst Thing About Intel - WAN Show May 31, 2024

See how Rocket Money can help you cancel unwanted subscriptions and save money! Try it FOR FREE at Add AG1 to your morning routine and see what it can do for you: Check out Ridge’s Father’s Day sale at and enjoy up to 40% off! Check out the Secretlab Titan Evo Ergonomic Gaming chair and more at List your PC components at Jawa and who knows, your part might be picked for Scrapyard Wars! Check it out here: Check out the remaining products from our charity stream still available for purchase at WhatNot: Subscribe to Floatplane to check out Dan Week, and other exclusive content: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:19 Intro 1:57 Topic #1 - AMD's Strix Point Ryzen rumored to be rebranded 9:26 Topic #2 - Document of Google's search engine leaked 15:02 "YouTube is the new TV," Linus on aspect ratio change 18:23 LTTStore's new scribedriver bolt action pen 27:06 Merch Messages #1 31:06 Topic #3 - Scrapyard Wars returns 33:07 Topic #4 - Steam doesn't let you include your games in your will 36:05 Linus discusses leasing & badminton 41:06 Linus on Valve's licensing, mentions music licenses 44:28 Topic #5 - PayPal launches ad network, powered by user data 45:18 Linus's hot take, mentions Klarna & financing 49:06 Linus on LTT's de-Google your life video 53:02 Sponsor - Rocket Money 54:08 Sponsor - AG1 55:07 sponsor - Ridge 56:20 Father's Day LTTStore gifts suggestion 57:14 Topic #6 - Microsoft Edge for Business bans taking screenshots 1:02:12 Topic #7 - Cheat providers found guilty in two lawsuits 1:05:06 Recalling Flipper Zero's ban, legality of pen testing tools 1:09:02 Could this affect the modding community? 1:11:03 Floatplane's Dan week, charity stream items on Whatnot 1:12:16 Number of pens sold, flabbergasted Linus 1:16:00 Luke leaves, calls Elijah on the show 1:17:00 Topic #8 - Riot's League of Legends $50-$500 skin bundles 1:24:55 Valve allows skins renting on CS2, funny FP comment 1:28:08 Recalling potato NFTs, Luke returns, final thoughts 1:32:10 Topic #9 - Now-adult social media babies push for laws against oversharing 1:37:38 Topic #10 - Sony's PC adapter for PSVR2 1:40:40 Linus on the luxury goods market, selling second hand 1:45:12 "$1" bunker story 1:49:31 Topic #117 - OpenAI's safety committee board 1:55:45 Topic #12 - Spotify will issue refunds to Car Thing buyers 1:59:48 Merch Messages #2 ft. Luke's spot, WAN Show After Dark 2:00:27 Any impractical video idea you had that seemed good? 2:06:27 Did Linus have anti static straps on or did he lie? 2:10:18 Proposal stories, things Linus wished he knew when starting LMG? 2:13:04 Has Luke ever mountain biked? 2:15:01 How has Linus's autograph evolved? Did he change it? 2:16:33 Have ASUS's issues influenced Linus's preference? 2:17:21 How do you prevent your kids from struggling at school? 2:18:36 Would Linus accept a Netflix, or Amazon, tech show offer? 2:20:24 Does Linus speed up YouTube videos he watches? 2:21:00 Negotiating with brands? Does Luke play MoP remix? 2:23:18 Which Dimension 20 campaign was Luke's favorite? 2:23:54 Does Luke keep in touch with anyone from 929? 2:25:21 Linus explains Badminton dilemma 2:26:30 Linus's favorite & least favorite part of Langley's house? 2:28:07 What's the harm of big tech companies selling your data? 2:31:07 Do you see trades & labor positions threatened by AI? 2:32:46 When was the last Linus-led development went through? 2:34:12 Additional merch messages 3:06:49 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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LTT Released 3rd Party Investigation Summary - WAN Show May 24, 2024

Check out Ridge’s Father’s Day sale at and enjoy up to 40% off! Stay protected against cyberthreats and get immutable backup, rapid recovery and anti-ransomware technologies with Acronis! Check them out at Reach and engage with your audience! Get a moooove on and check out Moosend free for 30 days and save 10% at Check out the Titan Evo Ergonomic Gaming chair and more at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters. 0:37 Intro. 1:12 LTT's 3rd party investigation summary. 1:46 Topic #1: Spotify's Car Thing discontinued. 3:02 Spotify's notice, comments on YT Creator Studio's database. 9:04 Issues with replies, spambots, Reddit as an example. 15:21 What can Spotify do to make this right? 22:22 Topic #2: PSU Circuit, LTT LABS' new AI-powered channel. 27:00 Critiques, why AI-voiced, channel's purpose, sustainability. 39:25 Automatically generated videos. 42:26 LTT screwdriver promotion giveaway. 43:22 Merch Messages #1. 44:04 Would you make an apple leather jacket? 49:31 Stolen items in tech upgrades, was it a joke or real? Cont. Topic #2: PSU Circuit. 56:16 LTT Lab's website. 58:54 Topic #3: Qualcomm ARM chip powered laptops, "recall" feature. 1:02:24 Elijah considers Linux, why is MS fixated on MacBooks? 1:06:26 Linus mentions Chromebook, Luke wants to switch. 1:11:02 Windows on Arm ready software. 1:13:08 The feature will come regardless of how you feel. 1:14:24 What doesn't work on Linux for WAN Show? 1:18:33 Sponsors. 1:18:47 Ridge. 1:19:37 Acronis. 1:20:37 Moosend. 1:22:18 Merch Messages #2. 1:22:24 Advice to balance work with partner? 1:27:35 How have Linus's kids responded to older games? 1:29:12 Anything bad happened before an event, but you still went? 1:48:28 Topic #4: Google's search engine AI suggests The Onion article. 1:50:27 Topic #5: CoolerMaster's Chinese site translation error. 1:50:49 Topic #6: iFixIt drops Samsung over irreparability. 1:51:37 Topic #7: Cold Ones rates YT products ft. LTT screwdriver. 1:55:23 MrBeast's original chocolate, Elijah's first mango. 1:58:18 FP's cable management videos, worldwide content. 2:00:26 "Buy a plane," Luke on business class cost, Taylor Swift. 2:03:18 "Jesus nut," Linus would relocate for a personal helicopter. 2:07:27 Jetson, where would Linus move to? 2:09:44 Topic #8: US increases tariffs on Chinese EVs & products. 2:10:37 Topic #9: Scarlett Johansson states OpenAI copied her voice. 2:14:26 Topic #10: Battlestate Games slashes upgrade price by half. 2:16:36 Topic #11: ICQ to shut down by the 26th of June. 2:18:22 Linus calls for assistance with digitizing ReBoot. 2:24:20 Blu-ray ft. Luke leaves, Dan "moves." 2:25:31 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark. 2:25:49 Any pet related tech you ended up loving? 2:26:48 When did LTT writers get more screen time? 2:30:14 Who would you like to invite onto the WAN Show? 2:33:02 Was it worth it to install Type C & A outlets? 2:34:09 Thoughts on laws that protect from web scrapers? 2:35:25 Have you played Dark & Darker? 2:35:38 VR games besides Beat Saber that Linus uses to work out? 2:36:39 How can I prep Chromebook students to use Windows? 2:37:16 Did YouTubers reach out to Floatplane for streaming? 2:39:24 Wishing a happy birthday to an unnamed husband. 2:39:53 Outro ft. Solving the biggest problem ever. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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iPhones Are Undeleting Nudes?? - WAN Show May 17, 2024

Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Improve your website’s SEO performance FOR FREE with Ahref’s Webmaster Tools. Check it out at Download the free Magical extension and save some precious time during your day to day grind at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 0:39 Intro 1:30 Topic #1 - iOS 175 bug recovers deleted photos 2:30 This isn't limited to Apple, Backblaze, cloud backup 4:02 Are these photos synced? Linus & Luke on encryption 9:33 Linus on NAND flash, Luke on deleting files, Vision Pro 13:02 Luke on whether this is a one-off, CEO's all-chrome PC build 16:31 Topic #2 - Microsoft's Prodeus, a modular controller 17:16 3D printable joystick parts, childish Luke & Dan 19:24 Luke on the controller's potential 22:06 LTTStore's new dip dye hoodie 25:26 Topic #3 - "Personalizable AI" for simulated dates through bots 27:18 How would this impact future dates? ft. "Settling down" 28:34 Linus on Tinder, Luke on dating apps, school connections 32:48 Yvonne joins, if Linus is gone, how would she meet people? 33:58 What would Linus do if Yvonne's gone? 35:02 What would Luke do? Luke on how to know it's the right one 36:22 Luke on not sitting next to a girl on a bus, finding people 38:25 Dating friends of friends, Luke on planning, E&A service 41:46 Linus's sister analogy on dating when in your 30's 43:17 Meeting someone through what you do, looking at the gym 45:36 Yvonne on whether girls looking would bother men 46:10 Dating at work, Yvonne's & Linus's relationship 50:42 Sponsor - Squarespace 51:36 Sponsor - Ahrefs 52:25 Sponsor - Magical 53:42 Merch Messages #1 53:48 Why'd LTT go for Shopify over WooCommerce? 55:02 What you'd change or features you’d add to an LTTStore product? 56:00 Is this MIPS assembly a useful code language? 57:05 Topic #4 - Microsoft to add Game Pass ad to Windows 11 58:31 FP user gets images of ex after update, bug's implications 1:02:25 Topic #5 - Google's Gemini search engine, search tab is hidden 1:03:31 Gemini AI updates, Project Astra, Linus will wait 1:04:31 Google writes $Ms to government for no jury 1:06:38 Topic #6 - Wayfinder changes genre, negative reviews ensue 1:07:57 $150 pack, shift "gaurantee's game is around forever" 1:09:01 Cyberpunk hits 95% positive reviews, Linus on praises 1:13:04 Luke on how Wayfinder's move is good, discusses Ubisoft 1:14:40 Topic #7 - NYPD tests Evolv's AI gun scanners in a subway 1:16:36 Topic #8 - ASUS apologizes over “confusion” with RMA quotes 1:19:08 Linus on ASUS's customer service, recalls conversations 1:22:02 Luke on riding the false bans train during ban waves 1:24:01 Topic #9 - Marvel Rivals apols after banning content creators 1:24:58 Luke on the contract being a mistake 1:27:12 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark is automated 1:27:31 AMD's Strix Point APU leaks ft. Accidental outro, "I'm a computer!" 1:29:17 How do you feel about no-crew flights? 1:30:38 Would Shield 2 happen now that Switch 2 is announced? 1:31:08 Any FOSS projects Luke wants to draw attention towards? 1:33:19 What do you tell your barber? 1:34:26 Company is bought, how would you deal with this change? 1:36:06 Arrival fallacy, how does Linus feel after his success? 1:40:06 Suggestions to get tech dad to watch tech shows together? 1:41:08 Thoughts on CRA coming after tenants not paying foreign taxes? 1:43:11 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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I'm Siding With Apple - WAN Show May 10, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Save 10% and get Free Shipping with Ridge by using the code WAN at Get a 15-day free trial for unlimited backup at Get 20% off Savage Jerky with code WANFOOD20 at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters. 1:18 Intro. 1:43 Topic #1: Apple's iPad Pro & M4 release. 7:04 Luke the new Switch, Linus on specs & storage, thoughts on Apple's ad. 9:02 Discussing the ad's controversy, LG ad, swiss army & firearm example. 19:18 Luke asks for Linus's opinion on the ad, recalling older iPad Pro ad. 21:32 Apple's habit of removing older ads. 28:40 Topic #2: Microsoft closes three game studios, including Hi-Fi RUSH makers. 36:10 Luke on studio games & recent successful games, stock's impact. 40:04 When was the last time companies developed anything? 42:27 Luke on purchasing studios, Linus on a friend's vet practice. 51:42 LTTStore's classic T-shirts are back. 51:51 Linus's similar image of the T-shirt. 53:26 Limited American apparel shirts quantity. 53:48 Merch Messages #1. 59:42 Topic #3: Asus's ROG Ally X, new handheld PC. Cont. Merch Messages #1. 1:05:42 Tips on dealing with employees making the same mistakes? 1:13:50 Conversation on unallowed jokes for LMG. 1:17:26 Linus on his work, covering "Do you know who I am?!" 1:22:12 Persona & trolling. 1:25:10 Topic #4: Nintendo's new Switch successor to be announced. 1:26:02 Discussing Ampere, naming, FP's chat suggestions. 1:29:24 Potential specs, recalling Nintendo LABO. 1:32:45 Why do Nintendo keep bringing out old console? 1:34:26 Linus's diagnosis, GameCube, Luke brother's case. 1:38:21 Sponsors. 1:38:26 AG1. 1:40:06 Ridge. 1:42:06 Backblaze. 1:43:08 Savage Jerky. 1:43:44 Merch Messages #2 ft. Angry Dan. 1:48:50 Do you see professions soon requiring AI use over manual use? 1:53:55 Is water block compatibility going to be on LTTLabs site? 1:56:28 How do you handle numerous tasks & deadlines? 2:01:11 Topic #5: Stack Overflow's OpenAI integration causes protests. 2:02:58 LTT's upcoming video on de-Google-ifying your life. 2:06:22 Topic #6: Intel's CPU crash over motherboard's BIOS profile. 2:14:49 Topic #7: AMD's x86 server share nears a third of the market. 2:18:41 Topic #8: Sony's Helldivers 2 controversy. 2:22:26 Regional locks, what's the point? 2:29:04 Billy Basso's Animal Well, funny storage & specs requirements. 2:32:18 BC Charity uncleared items for sale on Whatnot. 2:37:40 Topic #11: Google's Find My Device feature. 2:39:18 Yvonne's lost purse story. 2:51:24 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, accidental outro. 2:53:40 Do you see Linux gaining a significant market? 2:54:08 Thoughts on future of AI playing roles in the governments? 2:55:02 What OS feature do you think should be universally implemented? 2:57:08 Precision screwdriver ETA? 2:58:45 Ever found a device or tech installed where it shouldn't have been? 2:59:38 Is a conure rolling on the glass cage a good behavior? 3:00:31 What video game movies are or were you excited about? 3:02:02 How do you screen for both career & behavioral fit for interviews? 3:04:01 Is DIY spraying & painting your house worth it? 3:06:37 Obscure LAN favorites that you struggled to run on modern systems? 3:07:18 How do you avoid Amazon? Should companies disclose it? 3:08:20 What are you looking for at COMPUTEX? Whale LAN update? 3:09:55 How much did NCIX make out of selling physical games? 3:11:10 What made David become a writer & a host? 3:14:00 Thoughts on heat reactive cups that show internals of products? 3:16:14 What is your daily driver power bank? 3:18:24 Is Linus still using his Steam Deck? 3:19:00 Any person you previously met again who you thought was a fan? 3:21:22 What governmental tech infrastructure would Luke want to tour? 3:21:40 Tips & tricks for a new manual car adopter? 3:28:45 Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


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I Am Not Buying A Super Computer - WAN Show May 3, 2024

Treat your feet with Vessi! Save 15% on your first order at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring today's video. Get 20% Off + Free International Shipping with promo code WANSHOW or visit Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:16 Intro 1:41 Topic #1 - Cheyenne's supercomputer auctioned off for $480K 10:44 Funny video idea, trying to look at the CPU flops 12:05 Topic #2 - Escape from Tarkov update 14:38 Linus on COD's nukes, Luke on Tarkov & "legacy call" item 18:07 Battlestate's response, BTR, difficulty to fix, Linus rants 28:12 Linus & Luke discuss the $150 project, "DIY Tarkov" 31:07 Topic #3 - Helldivers 2 requires PSN account, gamers gets angry 36:28 Topic #4 - Linus in Ludwig's podcast, visited Matpat's retirement party 40:05 Luke's NASA friend doesn't know ASCII, beamed message to ISS 43:22 RPS, Linus took a book out of Yvonne's, "never lost hope" 48:12 Why not choose other games? ft. Luke's friend, Geoguessr 55:14 Watching Bro V.S. Bro, Linus on Ludwig's adaptability 58:46 Linus & Luke like the podcast, don't get what it's about 1:03:10 How they found The Yard, its' revenue compared to WAN Show 1:06:20 WAN Show viewership, TikTok, calling out X viewers 1:08:26 Luke on what might Ludwig thinks of their hostility 1:09:36 WAN Show TikTok account, Linus asks about Spotify 1:11:06 Theory on why the WAN Show is popular, live on Megaphone 1:13:50 Linus on a $500 Super Chat at Ludwig's stream 1:15:50 LTTStore's new dead pixel collection 1:19:05 Save 20% on the backpack through YouTube 1:19:46 Merch Messages #1 1:19:53 Dyno pins ETA? Luke's experience with Shopify? 1:24:19 FP's Luke Week, FP exclusives 1:26:32 Can Luke's birds tell he's eating chicken? 1:28:36 Duvet update? ft. Alpaca wool stock 1:31:38 Thought of doing tech work for the military space? ft. NCIX 1:35:20 Topic #5 - Meta's change to recommended feeds turns problematic 1:37:24 AI-generated Jesus shrimp images, Luke dies 1:41:11 Linus on Twitter porn, when to bar content consumption? 1:44:52 Sponsor - Vessi 1:46:02 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:46:59 Sponsor - MANSCAPED 1:47:52 Linus's beard is returning 1:48:16 Plouffe's car paint & upgrades, Linus's bike 1:50:52 Merch Messages #2 1:51:08 Would Luke leave LMG for NASA? 1:56:25 Cable management patents to combat Chinese rip-offs? 1:59:21 Topic #6 - Abu Dhabi's AI powered auto race cars 2:07:23 Topic #8 - Walmart Discovery, purchase items with Robux 2:13:35 Topic #9 - Case update on Google's impact on searching 2:14:31 Linus on VPN, Apple & antitrust, reading savvy articles 2:21:00 Tech companies layoffs, discussing team red & team blue 2:28:41 Nestle's issues, palm oil, Intel's charts scandal 2:34:58 AMD's official merch, Luke tries to find the bag 2:38:16 Topic #10 - YouTube's "pause ads," Roku rolls it out 2:40:04 FP to have generated closed captions ft. After Dark 2:40:51 Topic #11 - Google's Sonic celebration is inaccurate 2:42:47 Topic #12 - US homeland security board creates safety AI board 2:45:24 Merch Messages #3 2:49:09 Advice to keep kids safe online? 2:50:07 Thoughts on using synthesized AI voice overs? 2:57:03 What advice does Linus have for prepping & painting walls? 3:02:02 What piece of tech would you progress? 3:02:59 What tech would you take with you if you lived in a truck? 3:07:31 Anything you're interested in at OpenSauce2024? 3:08:20 Favorite examples of Easter eggs on websites? 3:11:16 Thoughts on companies that crunch to meet deadlines? 3:16:34 Is MSI trying to win over NVIDIA by dropping AMD GPUs? 3:20:09 Most impactful celebrity encounter you had? 3:23:26 When car-focused channel? 3:24:14 How did Luke decide what to use for FP & then design it? 3:28:04 Challenges and positives since Linus stepped down? 3:31:32 What is your favorite bike gear, accessories or tech? 3:36:12 ShortCircuit's video on the Rabbit r1 3:38:02 Outro Learn more about your ad choices....


