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We are a member-to-member community dedicated to helping each other maximize their DVC memberships by learning about other members' perspectives, experiences, and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism. We are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or their subsidaries.


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We are a member-to-member community dedicated to helping each other maximize their DVC memberships by learning about other members' perspectives, experiences, and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism. We are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or their subsidaries.








Resale Prices Dip in October 2023

We're talking about right-of-first refusal buybacks, average sales prices, inventory analysis, and resorts you should sleep in and NOT on. Dani introduces us to her new social media series, "DVC Destinations With Dani." Episode 270


Earl Joe Parrotto’s DVC Journey: Cancelling a DVC Contract, Buying Hilton and Animal Kingdom

Join us for an exciting chat with Earl Joe Pirato, where we journey through his experiences with Disney Vacation Club (DVC), timeshares, and his love for Disney that all started on his honeymoon at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in 2008. We discuss the thrill of upgrading to DVC life and the challenge of canceling their DVC contract at Bay Lake Tower because of a significant financial event just after purchasing. Episode 269


Does Multiple DVC Use Years Make Sense?

In this FAQ episode, we're discussing Multiple DVC Use Years. When do they make sense? DVC Direct guides are trained to talk you out of multiple use years. However, there are a few times when having multiple use years may be the right decision. Episode 268


What Can I Do With Leftover DVC Points?

Sooner or later, you'll rebook a vacation past your banking window and get some extra points. What can you do to preserve the value of these precious DVC Points? Can we transfer our points? Is a DVC Point ZIP Lock Bag a thing? What are your options? Episode 267


Market is Steady and Stable for September 2023

September 2023 was overall a steady and stable month for DVC Resales. Disney bought back one Grand Floridian Contract in Right of First Refusal. Linda Smit from DVC Resale Market joins the show to discuss opportunities in the resale market.


Families Fly Free Review: Lyn Was Right – Chad’s Progress After 9 Months in the Program

In December of 2023, Chad joined Lyn Metler's Families Fly Free program. Today's show is a status update and review after nine months in the program. It takes a while to get signed up for all the cards, get the introduction bonuses, and start booking free travel. I've earned 857,000 points from Chase, American Express, and Capital One in the last nine months. I've worked Lyn's system and added numerous other cards. I've had one free companion pass flight and have three more free flights booked for 2024 and redeemed $650 worth of points on a Disney Cruise downpayment. I've been an overachiever on Lyn's system but am returning to her approach's simplicity. I've almost actualized my $1600 investment in Families Fly Free and have earned $10,000 of free travel points ready to go to work, but your average family that wants to earn free travel without making the point-and-mile game a full-time hobby will be well-suited for Lyn's Program.


Pixie Dust and Practicality: Roxanne Steele’s Disney Vacation Club Adventures

Join us on a magical journey with our special guest, Roxanne Steele, as she shares her incredible Disney backstory and journey toward becoming a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member. Roxanne shares her humble beginnings and the determination that led her to frequently visit the magical kingdom more than she ever imagined as a kid. Listen in as she shares her secret strategy of making Disney an integral part of her lifestyle, making it an achievable dream. Roxanne specializes in Interval International Exchanges. Episode 264


August DVC Resale Market Recap: Beaches Rise & Wilderness Falls

Join us for a lively conversation with Jody from DVC Resale Market as we explore the latest in the DVC resale market. We discuss Disney's Right of First Refusal (RoFer Monster) and how it's affecting contract sales. The ROFR Monster has only shown up seven times this year, a stark contrast to previous years. Listen in as we theorize that Disney might be diverting funds to pay off their Hulu bill and suggest that now is an ideal time to buy with the RoFer Monster in hibernation. Jody shares her insight into the RoFer process, and we chat about how Disney's decisions can sometimes be unpredictable. Episode 263


Living the Disney Lifestyle with Sandy and Thomas

Get ready to embark on a magical journey as we sit down with our beloved friends and core community members, Sandy and Thomas, who will share their enchanting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) backstory. Be prepared to get swept off your feet as they reminisce about their initial Disney experiences, and reveal how the magic of Disney sparked a passion that now sees them visiting Disney Parks almost every quarter. Episode 262


DVC Resale Market Update for July 2023 with Andy Berry

Andy Berry joins us to discuss the DVC resale market for July 2023. We discuss Right of First Refusal, Average Sales Prices, Inventory analysis, and the current Red Hot Promotions available at 261


The One Where They Went to Victoria and Alberts

We had mixed reviews at Victoria and Alberts, Boathouse, and have an update on our Unfortunate Attendance Mix Meetup.


From Childhood Dreams to Owning Grand Floridian: Megan Johnson’s DVC Journey

Megan Johnson shares her experience as a Disney enthusiast researching and buying into the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). She discusses the positive changes and opportunities that DVC ownership has brought to her Disney experiences, including frequent trips to Disney World and Disneyland. Megan also expresses interest in adding other DVC resorts to her portfolio and discusses the differences between Genie Plus at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Episode 259


Exploring the Magic of DVC Membership: A Journey with Andy and Kelly Reese

Join Andy and Kelly Reese as they share their Disney and DVC journey, discussing their experiences, the benefits of resale and direct membership, and their plans for future vacations. They also touch on the competition between Disney and Universal, the absence of annual passes at Disney, and potential future changes in the DVC system.


Red Hot Deals Return – July 2023 DVC Resale Market Update

o Red Hot Deals are back! If you're looking to buy some points below market value at haggle-free buy-it-now prices, has listings available. Zero ROFR in June. Prices varied with modest increases. Inventory is slightly up but supply is still limited to a couple of weeks of inventory.


Tom and Theresa a Siblings Story of DVC Membership

Tom and Theresa have been doing tag-team DVC vacation planning for years. Tom handles DVC and airfare. Theresa handles dining, fast passes, and organizing family members on their trips. This is a DVC family story you do not want to miss. Episode 256


7 Tips for First Time DVC Buyers – Summer Incentives 2023

We're looking at the Disney Vacation Club sales incentives for Summer of 2023. We're sharing our thoughts, opinions, and insights on the incentives to help you make better decisions about Disney Vacation Club across 7 tips for buying DVC.


DVC Incentives for Existing Members – Summer 2023

We're giving tips for Buying from DVC Direct. This is a brand new show format we're calling Incentives Insights. It's all of our tips and tricks for buying direct. Episode 254


Market Rises & Buying Opportunity at Bay Lake Tower – May 2023 DVC Resale Market Update

DVC repurchased zero contracts in May 2023. The ROFR monster is still hibernating. We're seeing a buyer's market for Bay Lake Tower, Hilton Head, Copper Creek, and Beach Club resorts. Prices are starting to show a slight uptick elsewhere. Inventory showed a slight increase, we're seeing 4-5 weeks of inventory on the market.


DVC Member Lifestyle Show: VIP Tours and Earl of Sandwich Tavern

Chad, Gina and Dave go on a VIP. Gina goes to Earl of Sandwich Tavern at Disneyland.


Aulani Staycations: Hawaiian DVC Member Perspective with Rye Kim

For years, we've heard the Hawaiian locals love coming to Aulani for a staycation. In episode 251, we talk with Rye Kim about his DVC journey and ownership at Aulani, […]