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Perfect Organism is the premiere Alien Saga podcast on the internet. New episodes drop every other Tuesday!






209 // Lovecraft and Alien: Covenant

As we close out (for now) our miniseries on Lovecraft's cosmic horror in the Alien universe, we come to the most recent film in the saga: the ever-controversial, ever-interesting, ever-bizarre Alien: Covenant. Is Covenant Lovecraftian? Is it Gothic horror? Is it something in the middle? Jaime, Patrick, and resident Lovecraft expert Christian ponder these (and many more) questions on this wide-ranging and impassioned episode. They also address recent listener feedback about whether the...


208 // Alien 3: The Theatrical Cut vs The Assembly Cut | A Roundtable

In what was our final recording for the calendar year 2022, Jaime, Patrick, Christian and Perry come together to discuss the working title news of the Fede Alvarez-directed Alien film as well as go on to discuss the merits of the theatrical edition of Alien 3 versus the Assembly Cut. From chest-bursting, to creature effects, we leave no stone unturned as we share our ideas on why one version of Alien 3 may work better than another. We hope you enjoy and thank you for celebrating the 30 year...


207 // Interviewing Adam Ezekiel (Nostromo Crew)

The costumes of Alien have long been praised for adding to the verisimilitude of the film's "Truckers in Space" aesthetic. Fans have sought out replicas of these items right from the start with hats, patches, and pins filling the back pages of Starlog magazine. In this episode we sit down with Adam Ezekiel, a fan who has turned his love for the Nostromo crew uniforms (and his keen eye for detail) into a prospering business. Make sure to stop by Adam's website,, to see...


BONUS EPISODE: Frame Rate | Andor - A Roundtable Discussion

We are happy to release our coverage of the Disney+ series Andor as a bonus episode this holiday season. In this special roundtable, your hosts Jaime, Patrick, Christian, AndieGeekGirl, and special guest Micah Greene discuss what some of us agree is the best Star Wars product since the original trilogy. As always this was a lively and in-depth conversation that we hope you enjoy. // Apple Podcasts: // For more on this and our other projects, please visit...


206 // The Space Jockey

Some call it the Pilot. Some call an Engineer. Many of us call it the Space Jockey. Call it what you will, this mysterious figure inside the Derelict has haunted and intrigued fans for decades. But why? What is it about this silent, seemingly ancient figure that makes it so unforgettable? For years, a major part of the Jockey's lasting appeal was its unknowability. But now that we have the prequels—and with them, the Engineers—is the Jockey no longer a mystery? Or has the mystery just...


205 // Lovecraft and Prometheus (Cosmic Horror Part Two)

A decade ago, Guillermo del Toro famously stopped his work on an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness because he felt Ridley Scott's Prometheus had beaten him to the punch. Scott himself was mum on the issue, but when Prometheus premiered in theaters it was clearly connected to ATMOM, whether Ridley (or Spaihts, or Lindelof) were public about it. So what exactly is Prometheus' connection to Lovecraft's 1931 novella? Do they share story beats, or are there deeper...


204 // Alien and Cosmic Horror: Part One

"Lovecraftian" gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? When people say Alien is a Lovecraftian film, what are they getting at? We're launching a miniseries to explore those questions (and a whole lot more), and on this first installment we're looking at H.P. Lovecraft himself and how his themes speak to the themes in Alien. How does Giger's reverence for HPL show up in the film? What are we actually afraid of, long after the credits roll? Join Jaime, Patrick,...


203 // Wreckage & Rage: David Fincher and Alien 3

David Fincher's involvement with Alien 3 does not have a storybook ending. Unlike his predecessors Ridley Scott, and James Cameron, Fincher's work on Alien 3 would be remembered as one of the most troubled productions in cinema history. In this episode, Christian, Patrick, and Jaime discuss the issues surrounding Fincher's involvement and the merits of his continuing disassociation from the film. This was a interesting and challenging conversation. We hope you enjoy. // Apple Podcasts:...


202 // The Feminine & The Beast

Feminism is a word that's long been linked to the Alien franchise, and it continues to be an incendiary term in our current social climate. In this episode, special guest Sarah Welch-Larson joins Patrick, Andie, and Jaime to break down what that actually term means and if it's faithful to the spirit of the original four Alien films. This was an informative and educational episode that might surprise you. We hope you enjoy. // Apple Podcasts: // For more on...


201 // Interviewing the Team Behind Aliens Expanded

Patrick and Jaime were delighted to sit down with writer/director Ian Nathan, and executive producer Robin Block as they discussed their new documentary Aliens Expanded. If Alien fandom has a bedrock, it would be none-other than James Cameron's Aliens. Aliens is the film everyone gathers around, the main course at a cinematic feast. Ian, and Robin discuss why they believe that's the case, and how they want to capture the love and celebration in a documentary that's certain to ignite our love...