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I Will NOT Give You $250 for Your Broken Game - WAN Show April 26, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Ridge has MagSafe Wallets now! Save 10% and get Free Shipping with Ridge by using the code WAN at Stay protected against cyberthreats and get immutable backup, rapid recovery and anti-ransomware technologies with Acronis! Check the out at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:29 Intro ft. u/NateC124's new intro, history of WAN intros 3:42 Topic #1 - Tarkov's new PvEmode causes controversy 10:52 Reddit is on fire, Linus on TF2 meta, Luke on Tarkov's approach 13:42 Gray Zone Warfare, EoD Reddit post, game community 16:32 Luke reads new features, Linus on the lack of big conflicts 19:32 Linus on why this situation is a big deal 21:32 Luke shows the trailer, Linus calls for Tarkov players 24:16 Top streamer plays modded single player Tarkov, Luke is done 27:15 Topic #2 - Dating apps are more invasive now than ever 34:36 Topic #3 - Google's stock surges after stock buyback 38:48 Topic #4 - Edison Motors unveils BC corruption, threatened to be sued 39:32 Linus wants to collab with Edison Motors, Luke on grants 46:40 Sponsor - AG1 48:12 Sponsor - The Ridge 50:00 Sponsor - Acronis 51:10 Potential Edison Motors collab 51:48 LTT screwdriver bits price to increase 52:26 Printed shirts back in stock 52:52 Luke week on Floatplane 54:54 Video teaser of Luke week 57:56 Car break-in video on LMG Clips for a limited time, FP exclusives 59:18 BOINC Pentathlon 2024 1:00:06 Merch Messages #1 1:01:46 How do you choose logo placement? Ad-free tiers? 1:05:10 Linus finds out about the aggressive FP push in a SC video 1:06:52 Topic #5 - Nintendo takes down GMod workshops mods 1:09:34 Topic #6 - FCC plans to restore net neutrality 1:10:44 Topic #7 - TikTok ban legislation tells ByteDance to sell 1:13:45 Topic #8 - California requires cars to have speed limit warning by 2029 1:16:05 Topic #9 - EKWB's statement after payment controversy 1:18:02 Topic #10 - Qualcomm's naming scheme for Snapdragon 1:22:38 Merch Messages #2 1:26:08 How do I make myself irreplaceable to a company? 1:27:57 What's the standard bed time for Linus's kids? 1:29:25 Feasibility of an open source car? ft. Linus leaves 1:30:56 Topic #11 - Athletic director uses AI to frame principal 1:34:34 Topic #12 - Cybertruck bricks itself during a car wash 1:40:19 What process makes a truck not weatherproof? 1:42:44 Topic #13 - Meta's Horizons OS, open platform for headsets 1:48:36 Dan on AR glasses, Luke on a product's design 1:50:13 Luke's workspace app idea, Dan on fiducial markers 1:51:48 Merch Messages #3 1:52:00 "UwU" - Luke 2k24 1:52:26 Podcast recommendations? 1:58:50 Any plans for an LTT bit set & screwdriver case? 2:00:24 Update on FP not working on a Fire TV Stick? 2:01:51 WAN Show returns ft. UwU spam, stream shortly dies again 2:03:32 "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" - Dan 2k24 Luke demands UwU & F spam 2:04:30 Luke on the Acronis spot, Dan's story of a car burning 2:07:38 UwU chat spam, FP chat now writes ASCII, Dan shows 👁w👁 2:08:48 Dan on vectors with game engines, chat spams Dan's 👁w👁 2:10:24 Dan on Unreal Engine 54, motion graphics design 2:12:18 Luke on the FP chat spam, Dan's elaborates on vectors 2:20:28 Dan on FMOD, Wwise & Substance, Dan's 3D game, "Godot" 2:22:16 Chat notices a dead pixel on every camera 2:23:31 Someone throws snacks at the WAN Show set 2:23:53 Dan on UE's blueprint, describes node modules 2:28:59 Merch Messages are filled with UwU 2:29:16 Using Godot, Dan advises against making inventories & RPG 2:31:36 Luke's plans to remake a game into 2D RPG, game dev challenges 2:42:16 Merch Messages #3 2:42:24 Isn't Dan's game an allegory for self-improvement? 2:43:31 What do you use as an alternative for Tinkercad? 2:45:18 Thoughts on using biometrics? ft. New dead pixel 2:48:45 What's the jankiest you've seen a big company do? 2:50:35 What happens when the WAN Show streak ends? 2:53:03 Outro ft. Dan says the line Learn more about your...


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Why Do Youtubers Keep Destroying Companies - WAN Show April 19, 2024

MSI’s MEG Z790 ACE MAX Motherboard is a beast! Check it out at Visit and use offer code LTT for 10% off Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:20 Intro 1:44 Topic #1 - Interview with Tenstorrent's CEO Jim Keller 7:54 Do the RISC V teams look for a PhD or for experience? 9:39 How far do you think x86 can go? How computers predict 11:54 Could Intel or AMD use RISC V as a prediction set in their chips? 13:18 Linus on returning to legacy & replacing PCs with RISC V? 16:29 Luke on server stack issues 18:52 Advice for keeping up with the industry? 20:34 Linus asks about the origin of Tenstorrent's ideas 24:39 Discussing AI's impact on computers & architecture design 31:01 Being in a simulation & related theories 32:00 Discussing company stocks, good V.S. great company leader 37:50 What was joining AMD back then like? ft. Management, risk 43:46 How much did Intel save AMD with the bad generational leaps? 44:58 Discussing NVIDIA's current leap, thoughts on the future 49:08 RISC V competitors helping RISC V's development? 50:34 Linus on the issues with the x86 Via Centaur chip 53:08 How far are we from fully self-driving cars? 1:04:08 What does Tenstorrent & Jim Keller do? ft. Roast 1:08:40 Ending the interview, excited Linus & Luke discuss 1:11:18 Topic #2 - YouTuber reviews on Humane Ai Pin causes drama 1:13:28 Linus recalls NVIDIA & Hardware Unboxed controversy 1:15:20 Discussing it from the manufacturer's side, NVIDIA & Apple 1:20:46 Luke requests FP reviews of the new beta site 1:21:18 Linus recalls his comment on not wasting money 1:25:44 Luke on companies pushing beyond, recalls Jim's interview 1:27:39 Sponsor - MSI 1:28:55 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:29:47 Sponsor - Vessi 1:30:39 Merch Messages #1 1:31:55 LTT Labs mouse reviews ETA? ft. Calling Gary, Beat Saber paper 1:36:45 Connecting an infected PC task ft. Tech in movies, forums link 1:39:36 Topic #3 - PaintCam Eve, AI projectile-powered security kickstarter 1:49:24 Topic #4 - Overclockers UK repairs The Spiffing Brit's tea PC 1:51:55 Repairs done, why make PCs for creators? ft. DiskMantler, drive stories 1:57:36 LTTStore's new Labs phase shirt, pullover hoodie & zip-up hoodie 1:59:48 Topic #5 - Watcher leaves YouTube, launches ad-free subscription 2:14:46 Pullover & zip-up hoodies will be print to order 2:14:56 Topic #6 - HP sued over blocking third party ink & monopoly 2:17:19 Topic #7 - Boston Dynamics announces new Atlas 2:21:22 Keanu Reeves to voice Shadow in the Sonic 3 movie 2:21:45 Figure's OpenAI speech-to-speech reasoning robot 2:23:25 Topic #8 - YouTube warns third party YouTube apps with an ad blocker 2:31:00 Topic #9 - Linus reviews Steam Families 2:32:36 Topic #10 - Plex tells GitHub to take down Plex Reshare repository 2:35:02 Topic #11 - UK criminalizes noncon sexualized deepfakes 2:37:20 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:38:53 How is Linus's smart home going? Zigbee or Wi-Fi? 2:44:07 Biggest compromise Linus or Yvonne had with adding home tech? 2:44:58 Is the Labs hoodie the same as the Dropout hoodie? 2:45:43 Something that was more complicated than you thought? 2:48:40 New LTTStore onesie designs ETA? 2:52:18 Have you watched the Fallout show? ft. "Wink" - Dan 2:53:47 Motivation behind FP's frontend refactor to react? 2:57:46 Has Liuns considered AHL hockey games? 3:01:11 Thoughts on the Twitter sites changing to X sites? 3:04:16 Would you consider Massdrop for low volume products? 3:05:38 Riding a bike with the LTT backpack? How does it fair with accidents? 3:06:27 What brand of Optical DP does Linus run for his racked PCs? 3:07:51 If you collaborate with others on LTTStore, what would you make? 3:09:06 Thoughts on buying online movies you can't own then pirating it? 3:11:44 Whatever happened to upside down PC cases? 3:12:03 Favorite part of product development? 3:13:37 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


