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We are a member-to-member community dedicated to helping each other maximize their DVC memberships by learning about other members' perspectives, experiences, and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism. We are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or their subsidaries.


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We are a member-to-member community dedicated to helping each other maximize their DVC memberships by learning about other members' perspectives, experiences, and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism. We are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or their subsidaries.








DVC Prices Rise: Return of the Seller’s Market?

Grand California prices spike as VGC contracts sell within minutes of being listed. The ROFR monster continues to sleep. Inventory is tightening up. Prices are starting to rise. Episode 250


Buying Villas at Disneyland Hotel and DVC Guardians of the Galaxy Screen and Scream Event

Chad and Gina discuss buying points at the Villas at Disneyland Hotel, and Dave does a review of the Guardians of the Galaxy paid member event at EPCOT. Episode 249


Jump In, Buy Small & Add On Later with Dani Metzger

As you draw near the end of your DVC research, we highly suggest this strategy: Jump In, Buy Small, and Addon later. In previous episodes, Dani Metzger from DVC Resale Market challenged me to think about this strategy. We brought her back to discuss our thoughts in detail and why we highly suggest potential members consider this approach. Episode 248


7-Month Booking Grand Californian – Shane Lux’s DVC Story

Shane Lux owns Saratoga Springs and has had incredible success booking the Grand California 1-Bedroom at the 7-month window. He also shares money-saving tips for Canadians using airline miles from Air Canada and WestJet. Episode 246


Disneyland Hotel Tower Presale Info Disappoints Fans

New sales information was released about the Disneyland Hotel Tower DVC build. The initial reaction from the Disneyland Hotel Tower prospective owners group was grim. Transient Taxes, High Point Charts, and no free parking.


New Information from Disneyland Hotel DVC Member Booking Day

Breaking news about the DVC tower opening up at Disneyland Hotel. Samantha and Chad called member services and learned quite a bit. Episode 140 is a quick recap.


Feburary 2023 DVC Resale Buyers Market and Zero ROFR

Linda Smit joins us to discuss the DVC Resale Market for February 2023. DVC Resale Market had Zero contracts bought by right of first refusal in February 2023. Prices continued their trend of a slow decline. Inventory has remained relatively constant in the 700+ listings. Episode 239


Tron & Steakhouse 71 Reviews, Disneyland Tower Anxiety & Aulani Trip

Derek from Rope Drop Radio is joining Chad, Gina, and Dave for a casual show about what's happening in our DVC lives: Tron & Steakhouse 71 Reviews, Disneyland Tower anxiety, and Derek's Aulani mini trip report.


Dani Metzger’s Journey from Cruise Ships to DVC Resale Market

Like a lot of Floridians, Dani grew up coming to Disney often. Walt Disney World was the family's go-to vacation. After attending college at UCF in Orlando, Dani's first job […]


Owning BoardWalk Villas for 20+ Years – Lynda Colby’s Story

Lynda Colby first learned of DVC in 1999 on an anniversary trip to Walt Disney World. They stayed at Wilderness Lodge when the Boulder Ridge Villas were first constructed. After […]


From Parent’s Points to Renting On My Own – Mary DVC Coming of Age Story

At My DVC Points, we love sharing DVC member stories. At the foundation of every DVC membership is this belief in quality time with your family. The magic of DVC membership is creating quality Disney memories with your children as they grow up. Episode 235 is dedicated to sharing Mary's DVC journey from a 15-year-old new member to renting points for her independent vacations with dreams of getting her finances in order so that one day she too can become a member and create memories with her own family.


DVC Point Rental and Swaps Options

The DVC Point rental market is scorching hot! Paul Krieger from DVC Rental Store shares DVC Point Rental and new creative point swap options. Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Universal, Incredible Vacation Homes, beach homes, and the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser. There's a magic triangle of point rentals; all three things must come together: room availability, a member to supply points, and a guest wanting to rent the points. Episode 234


Rope Drop or Bust: Dave and Jenelle’s DVC Journey

Learn how growing up in a traditional timeshare family helped shape Dave and Jenelle's DVC journey. Even though they've been DVC members for a few years now, the family stays strong advocates for "rope-dropping the parks" and being the first family along the ropes. Tune in as we learn how the Hart family executes a Walt Disney World vacation. Episode 233


Living Your Best DVC Grandma Life with Patricia Boorom

Patricia and her late husband started taking her grandchildren to Walt Disney World in 2015. After doing his research, her husband was convinced DVC was the right fit for their family because he wanted to spend quality time with his entire family. Tune into the show to hear Patty's story about using DVC for extended family time, special one-on-one time with her grandsons and even some trips with her girlfriends. Episode 232


Meet Alyse Consiglio and DVC Free Cycle

Join the conversation as Alyse shares her DVC journey and provides some insight as a moderator at the DVC Free Cycle Facebook group. The freecycle group was founded to help […]


Families Fly Free to Disney with Lyn Mettler

Lyn from the Families Fly Free Podcast joins the show today to discuss travel hacks to fly free to Disney. Lyn has developed a membership program to help families maximize credit card rewards so they can fly free. We cover an overview of her program and strategies. I've researched her methodologies enough to know that flying your family free to Disney World is an achievable goal if you choose to join her program or continue your travel hacking education. The strategies work if you work the plan.


Derek Sasman (Rope Drop Radio) DVC Journey

Derek from Rope Drop Radio share's his family's Disney journey. The Sasmans have been lifelong Disney fans. A significant part of their Disney journey is becoming DVC members. Derek's wife had DVC-related photos on her dream board for years. During the COVID lockdown, their businesses bloomed while spending decreased, allowing them to pay cash for their first DVC contract.


ROFR Monster Hibernates – December 2022 Market Recap

ROFR Monster Hibernates - Resale Prices Return to 2021 Levels - Inventory is Up!


The Worst Grand Villas in DVC

Let’s keep the bougie going this week as we tackle Disney Vacation Club’s worst Grand Villas. When we say worst, we really mean we’re going to be a bit nit-picky. Is there such a thing as a “bad” DVC Grand Villa? Probably not, but there might be some DVC Grand Villas that just might not be your style or might not just be your personal favorite.


226 Best Grand Villas

It’s time to talk bougie! Have you ever dreamed of a stay in a Disney Vacation Club Grand Villa? We’re eager to dig into the creme de la creme of DVC inventory, the Grand Villa. Although these gorgeous spaces are points hogs, these villas will take your breath away.