200 // Celebrating 200 Episodes of Perfect Organism Podcast & Beyond

Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast celebrates 200 episodes of what has been a rollercoaster of excitement and wonder. Join cohost and founder Jaime, Patrick, Christian, AndieGeekGirl, Perry, Maj, & Xander as they sit down to discuss the journey they've been on as a team, the road ahead, and the latest Alien tv show and film news. This was a wonderful episode to be a part of. This was a very special episode for everyone, we hope you enjoy. // Apple Podcasts:...


199 // Inferno’s Fall: Interviewing Authors Philippa Ballantine & Clara Carija

Christian, Patrick, and Jaime were delighted to sit down with co-authors Philippa Ballantine and Clara Carija to discuss their new book, Alien: Inferno's Fall. As long time fans of the Alien saga and extended universe, Philippa and Clara discuss what the Alien universe means to them, and their propensity for creating rich and diverse worlds populated with multifaceted characters. This was a wonderful interview full of laughter and candid moments. We hope you enjoy. // Apple Podcasts:...


198 // Interviewing Chris Bissette, Creator of The Wretched

Have you ever wondered what would've happened if Ripley's showdown with the creature onboard The Narcissus had ended differently? Chris Bissette is a game designer, writer, and musician who created an innovative RPG experience to explore that question—not only creating a theoretical fifth act to Alien, but putting players in Ripley's shoes as well. The Wretched is an original IP, but functions beautifully as an Alien analogue. In this minisode, Patrick and Christian chat with Chris about...


197 // The Artificial Intelligence of ALIEN and Blade Runner

In this special crossover episode, hosts Patrick and Jaime are joined by contributing host Peter from the Midwest to discuss artificial intelligence as featured in Alien and Blade Runner. This is a bit of a crossover episode as we explore why the kinds of A.I. exist in both of these worlds and what's really behind the need for such technology. This was a fascinating and complicated discussion. We hope you enjoy! To listen to the rest of this Artificial Intelligence mini-series, go to...


196 // Interviewing Andy Kelly, Author of Perfect Organism: An Alien: Isolation Companion

Alien: Isolation is the sort of game that attracts a certain type of Alien obsessive: packed with lore, overflowing with aesthetic detail, and completely unrelenting in its difficulty and terror, Isolation is an extraordinary achievement in game design that continues to enthrall Alien fans eight years after its release. Andy Kelly is a video game journalist who has written extensively about Alien: Isolation from the very beginning. Along the way, he's amassed a wealth of interviews,...


195 // A Man With a Future: Discussing Dr. Clemens

Charles Dance's portrayal of Dr. Jonathan Clemens in Alien 3 is a layered look at how substance abuse, grief, and loss function in the Alien universe. In this roundtable, Jaime, Patrick, Christian, and Andie are joined by first-time guest Forrest MacKnight for an in-depth examination of this fascinating character. // Apple Podcasts: // For more on this and our other projects, please visit // If you’d like to join the conversation, find...


194 // Interviewing Shiromi Arserio, Narrator of Alien: Colony War and Alien: Into Charybdis

Two recent Alien novels—Alien: Into Charybdis by Alex White and Alien: Colony War by David Barnett—share a common audiobook narrator. What you might not know about this narrator, though, is she's just as much an Alien nerd as you are! Shiromi Arserio's website describes her as an "Accent Chameleon," and listening to her work on these recent novels is a masterclass on how to balance character, dialect, and storytelling tension in a way that's at once unobtrusive and yet utterly...


193 // Propstore & Perfect Organism Podcast presents: An Aliens Panel Discussion

Perfect Organism was honored to be asked by Propstore to host a panel discussion with ALIENS actors Ricco Ross, Mark Rolston, and ALIENS Visual Effects Supervisor Pat McClung. This event was hosted on top of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and included industry players, fans and more. Please join us as we unveil this very special episode, hosted by Jaime Prater and Christian Matzke. // Apple Podcasts: // For more on this and our other projects,...


192 // Prometheus at Ten Years: A Roundtable Retrospective

On June 8, 2012, Prometheus ushered in a controversial—and wildly new—era in Alien history. How has Prometheus aged in the decade since it was released? What themes have stuck? How has it shown up across other works throughout the expanded Alien universe, and how do those works bring Prometheus in new directions? In this roundtable, Jaime, Patrick, Perry, and Maj discuss Prometheus' past, present, and future. // Apple Podcasts: // For more on this and our...


191 // The Promise of a Flower: Discussing Dillon

Charles S. Dutton's performance as Leonard Dillon in Alien 3 is one of those portrayals that seems almost star-crossed. With his thrilling speeches, deep humanity, and murky past, Dillon is a character who becomes more special the more time you spend with him—a character that makes us ask Big Questions, like what is redemption? Can you find it even after you've committed atrocities? Where do you search for hope at the Ass End of Space? Dutton, with his own troubled past and remarkable...