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Piracy Is Over Party - WAN Show April 12, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Save 10% and Free Shipping at The Ridge by using offer code WAN at Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Get 20% off Savage Jerky with code WANFOOD20 at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:33 Feedback for FP beta feature, Terry Fox shirt is now live 2:37 Intro 3:04 Topic #1 - MPA's CEO to work with congress to block piracy websites 7:54 Luke on blockbusters revenue, impact of localized piracy 9:22 Pirating games and not buying later, lost sales from piracy 13:10 Linus on media production industry's issues, hiring argument 15:56 Streaming, Letterkenny DVDs, AI upscaling films, mastering issues 23:52 Luke's attempt to have plausible deniability, "pirate hat" 25:04 VPN sponsorship? misleading talk points, Tom Scott's videos 38:29 Linus tells Colton to get PIA sponsor 41:30 Canceling ASUS after paying for LTX, booths cost, Luke at Open Sauce 46:14 Ethical gambling sponsorship? casino, gambling & addiction stories 54:30 Game sponsors as an exception, GambleYourFriends idea 57:57 LTTStore's new zip-up mock neck & pocket shirts 1:01:02 Merch Messages #1 ft. Many cameras 1:09:24 Coolest tests LTT Labs are coming up with? 1:11:44 Daily driving high RR OLED? Stripped down WinOS ft. LukeHasNoClue site, 6W monitor 1:18:54 Terry Fox Foundation 1:20:39 BC Children's Hospital charity auction stream on Whatnot 1:23:28 Tenstorrent's CEO Jim Keller to star on the next WAN Show's stream 1:27:55 Tenstorrent product names, summarizing Keller's work history 1:31:18 Sponsor - AG1 1:32:36 Sponsor - Ridge 1:34:01 Sponsor - Vessi ft. Luke might report Linus to his boss 1:36:40 Topic #2 - Apple relaxes restrictions on App Store, allows emulators 1:38:15 Apple's new framework to aid repairshops, hardware pairing 1:39:27 iOS default apps, Luke uses Firefox mobile, recalling FP poll 1:43:51 Linus questions Twitch's ad breaks, Luke's hypothesis 1:45:53 Merch Messages #2 ft. FP poll results 1:49:36 Should game companies switch to open source engines? 1:51:19 Would Linus get on The Yard? ft. KBMOD & WoodysGameTag 1:59:30 HDDs struggled with filled capacity, is it the same with SSDs? 2:03:45 Topic #3 - Texas Education Agency replaces graders with AI 2:08:41 Topic #4 - YouTube's Playables still available despite end of life 2:15:02 Odd games, questioning who made them, "you are failed!" 2:18:12 YouTube is losing its identity 2:19:40 Topic #5 - ROKU patent for showing ads when pausing HDMI devices 2:24:12 Topic #6 - dumbwireless sells well amid social media craze 2:29:48 Topic #7 - Former Google engineers launch AI music maker Udio 2:32:38 Person generates songs about Seth $h!tting his pants at work 2:34:18 Dan's thoughts on AI generated songs 2:35:49 Udio's options, copyright, "pilk" song, Dan's reaction 2:38:40 Excellent Rectangle's Tape to Tape 2:40:27 Dan on the songs AI is trained over, niche music genre 2:42:07 Topic #8 - The_Crew's subreddit is deleting comments 2:46:38 Topic #9 - Instagram's filter can blur nude images 2:50:11 Topic #10 - Discord removes Suyu & Sudachi servers & dev accounts 2:53:45 Merch Messages #3 ft. Savage Jerky returns 3:09:11 How do you focus on your own well-being despite being public figures? 3:18:14 Any plans to extend the LTT hat line to include bucket hats? 3:21:17 A pink multi nep shirt? ft. Microfiber cloth shirt 3:24:14 What would game studios do to combat flopped AAA games? 3:34:57 Exclusive FP content 3:37:27 Dan tries to leave, camera tracks him instead 3:38:03 Topic #11 - XBOX creates new team to preserve games compatibility 3:39:18 Topic #12 - The Verge's article on AI & interracial prompts 3:44:28 Topic #13 - Android AirTags soon to be available 3:45:10 Topic #14 - FCC requires nutrition labels for ISP plans 3:46:22 Merch Messages #4 ft. WAN Show After Dark 4:19:29 Outro ft. Dan runs back to end the show Learn more about your ad choices....


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How We Did The April Fool's Office Prank - WAN Show April 5, 2024

You never want to cut corners on your PC’s power supply. So check out what Seasonic has to offer at: Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Check out the MSI AEGIS RS2 14th at Big Publishers Are Gaming Google Search Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:30 Intro 2:08 Topic #1 - Covering LMG's April Fools shoot at the old house 4:51 What could've been, David's idea, everyone actually worked there 8:14 Linus on who was involved & the costs of doing this 13:19 David's on-set video idea, how the neighbors dealt with this 17:03 Cars shot was perfect, news reached out about the "C&D" letter 21:14 BTS video was an hour long, "this video was a tax write-off" 25:46 Some jokes were cut out, staff's commitment & energy was great 29:34 David's final thoughts on this project 30:15 Merch Messages #1 ft. David 32:38 Most difficult stunt to pull off? ft. LTT's past April Fools 39:38 FP price will go up, current subs will be grandfathered in 43:15 Mad Max joke, characters, PS5 jailbreak joke, David leaves 46:04 Wearing Terry Fox Foundation's shirt, Luke reading the note & shirt 50:35 Topic #2 - Amazon's "Just Walk Out" system to be closed 1:07:28 LTTStore's limited Welcome Hole shirts 1:11:02 Merch Messages #2 1:18:31 Best way to keep my family safe while running a home lab? 1:21:23 Sponsor - Seasonic 1:23:54 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:25:06 Sponsor - MSI 1:26:19 Topic #3 - Linus's reaction to his car being broken into 1:36:50 Merch Messages #3 1:37:08 Thoughts on Ross Scott against Ubisoft killing The Crew? 1:43:40 Why is 256 characters the default for NTFS paths? 1:46:26 How do we guard against detached decisions? ft. Driving, "Dan leaking" 1:59:33 Topic #4 - Intel's chip fab in Germany finds ancient burial mounds 2:01:20 Topic #5 - Google deletes incognito details to settle $5B lawsuit 2:02:26 "Welcome to the WAN Show!" - Alive Luke 2k24 2:03:49 Topic #6 - Discord's Quest, GAMER EDITION ads 2:08:31 Luke on Discord's model, Teams to be decoupled from Office 2:15:54 Topic #7 - Google to shut down Podcast internationally 2:19:52 Topic #8 - YouTube's "Jump Ahead" skips to best parts of videos 2:22:49 Showcasing comparison charts & color edits 2:24:06 Testing out comparison bin 2:26:38 Topic #9 - Truth Social is now public, initial value of $8b 2:29:48 Linus suggests against investing, compares revenue with FP 2:33:57 Gambling's huge sponsor offers & revenue 2:37:27 LMG going public scenario, Luke points out Linus's risking habit 2:43:26 Gaming hotel business idea, mentioning Mario 2:46:50 Topic #10 - Developers say that indie games funding dried up 2:49:13 Topic #11 - Outlook accused of sharing user data with 801 companies 2:50:48 Topic #12 - Linux backdoor found that targets encrypted data 2:54:15 Topic #13 - Twitter indirectly sells data for government surveillance 3:01:40 Topic #14 - HouseFresh calls out Google's recommended product lists 3:08:28 LTT Labs debate on using AI voice, viability, compromises, profits 3:21:42 Merch Messages #4 3:22:39 Advice for a timid person to have their voice heard in a convo? 3:26:27 What would Luke's new car of choice be? 3:27:19 Changes on LTTStore products we missed? ft. After Dark 3:29:33 Disclosure of AI in your content? Would you care? 3:32:40 How much of Linus's kids remember Langley's house? 3:35:22 What's Luke's rarest Pokémon GO finds in his collection? 3:35:46 What's your first action if you woke up to a Freaky Friday? 3:43:38 Have you tried a virtual challenge like The Conqueror? 3:45:30 Reference material helpful for an engineering manager position? 3:49:36 If Luke was CVO, would he start LTT Labs knowing the ROI of it? 3:52:40 Elaborating on Mattermost's problems 3:54:33 Thoughts on Framework and the earthquake? 3:56:59 Favorite flower? 3:57:31 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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I Hate Facebook Marketplace - WAN Show March 29, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Save 10% and Free Shipping at The Ridge by using offer code WAN at April is coming, so protect yourselves from the rain with Vessi! Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:09 Intro 1:36 Topic #1 - Federal investigators forcing Google to share IDs of YT users 4:20 Another investigation instance, privacy experts' quote 5:13 Being on a list over a YT video, Luke on scythe mowing 12:33 Linus mentions drone pictures on North Korea, Luke recalls the cars 15:42 North Korean Wii clone, Kim Jong II was a film buff 18:07 Topic #2 - Frustrations with the second-hand marketplace & "$1" prices 21:48 Linus suggests reporting listings ft. SIM swapping, 2FA 25:46 Stolen YouTube thumbnail, sorting doesn't matter, video idea 32:54 LTT's mowing lawns video, bad shirt, SB Mowing 39:52 LTTStore's new pin series 4 ft. Luke fills the couch with air 43:27 Merch Messages #1 43:32 Worst stunt a company tried to pull on a consumer? 44:54 How would you deal with an investment firm buying your company? 59:23 Has Linus enjoyed Zero Dawn? Will he play Forbidden West? 1:09:46 Topic #3 - Console market is shrinking as gaming industry grows 1:12:26 Luke on the saturation of new gen consoles, XBOX CEO's quote 1:13:30 Linus predicted this, recalls gaming devices history 1:22:36 "Make Windows good," Luke on Store, Bing Elijah pictures 1:29:15 Sponsor - AG1 ft. Bad pins advice 1:31:05 Sponsor - Ridge 1:32:28 Sponsor - Vessi 1:34:29 Merch Messages #2 1:34:37 Any consumer level tech products you're excited for? 1:41:22 Worst thing a company tried to pull on LMG? 1:50:25 Games you'd rather your kids not get into? Chevy Volt? 1:56:51 What social media will Linus's junior kid be allowed on? 2:08:34 Topic #4 - OpenAI's Sora to form partnerships with Hollywood 2:13:46 Topic #5 - SEC can sue crypto coins over financial security 2:15:56 Topic #6 - Facebook's Project Ghostbusters secretly spied on SC users 2:20:04 Topic #7 - Qualcomm's emulation layer for Windows on ARM 2:22:19 Topic #8 - Florida bans kids from social media ft. Luke inflates couch 2:28:14 New LTT Labs webpage & logo design 2:41:10 Luke on the logo test, Linus tries to draw it 2:42:46 Merch Messages #3 2:42:50 Would Luke take friends & family on a charter flight? 2:44:15 History of LTT Labs gradients & logo mock-ups 2:51:34 Badminton Club's logo ideas, Smash Champs 2:57:12 Merch Messages #4 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:57:50 Growing pains with LMGs? ft. "Who the F is Dan?" Dan-in-a-tub 3:03:54 What's your review on sellers paying for reviews? 3:13:21 Do you think Intel Battlemage will have a better launch? 3:14:23 What was the saddest company takeover you witnessed? 3:15:45 Would a Dell Tower server make for a good first server? 3:16:30 Reactions to the return of LTT's intro? ft. "Who the F is Dan?" Shirt 3:18:10 Would LTTStore rerun past limited designs? 3:20:19 How do you assess your production & see what to change? 3:21:04 How do you feel about users breaking TOS to make it more usable? 3:22:01 Did Linus get revenge on Colton for the pregnancy prank? 3:22:28 Does Linus still have his bike? 3:23:00 Favorite retro games you'd share with your kids? 3:24:13 What LMG video would you decide to re-shoot and why? 3:26:30 If you bounce on the couch very hard, will it handle it? 3:28:09 Outro ft. Luke explains the couch's "cells," second BYE Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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I'm Happy Apple Is Getting Sued - WAN Show March 22, 2024

Sell your old graphics card the easy way and offset the cost of your new card at UGREEN getting in the NAS game?! Yup! Check out the UGREEN NASync series at Pick yourself up a beautiful WhiteFox Eclipse Mechanical Keyboard and use code LMGECLIPSE for 10% off your purchase at Grab your very own set of LTT Keycaps with free US Shipping! Go to Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:01 Intro 1:36 Topic #1 - DOJ sues Apple over alleged monopoly in the mobile market 4:14 "Apple Watches can't work with Android," Linus calls bull on this 7:40 DOJ's list of issues, Linus on CarPlay & no interest in Tesla 10:40 Apple's statement, ecosystem & walled garden firmware updates 17:13 Luke recalls Steam's 30% cut, XBOX games, Apple blocking the FP app 26:51 The knock-on effect, "you want the Apple that's hungry" 32:12 Luke mentions ThioJoe's arguments, Linus hopes DOJ wins 37:20 Luke on Microsoft's AI, discussing monetization 44:35 Topic #2 - The Minimal phone, E-ink display with QWERTY keyboard 46:07 Linus's not a fan of "laggy QWERTY," Dan misses BB swipe navigation 49:10 Luke on YT's recommendations, Linus on "secret meets" 1:04:14 Free shipping on orders with LTT retro screwdriver until March 29th 1:07:32 Merch Messages #1 1:20:33 What do you guys think about nonmajor brand GPUs? 1:21:45 Topic #3 - LinkedIn to add games on LinkedIn 1:25:50 Topic #4 - Glassdoor caught no longer being anonymous 1:29:52 Sponsor - Jawa 1:31:14 Sponsor - UGREEN ft. Suddenly, Linus 1:32:53 Sponsor - WhiteFox 1:35:11 Merch Messages #2 ft. Linus struggles to enter the dashboard 1:40:46 Has LTT Labs influenced your decisions yet? ft. Japan 1:54:12 Topic #5 - Steam Family, play different games at the same time 2:02:38 Topic #6 - Smosh's "Submissive & Breedable" references Linus 2:07:33 Recalling Mome Boys' "Still Beat" lyric, LTT's cultural influence 2:12:02 How does Linus feel about this? ft. Dan's hot bars 2:15:13 Topic #7 - The first Neuralink user can play games using his mind 2:17:14 Topic #8 - Toronto restaurant renames menu to write them off 2:19:18 Topic #9 - Apex Legends hacks players mid tournament "for fun" 2:28:28 Topic #10 - Flipper Zero responds to Canada's ban 2:29:40 Topic #11 - EVGA PSU RMA kills 22TB over pinout changes 2:33:15 Floatplane "Spring Break" exclusives & giveaways 2:35:36 Luke shows battle paper airplane video teaser 2:38:57 Linus's trip to Japan ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:40:54 Linus went into a packed Japanese train 2:42:15 Luke asks what went good, Super Nintendo World trip 2:45:16 Pokémon Café reservation, Linus on the food's lack of quality 2:48:56 Other cafés & family experience 2:50:36 Linus covers the high tech society, tickets, checkpoints 2:56:33 Linus enjoyed SMW's detail, Luke on signs & his experience 3:00:50 Linus isn't a fan of traveling or seafood 3:01:44 Merch Messages #3 ft. Technical difficulties 3:05:06 Any proud dad gaming milestones? 3:06:10 How is Microsoft still able to aggressively bundle Edge? 3:06:35 How did you learn to let go of your privacy as a public figure? 3:09:45 Have you found a good wireless solution for the Valve Index? 3:10:18 Anything you or your professor did that helped with Luke's dyslexia? 3:13:58 Thoughts on the many YT scam ads? Should Google be held liable? 3:14:46 Does Linus use Plex? Competitors? Streaming recommendation? 3:16:50 How would Linus react if he caught his kid cheating, V.S. exploit? 3:17:58 How does Luke keep a fully remote team motivated & successful? 3:21:50 Are Luke & Linus satisfied after working on LMG? Childhood dreams? 3:26:12 Linus on cost of things & quality in Japan 3:28:45 Outro ft. Double outro, scenes overlay Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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This Is A Royal Disaster - WAN Show March 15, 2024

Check out Ridge’s Anniversary Sale and get Free Shipping at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:40 Intro 2:05 Topic #1 - Kate Middleton's Mother's Day photo scandal 6:08 Linus on royal followers, Luke on the ring & Mother's Day 8:41 Signs of image & face edits, Linus's face, GoT, "royal" names 12:06 Linus on how this scandal is a huge moment, WAN Show live on Twitter 13:38 Linus on trained AI, Luke asks why they'd use AI over photoshopping 19:56 Linus's favorite comment, Luke on "King cash," Terry Fox Foundation collab 25:48 Topic #2 - Cars now sell driving data to data brokers 28:44 Linus on lack of laws against data collectors, insurance struggles 32:35 Linus asks Luke how many people should hear about this 40:01 LTTStore's new tax write-off shirt, Luke is confused 44:51 Tax write-off, 30x30 CPU pillows & color block hoodies sale 47:28 Linus explains why, Luke asks why prove a point, Linus on education 52:22 Number of shirts sold, Linus on MCM's magnets & pricing 1:03:45 Luke asks for a demo, MCM cable ties & arches, key hack-ability 1:10:04 MCM sizes, VHB plates, magnetic axis, MCM work newsletter 1:17:54 Dan is doing his best, Super Chexx FP exclusive, Ludwig collab 1:20:57 Topic #3 - Luke wants to fight Ludwig, punishment PC 1:22:22 City of Surrey disallows hosting LAN at Badminton center 1:23:37 Luke thinks Linus cheated on him, "BDSM exclusive" 1:25:09 Linus on Ludwig's talent, Luke's favorite YouTube video 1:26:48 Merch Messages #1 ft. Limited dashboard 1:31:16 Linus shows message from Nick, calls Nick, "grey shirt" 1:34:38 Did you do well on school writing? When did you hire the first writer? 1:36:40 How would the removal of hyperthreading impact performance? 1:39:45 Luke points out Nick's funny LTTStore edits, hoodies sold out 1:41:32 Sponsor - Ridge 1:42:42 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:43:47 Sponsor - Vessi 1:44:46 Merch Messages #2 ft. Too many MMs 1:51:48 Nick finds more pink & periwinkle shirts 1:53:09 Topic #4 - Airbnb bans indoor security cameras 2:03:09 Topic #5 - European Parliament votes to adopt EU's AI Act 2:08:05 Topic #6 - Notebookchecks's article criticizes LTT's PS5 video 2:20:48 Linus on media coverage, Luke's experience with collabs 2:22:51 LTT's fast network video, FCC renews definition of Broadband 2:28:22 Jake's AI tool, Nick lists more clothes for sale, Linus's hair 2:34:17 Unit count increased, revenue & profit dropping down 2:35:23 Topic #7 - AMD requires 144 Hz spec to be eligible for FreeSync naming 2:35:36 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, comfort food 2:38:26 Why don't we see sturdy shuttles that behave like feathers? 2:41:10 What criteria do you use to give juniors admin passwords to infra? 2:45:07 Is Linus open to criticism? 2:49:17 Hardest part of selecting the components for each MCM pack? 2:51:14 Dan cried in the server room (real), Super Chexx, airport 2:54:01 Between Yvonne & Luke, who had the most development? 3:05:54 How did Linus like the hydrafacial? Would he get another? 3:15:07 Cool milestones Luke hit with his birds ft. Butterfly needles 3:17:46 Why do some YouTube companies blur a logo? 3:20:01 "LTT screwdriver is made in the largest man-made mineshaft" 3:20:33 Did you see the Star Wars: Battlefront re-release? 3:21:23 Have the improvements in wafer yields caused the end of entry CPUs/GPUs? 3:22:40 LTT screwdriver compromises? ft. MMs, Linus's alarm 3:26:45 Dan's favorite retro game? 3:28:21 What screws must you use with the MCM? 3:30:01 Does Luke's team hire US citizens? ft. Struggling with MMs 3:30:53 What LTTStore product would you want to have a V2 update? 3:32:44 What side project idea should I do? ft. V2 ABC's book 3:34:25 How do you measure success in your lives outside of views? 3:40:45 Outro ft. Super Chexx after party, merch messages fly-by Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


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Keep Your Filthy Day Pass - WAN Show March 8, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Sign up for Oracle DevLive: Build with Data and AI at: Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:08 Intro 1:31 Topic #1 - NVIDIA's GeForce Now supports variable refresh rate 4:18 $10/mo, Linus's morbid example, $399/mo Priority Day Pass 6:19 Luke on a trial period FP scenario, Linus on LMG's sponsors 8:40 Discussing the pricing, Luke mentions first month contribution 13:08 Floatplane exclusive Super Chexx after party 14:22 Topic #2 - Nintendo sues Tropic Haze's Yuzu over piracy, quickly ceased 15:42 Citra shut down, Ryujinx rejects invites, DraStic is now free 16:40 Should emulator developers be concerned? Linus discusses legality 19:30 Effect of Nintendo's lawsuit, the impossibility of shutting it down 22:24 Linus on piracy, Nintendo dev kits, recalling NVIDIA super phones 27:16 Linus tells Nintendo to "f-off," mentions Sony & Microsoft 33:12 Luke to host FP content, chicken, game companies & old games 39:14 Making old games fun, HD2's system req, CS2, defining "game" 47:04 Linus's chess example, Luke's VR idea, chess games 50:49 LTTStore's new LTT hat & hat pro, free shipment promo 55:30 Luke on headphones, cosmetic difference, Linus on "waterproof" 57:25 Merch Messages #1 1:02:18 NVIDIA-sponsored LTT video, COMPUTEX & CES attitude discussion 1:05:48 Upgrading the worst setup, LTT Hat Pro's holes 1:12:15 Topic #3 - Warner Bros shuts down Rooster Teeth 1:13:06 Warner Bros delists Adult Swim games, plea to transfer rejected 1:17:54 Physical media, Rooster Teeth shows, LTT's acquisition offer 1:21:22 Topic #4 - Linus covers his tax write-off rant on LTT's RYMC video 1:28:38 "After party is a tax write-off," write off regulations 1:36:48 Sponsor - AG1 1:38:07 FP exclusive - Maria shares funny writers thumbnail drawings 1:39:33 Sponsor - Oracle 1:40:24 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:41:33 Merch Messages #2 1:44:06 UV protective shirt update? ft. Antimicrobial coating 1:50:05 Have you noticed issues with DDR5 on AMD V.S. Intel? 1:55:14 Topic #5 - LTT owns Lumafield's Neptune X-Ray scanner 1:57:46 "Scanning Elijah's brain as a tax write-off," LMG auditing 2:00:29 Linus on app bloat, Luke likes this, Linus on SharePoint 2:03:48 Showcasing X-ray scans done, "tax write-off shirts!" 2:09:19 Topic #6 - Samsung ruins OLED's branding 2:18:48 Topic #7 - Microsoft to end support for Android apps 2:25:21 Topic #9 - Nikon acquires RED cameras 2:27:47 Topic #10 - Linux user base hits 4% of total computers 2:34:22 Linus's monitoring device idea & pricing, Luke on WoT cheats 2:43:13 Topic #11 - Euro NCAP requires physical buttons on cars for safety 2:44:53 Merch Messages #3 ft. After Dark, Dan leaves to set up Super Chexx 2:46:26 Does Linus monitor his solar with his tech-infused house? 2:58:56 LTTStore cargo pants update? LinusCatTreats? 3:01:01 You get a bad monitor, what spec you'd want to be top of the line? 3:01:58 Have you seen Chrysler Pacifica's plug-in hybrid minivan? 3:03:28 How does the LTT hat pro handle head sweat? 3:04:14 Non-tech public service jobs you'd do? ft. Side hustle, VEVOR 3:12:18 Thoughts on YouTubers retiring & MatPat's impact? 3:16:45 Why make cables when many cables already exist? 3:18:10 Which rig you had the most fun building at LTT? 3:21:05 Doing more real world reviews like u/Frashure11's backpack? 3:23:00 Tax write-off, hardest FP problem Luke solved? ft. Monitor 3:28:56 What do you consider important skills for PC enthusiasts? 3:30:14 Odd things you've seen wired up to a computer? 3:31:11 Managing screen time for kids? ft. Kids & parenting stories 3:46:10 How to manage performance anxiety when the stakes are high? 3:48:31 When will the water bottles be back in stock? 3:50:22 How's the SYNCRO Q7 case handling? SFS PC for home theater? 3:52:52 Failing to figure out how to end the show 3:55:15 Outro ft. "BYE" shirt Learn more about your ad...


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Linux Sucks... And We Know Who To Blame - WAN Show March 1, 2024

Thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring today's video. Get 20% Off + Free International Shipping with promo code WANSHOW or visit Save 10% and Free Shipping at The Ridge by using offer code WAN at Check out the strategy game, Runes of Ardun at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:20 Intro 1:46 Topic #1 - HDMI Forum rejects AMD's open source Linux driver proposal 11:51 Luke on voting with your wallet, discussing supporting them 14:34 Linus recalls Nivdia's BFGD, DVI & DP ft. Why did HDMI pop up? 17:36 Discussing ports, DRMs & piracy 24:10 Topic #2 - Omida's research reveals the cost of making Vision Pro 30:34 Vision's price ft. Apple's stock, clothing revenue 35:43 Linus mentions trains around Canada 36:19 Temporary return of They're Just Movies 39:47 LTTStore's merino underwear ft. Luke instructs Linus about the hole 42:21 Cable management on sale next week, pre-production precision screwdrivers 43:37 Merch Messages #1 ft. Dan hitting Linus for April Fools 49:15 A theoretical DLSS4 that tricks games into thinking SLI is a single card 52:38 What tech could aid scammers? ft. Calls, deepfakes, Wi-Fi security 1:03:46 Demoing LTTStore magnetic cable management on a board 1:07:15 Metal & VHB plates, silicon grips ft. FP comment, intended usage 1:11:58 Cable management video idea, lengths, magnet strength 1:16:56 Topic #3 - Nintendo sues Yuzu, demands shutdown 1:19:54 Luke on owning games yet playing on another device 1:20:56 Linus discusses the beauty pageant, LMG as a business 1:26:25 What if Nintendo wins this? ft. How Luke won against a kid 1:32:25 Topic #4 - Transparent prison laptop gets jail broken 1:34:18 Sponsor - Manscaped 1:35:23 Sponsor - The Ridge 1:36:25 Sponsor - Symbolic Software 1:37:12 Merch Messages #2 ft. Luke realizes the mobile app ad 1:38:05 Is going deep into legacy tech a boon for a company in need? 1:41:45 UnitedHealth cyberattack shuts down fifth of all payment 1:43:02 The right time for a LMG sales team? ft. Luke on living with Linus 1:49:27 Topic #5 - Klarna's AI bot replaces 700 employees 1:51:44 Topic #6 - Lenovo pairs with iFixit to make repairable ThinkPads 1:55:02 Linus forces himself to use Framework, Luke on using laptop only 1:57:48 iFixit's reputability, "laptops for all LMG," OF VODs on FP 2:04:59 Topic #7 - Adobe's Project Music GenAI 2:05:55 Emote Portrait Alive, creates portrait videos from an image 2:08:17 Topic #8 - HP launches scalable subscription, 7 pages a month 2:16:18 Merch Messages #3 2:24:10 Linus looks at his Facebook Marketplace 2:25:48 Looking up used HP printers 2:27:17 Merch Messages #4 ft. WAN Show After Dark, "aging brands" 2:31:36 Shelf life expectancy of the PTM7950? 2:33:22 Thoughts on White House urging devs to use "memory safe" languages? 2:34:42 How has Linus's radiant heating been? ft. Luke on heating 2:36:24 LMG's plan to sell the "best" cables you tested? 2:37:09 Thoughts on Google Assistant's unavailability on Samsung TVs? 2:37:58 How long does it take to make a LTTStore clothing item? 2:40:29 Software or hardware that was long forgotten you want to return? 2:41:15 Thoughts on companies software having leap year bugs? 2:41:59 Thoughts on Jensen s aying "don't learn coding" because of AI? 2:44:25 Tips for traveling for work & living in a hotel? ft. 2015 WAN 2:48:35 What is Linus most excited to look forward to when visiting Japan? 2:49:26 Should I get PCs for kids, or use virtual machines? 2:50:58 Does Luke think LMG can stay relevant? ft. Video critiques 3:01:09 Fairphone responded to Linus's review by "Linusing it up 3:02:02 Why is it not common to have USB passthrough? 3:03:30 Khaki work pants update? ft. Reasons behind cancellation 3:08:18 Native Floatplane app for the Apple Vision Pro? 3:08:42 Next career path for phone repair? ft. Linus gives Dan the Z Fold 3:10:53 Outro ft. TJM coming over soon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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NVIDIA is Worth More Than Canada - WAN Show February 23, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Save 10% and get Free Shipping at The Ridge by using offer code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 0:56 Intro 1:22 Topic #1 - Nvidia's market cap hits $2 Trillion USD 3:19 AI chip competition, Intel class naming game ft. Android names 27:19 Nvidia App, SDR to HDR now available, discussing movies 34:18 Topic #2 - Reddit signs AI licensing with Google, is going public 36:55 Luke on Reddit's images host, would he invest in Reddit? 41:33 Reddit's email to Linus, Luke recalls asking dad Luke to invest in Bungie 44:07 LTT backpack discount extended by three weeks 44:43 Backpack carabiner tool kit update, replace the pulls once only 47:01 Honeywell's PTM7950 thermal pads now available on LTTStore 50:27 Merch Messages #1 50:45 How does having birds limit Luke's life? 52:22 How much picture processing is a lot? ft. Luke bleeds, chaos ensues 1:03:24 Topic #3 - World's largest gaming display, a 2070" TV 1:05:28 Dan on playing MSFS on the TV, discussing VR & dissociation 1:10:18 LAN center update video, Luke's inside joke 1:12:52 What if binned CPUs for LTT labs failed? ft. PTM7950, Super Chexx 1:15:58 Topic #4 - Troy Hunt struggles with his Sonos setup 1:18:16 Sonos's app shows Wi-Fi toggle, Linus on internet connection 1:24:22 Linus's solution for Troy Hunt, but he already solved it 1:26:04 Sponsor - AG1 ft. WAN Show dies 1:28:20 Sponsor - Vessi 1:28:18 Sponsor - The Ridge 1:29:22 Topic #5 - Google apologizes for Gemini's biased image generation 1:38:29 USArmyEsports, recalling US Army branded merchandise LTT video 1:41:54 Merch Messages #2 ft. "I'll do fine" - Luke 2k24 1:42:10 Do you think the VR lifeguard app would've helped you & others? 1:45:26 Will small theaters survive tungsten bulb ban & expensive LEDs? 1:54:22 Topic #6 - PlayStation Portal hacked to run games natively 1:56:05 PlayStation VR2 to get PC support, would you switch to it? 1:58:11 Topic #7 - Helldiver 2's servers struggle 2:01:10 Topic #8 - Xbox to add thumbstick calibration tool 2:01:35 Are exclusives dead? ft. LTT games video 2:07:33 Crew dinner, Luke guesses the bill, banning plastic bags 2:14:23 "If plastic bags are illegal in Canada, how do you get milk?" 2:16:47 Topic #9 - Google to retire internet archiving, researchers unhappy 2:18:22 Topic #10 - Will Smith's spaghetti video parody 2:19:33 Luke recalls how AI can't keep time, compares to Smith's video 2:20:27 Topic #11 - Covering LinusTechTips forums leaked data 2:21:08 Topic #12 - M&M branded vending machines collect facial data 2:22:39 Luke's stupid idea demotes him, Dan is now the co-host 2:23:09 mathNEWS article, picture of extremely small camera 2:25:04 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:25:23 Is the PTM7950 safe for a vertical mount? 2:27:00 AI & AR headset as a tool for teaching kids? ft. "Moderation" 2:29:06 What's Linus's limit on display sizes? ft. "Moderation" part 2 2:32:13 What would you do to Terren Tong's office? 2:33:26 Would Linus daily the S24 Ultra? SoD? ft. R2R, CRT projector 2:40:44 Did you want to buy & sell PTM7950 since the video or afterwards? 2:42:16 What product testing do you do for LTTStore? 2:44:03 LTTStore fidget from screwdriver scraps update? 2:44:27 Outro ft. Linus blames Luke & himself Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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80% of Influencers Have Secret Sponsors - WAN Show February 16, 2024

Get a 15-day free trial for unlimited backup at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Every build needs a reliable PSU. Buy a Seasonic Prime TX 1000W at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:50 Intro 2:22 Topic #1 - EU study shows half of content by influencers were sponsored 5:06 Luke on undisclosed ad content, Linus recalls FCC's enforcement case 12:19 Comments from LTT's all Logitech build & sponsored Intel video 18:18 Luke on watching briefly then commenting, Linus on Logitech prices & NCIX 21:12 Luke gets canceled, AJ threatens to end the stream, Linus apologizes 23:23 Topic #2 - Final Fantasy 7 results in a "Yellow Paint" debate 32:23 What was a time you could've used a hint? 41:33 Topic #3 - OpenAI's Sora, an improved realistic AI video generator 55:55 Linus on buying IPv4 addresses, checks values 1:00:40 LTTStore's new collab with Gerald Undone - 14 Stops & Bananus shirts 1:01:20 Limited WAN Show & SC hoodies in stock 1:01:50 Merch Messages #1 1:05:54 Wired V.S. wireless mouse 1:09:38 Pet friendly LTT bananas for scale? 1:14:33 Topic #4 - Grok, a rocket shaped "LLM" AI toy 1:19:57 Linus's question breaks the toy, Linus's opinion & advice 1:25:04 GOODY-2, satire AI that answers by not answering 1:26:18 Reasonably priced restaurants, subscriptions 1:31:52 Sponsor - Backblaze 1:35:35 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:36:35 Sponsor - Seasonic 1:38:39 Flipper Zero correction, LMG's PCs & a 4 hours FP exclusives 1:40:05 Grok's settings, voice module ft. Dan PNG moment 1:42:00 Topic #5 - Mozzila's research finds out AI girlfriends mine your data 1:46:48 Implications of using Sora with AI GFs, VIP dating subscriptions 1:53:53 Merch Messages #2 1:59:47 Was it hardware, engines or time that limited gaming innovation? 2:06:20 Which item would you not fly without? ft. Replacement zipper to be shipped 2:15:03 Is making videos of gacha games philosophically questionable? 2:23:57 Topic #6 - Mark Zuckerberg compares Apple Vision Pro to Quest 3 2:32:56 Bigscreen Beyond, Luke on how the Vision Pro is misleading 2:37:23 Linus lacks free time nowadays, Luke discusses future Linus 2:39:42 Exercising as an excuse to use VR 2:40:44 Topic #7 - Google will report methane gas leaks as seen from space 2:42:18 Topic #8 - EU states Apple's iMessage is not a gatekeeper 2:43:08 Topic #9 - Air Canada's AI chatbot lies about bereavement discounts 2:44:20 Topic #10 - YouTube Premium & Google One reach 100M subscribers 2:45:29 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, many quality messages 2:53:03 Future of gaming consoles with multi-platform games? 2:53:27 ZLUDA, CUDA emulator for AMD GPUs 2:54:08 Why did the GPU industry move from increased bus size? 2:58:58 Thoughts on the removal of letter grades in public education? ft. Linus's eyebrow 3:08:29 Will the screwdriver extended shaft have knurling? 3:08:42 AR glasses with transparent displays? Would it replace phones? 3:10:03 How much longer until most AI functionality becomes local? 3:11:01 Suggestions of using VR with no interest towards games? 3:13:07 How does Luke go about approaching businesses with work? 3:15:43 Complete software requirements in conventional software 3:17:10 Would you replace tech to fix your review on an OLED product? 3:25:38 Favorite dive spots? LTTStore women cut shirt? 3:26:34 Would Linus consider using mobile gaming controllers? 3:29:00 Has Linus's kids expressed interest in careers that worries him? 3:38:44 Would LMG exist for another 16 years? ft. Linus's mother, real honey 3:46:06 Is there a story behind the Cleveland Browns lava lamp? 3:47:29 How to structure a video to be critical, but not too critical? 3:50:05 What would a musical of your life consist of? Fun tech you'd use? 3:54:50 What changed your mind with buying EVGA? 3:55:17 What is Luke's favorite retro game that isn't Morrowind? 3:55:48 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


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We Need To Talk About This - WAN Show February 9, 2024

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with Grammarly. Sign up at and get 20% off Grammarly Premium. Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at UPDF: AI PDF Editor with OCR - Save 61% today: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:17 Intro 1:44 Topic #1 - Reason behind Linus's shave 4:28 Dan's hint, Linus's hydrafacial 7:26 Yvonne's thoughts on the beard, Linus explains why he won't grow one for now 9:11 Topic #2 - Apple Vision Pro 11:26 Fixed cable length, Luke wears the headset for the first time 13:53 Luke tries to turn the device on, Linus's power solution, strap issues 22:55 Apple Vision Pro battery, Linus is over it, Luke on the straps 26:51 Motorized IPD, low latency, dbrand's SC dodge sponsor spot 28:06 Luke's comments, tries out gestures, dinosaurs & passthrough 34:46 LMG is hiring! ft. Good spatial speakers 36:12 LTTStore's new black polo shirt 36:35 New planetary & intergalactic shirts 39:22 Frustrated at MacOS, requires US registered Apple ID, Luke's thoughts 44:37 Merch Messages #1 50:41 Toughest video game choice you ever made? 55:32 Linus gives Luke his Mac, digital crown, screen projection 1:00:14 Linus on the lack of I/O, Apple's hostility towards users 1:07:07 Compares to Quest, "why do you hate Apple?" 1:11:51 Apple TV immersive videos & trying Quest 3, point of exclusivity 1:18:40 Price V.S. cost of development, Luke on irrelevant criticism 1:21:40 Storage & pricing, Dan's reaction, PC Pro build, Apple Care 1:28:35 PS Portal's marketing compared to Apple's, cost of adoption, Apple Card 1:30:48 Merch Messages #2 ft. LTTStore's compatibility with Apple Vision Pro 1:38:26 Worst time you've seen people disregard security so far? 1:43:25 Why does LMG utilize Microsoft's business ecosystem & not Apple's? 2:01:30 Sponsor - Grammarly 2:02:46 Sponsor - AG1 2:04:08 Sponsor - UPDF ft. Luke's opinion on PDFs 2:07:17 Topic #3 - Canada will ban Flipper Zero due to car thefts 2:18:02 Topic #4 - Florida bill could ban kids social media accounts 2:19:46 Topic #5 - emoose's NvTrueHDR mod, SDR to HDR for games 2:22:53 PSU data visualization for SC & LTT Labs site 2:28:23 Topic #6 - Google blocks sideloading in Singapore 2:33:50 Topic #7 - Deepfake CFO video call scams $256M USD from a bank 2:35:44 Linus recovered his old account by Googling himself 2:40:39 Topic #8 - South Korea jails PUBG player due to avoiding military service 2:42:56 Topic #9 - Google launches Gemini, a rebranded Bard 2:48:00 Topic #10 - Funimation to merge with Crunchyroll, deletes library 2:50:12 Linus AI voice, how does Linus feel about this? ft. Suave Dan 2:57:31 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Linus hits Luke 3:01:06 Why wouldn't Valve create Steam+ gaming service? 3:11:06 Most heartbreaking loss of tech you experienced? 3:14:03 Places that are on your buckets list? 3:14:24 Luke's 100% success chicken recipe video soon? 3:14:51 Have you heard of the 1KM Wi-Fi with bandwidth for video calls? 3:16:02 Advice on long distance parenting? 3:18:20 Alibaba driver ft. LTTStore screwdriver is NOT a Chinese re-badge 3:22:28 Suggestions to verify kids' age on socials without verification? 3:23:05 How far do you think AMD is from catching up with RTX? ft. Logitech 3:36:19 How do you expect the world to combat AI deepfakes? 3:38:50 Why is Linus still running Samsung Note 9? 3:42:33 Does FP give interesting analytics & stats compared to YouTube? 3:45:56 If you had to choose, FFT or FFIV remake, or sequel? 3:47:20 How do you plan the design & labor cost for LTTStore products? 3:49:38 Would you use AI that could extract benchmark data? 3:50:18 Cable management W H E N?! Thoughts on digital identity to combat AI? 3:55:51 Has Luke tried Skyrim Companions mod? 3:57:19 Is Linus interested in the Immersed Visor? 3:58:11 What sealed the deal for Luke using athletic greens? 4:01:40 Thoughts on future GPU upgrades for the 16" Framework? 4:02:17 Outro Learn more about your...


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Let's Find Out If I Was Wrong - WAN Show February 2, 2024

Get 15% your puzzle order at Thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring today's video. Get 20% Off + Free International Shipping with promo code WANSHOW or visit Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Timestamps: 0:00 Chapters 1:20 Intro 1:46 Topic #1 - LTT's RTX 4070S, 4070TiS & 4080S video 2:51 Reason behind omitting the 7900 XTX, Linus mentions LTT Labs 10:02 Goal behind the review, RTX 50X0, halo V.S. realistic PCs 16:10 LTT video's analytics, Linus on embargoes & pricing 20:40 Views isn't why LTT makes videos, upcoming Chromebook video 29:44 Linus & Luke are tired of being mad, LTT's used GPU video 35:58 Luke mentions XBOX & game pass, Linus on exciting GPUs 40:15 Would young Luke be into PCs today? Luke checks eBay 47:56 Linus mentions FB Marketplace, seller fees 49:03 Linus mentions FSI's 55" TV, Amazon's category V.S. search 1:00:02 Linus on buying & unboxing a 56" TV to fit in his Taycan 1:10:50 LTT Going through u/Frashure11's backpack newsletter 1:11:31 Free shipping for orders including 3D down jacket 1:12:27 LTT precision screwdriver newsletter 1:13:16 Merch Messages #1 1:28:53 Linus showcases YT's superchat bug 1:50:27 Sponsor - Odd Pieces 1:51:40 Sponsor - Manscaped 1:52:39 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:53:48 Topic #2 - GM will bring back PHEVs 2:01:42 Topic #3 - Linus tries to cancel Arcade on Apple TV 2:06:13 Topic #4 - Japanese government lets go of floppy disks 2:08:34 Apple Support site requires iTunes, Linus makes a call 2:10:45 iCloud & Apple ID, Linus on devices to unsubscribe 2:13:58 Topic #4: Apple Vision Pro released, good reviews 2:15:27 Meta Quest now supports 3D spatial videos & gamepads 2:18:30 Linus's conclusion, a funny Windows main menu search 2:24:18 LTT ordered a Vision Pro, updating firmware require phones 2:28:13 What is the Vision Pro for? Luke on the laptop side 2:33:48 Linus on whether it's worth it, recalls Google Glass 2:41:20 Topic #5 - Nightshade's data poisoning AI tool 2:46:35 Topic #6 - Universal Music Group removes songs from TikTok 2:47:10 Topic #7 - Spec Ops - The Line delisted from digital stores 2:48:56 Topic #8 - Edge steals tabs from Chrome 2:49:25 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Teams & default browsers 2:50:33 Wisdom of hosting video services ft. Pokimane, IVS, stats 2:59:24 Worst thing that happened during a CPU upgrade? 3:02:38 Wearing the "Steve" shirt for senior software engineer interview 3:03:33 What do you do to continue paused projects? ft. Replacing wipers 3:20:57 Linus's opinion on the MIG Switch 3:24:34 What franchise you felt let you down the most? ft. Games 3:35:09 A good way to market tech skills to non-tech employers? 3:38:03 International projects you're anticipating? ft. Stormgate 3:40:27 What is the next step for LMG? 3:42:31 Ever realized you were doing something you'll remember forever? 3:52:25 Will we be able to buy LTTStore products at the LAN center? 3:53:11 Thoughts on the Apple AirTags notifying thieves they're tracked? 3:55:42 Why is Linus built funny? 3:57:42 Luke's favorite build on Slay the Spire 3:58:46 What's the weirdest hardware thing you've ever seen? 4:00:56 Favorite janky cooling video on the channel? 4:02:37 Any way to combat poor communication as a team lead? 4:07:59 Thoughts on pre-ordering Framework laptops? 4:08:19 Have you tried S24's AI features to find faces? ft. Dan's phone 4:12:56 What are some of the cooler tech put in PC cases? 4:13:41 Most expensive tech employees don't use as intended? 4:15:41 Topic #9 - Knickknacks in the WAN Show set 4:17:38 Luke finds a $5,900 ceramic rhino 4:18:19 Linus on Montauk Sofa, Moooi's $6,498 horse lamp 4:22:07 Linus recommends Luke to visit the store, explains Carriage House 4:24:31 Luke points out better lamps, Dan's looking for 4ft 3D printers 4:26:26 Hardest decision to make in 2023 that should've been simple? 4:26:48 Outro ft. "I regret nothing! Nothing!! NOTHING!!!" Learn more about your ad choices....


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Apphole - WAN Show January 26, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Treat your feet with Vessi! Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 0:55 Intro 1:18 Topic #1 - Apple "maliciously" complies with EU's Digital Markets Act 8:04 Linus on Apple's fees, Luke mentions Steam & sideloading, Windows RT 15:56 Dan is not here, Linus on Apple Vision Pro & its weight ft. Dan & NAND 18:54 Apple's cleaning cloth, Linus's point on luxury branding, Luke's fading color idea 21:45 Topic #2 - Framework 16 officially releases 24:57 Luke points out The Verge's review, The Verge's pre-production unit 30:00 Reacting to LTT's Framework 16 review video 31:26 Linus on not recommending GPU upgrade, MXM, failed promises 37:10 Linus on board manufacturers, Nvidia's habits, conversation with Silverstone at Computex 41:54 Continuing the reaction: Framework's GPU solution 45:30 Framework's keyboard, chassis flex, DO NOT use electric tapes! 48:22 Side firing speakers, expansion slots, laptop charger, Framework guides 51:51 LTT's ElectroBOOM Framework build challenge video 52:30 Specs of review laptops, benchmark charts 55:36 dbrand's sticker application, LTT Lab's tests 57:36 Linus recalls warehouse's thermostat internal drama 1:00:23 Continuing the reaction: thermal benchmarks, panel issues, price 1:05:26 Linus on the video quality, recalls tours, Luke shows Framework update 1:08:16 Recalling CSF's circle video, Elijah doing "how to do a backflip" idea 1:10:22 LTTStore screwdriver bits prices increase 1:12:12 Yvonne's tweet video on Linus failing a backflip on a trampoline 1:13:22 LTTStore's "The Steve" Turtleneck 1:14:03 LTTStore's new women's PJ set 1:14:35 LTT precision screwdriver email signup 1:15:01 Merch Messages #1 1:15:08 More janky cooling adventures videos? ft. Triggered Dan, AJ's comment 1:19:02 Precision driver's smaller bits, prototype bits storage ft. Linus spin game 1:22:22 Advice on doing tasks you don't find passion in? TARKOV is a rogue-like 1:27:09 Topic #3 - Teen charged over a bad Snapchat joke 1:31:08 Linus on keeping your mouth shut near sensitive places 1:34:06 Sponsor - AG1 1:35:20 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:36:20 Sponsor - Vessi 1:37:53 Merch Messages #2 1:44:25 Advice to stop my personal life from affecting my work life? 1:50:21 Can you tell us more about your video? 1:51:48 Linus plans to cancel subscriptions on Apple TV next WAN Show 1:53:26 Topic #4 - More layoffs within the gaming industry 1:57:06 Topic #5 - HP wants to make printing "a subscription" 2:01:45 LTTStore's new ShortCircuit T-shirt 2:02:20 LTTStore's 100% Cotton T-shirt 2:03:40 Topic #6 - Why LTT didn't review Nvidia's latest graphics cards 2:11:55 Topic #7 - Disney's HoloTile, a multi directional VR treadmill 2:15:19 Topic #8 - MrBeast's video promoted as "not an ad" on Twitter/X 2:18:34 Topic #9 - Nvidia's RTX HDR videos AI upscaler 2:23:10 Merch Message #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:23:54 Are you worried about LTT Labs pulling an Icarus? 2:25:04 Would Intel's plans make prices user friendly? Why expand into Ohio? 2:27:56 LTT Labs' website Peripheral comparison experience? 2:30:48 Luke's fitness journey & 2024 Fitness goals ft. Linus's game 2:34:38 Thoughts on rumors of Intel killing hyperthreading? 2:38:04 Could you explain how YouTube Premium works with monetization? 2:38:51 Are you still using ThioJoe's comment moderation? 2:42:00 How do you feel about Cloudflare? 2:44:26 When have you found your kids wanting something you already had first? 2:45:58 What's the worst company to threaten price increases as promotions? 2:47:39 Will you do another month challenge with Intel Arc Battlemage? 2:50:23 Inheritance tax stopped LMG from being a real company, got a plan? 2:55:40 Any product that still exists that was based on a once innovative feature? 3:02:20 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...