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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.


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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.






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How the parents rights argument is fueling a push to roll back LGBTQ inclusion in schools | Episode 669

How the idea of parents rights has reshaped the debate over LGBTQ inclusion in schools; do politicians' real estate investments shape housing policy?; Hollywood adds its touch to the GameStop vs. Wall Street story in Dumb Money; why 'girl dinner' and 'girl math' are taking over TikTok; former MPs say Parliament Hill is a 'nightmare' as a workplace; and more.


The writers' and actors' strikes continue, but there's still fall TV to look forward to | Episode 668

How increasingly powerful storms threaten to cut off Nova Scotia from the rest of Canada; a new Elon Musk biography reveals what drives a powerful and divisive man; what to watch this fall as the writers' and actors' strikes wear on; how ID apps gamified birding; how video games can be a tool for treating ADHD; and more.


Are we witnessing Google search in decline? Antitrust trials, ChatGPT threaten its years of dominance | Episode 667

Why ChatGPT might be a bigger threat to Google search than a landmark antitrust trial; remembering the high school student killed in an attack prosecuters say was motivated by anti-Muslim hate; Starfield is out and so is our review; the legacy of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli; the Nyad biopic renews the debate over a polarizing marathon swimmer; and more.


This non-binary high schooler thinks parental consent policies for name and pronoun changes can be dangerous | Episode 666

A gender non-binary high school student thinks politicians need to listen to students first or risk putting them in danger when it comes to policies mandating parental consent in order for the use of a student's chosen name and pronouns; we explore how teachers facing subject bans can take lessons from classic hip-hop culture; getting rid of the 'smoke taint' in wine is actually really complicated; the Slinky is 80 and we look at the woman behind its success; Tony King, the legendary music promoter, describes working closely with John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and other rock royalty; and more.


How this summer’s wildfires set the stage for future disasters and how Airbnb helps drive up rent | Episode 665

A look at 'cascading hazards' stemming from this record-setting wildfire season; how platforms like Airbnb are making it harder to find an affordable place to rent; The Shark is Broken and the making of Jaws; and the Canadians with aspirations to be WWE wrestling stars.


Wildfire preparedness, Taylor Swift vs. FIFA, Tushar Gandhi, and more | Episode 664

How to create wildfire-resilient communities; why Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is better for a city's economy than hosting the FIFA World Cup; the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi on his family's legacy and India's future; using genetically modified mosquitoes to stop the spread of malaria; and the story of Brownie Wise, the woman who made Tupperware what it is today.


Extreme heat and contraception, Only Murders In The Building, K-Pop's plastic problem | Episode 663

How extreme heat is impacting the work of abortion funds in states that have banned abortion, composer Siddhartha Khosla on how he wrote the music for Only Murders In The Building, and what K-Pop fans are doing to pressure the industry to reduce its plastic waste.


Tracking the Doomsday Clock, period-proof soccer kits, Bruce Cockburn and Susan Aglukark | Episode 662

What the Oppenheimer movie gets right about the treat of nuclear war, the impact of period-proof gear at the Women's World Cup, Bruce Cockburn and Susan Aglukark on their new song, To Keep the World We Know, and more.


The search for the truth about UFOs, the return of Neopets, Emmett Till's cousin and more | Episode 661

The U.S. Congress opens hearings on the truth about UFOs; the return of Neopets and the nostalgia it inspires; tracking Indigenous deaths connected to police interactions in BC; the discovery of the original Wilhelm Scream recordings; Emmett Till's cousin on the family's continuing quest for justice for his murder; and more.


Barbiecore's moment, Hot Ones and Chicken Shop Date and the new celeb PR circuit, Keith Ellison | Episode 660

The Barbiecore aesthetic is having a moment and it's not just the movie; how upstart YouTube shows Hot Ones and Chicken Shop Date are remaking the celebrity interview; Texas asylum seekers face harsh, and possibly illegal, treatment; Keith Ellison talks about leading the team that prosecuted George Floyd's killers; and more.


Weaponization of therapy-speak, Dee Snider and choosing Wimbledon's ball boy or girls | Episode 659

Jonah Hill and the weaponization of therapy-speak; Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider's journey from 80s hair metal to first-time novelist; the path to becoming a Ball Boy or Ball Girl at Wimbledon; Cree and Lakota playwright Cliff Cardinal takes on land acknowledgments and more.


Big tech vs. Canadian law, Critterposting, Mughal-E-Azam, AI in research | Episode 658

Will the Online News Act work as intended even if big tech complies with it?; memeing Beatrix Potter to brush off hustle culture; a new musical based on an Indian classic; using AI in social science research and more.


The evolution of hate in Canada, the rise of Afrobeats and Formula 1's broadening appeal | Episode 657

A look at how hate groups are evolving after the 2022 convoy protests; Afrobeats for your Canada Day playlist; Formula 1 racing is reinventing itself as a sport for everyone; the connection between wildfires and future flood risk; Dolly Parton's songbook and more.


Risks of diving to the Titanic, summer reads and a state senator pushing back against anti-trans legislation | Episode 656

Canadian explorer Joe MacInnis reflects on the tragic end of the Titan submersible; food writer Corey Mintz says The Bear has a lot to say about the restaurant industry; Day 6 books columnist Becky Toyne leans into thrillers for the summer; after her son died by suicide, Kentucky state senator Karen Berg became an important voice against the growing wave of anti-trans legislation; and more.


Trans activist celebrates Pride in the face of hate, the White House Gift Shop strikes again, the fight over Reddit's API pricing and more | Episode 655

The White House Gift Shop is once again sparking political outrage; the Ottawa Senators picked a logistician over Snoop Dogg and Ryan Reynolds; how wildfires can have a devastating, long-term impact on our water supply; why Reddit’s API pricing points towards a more expensive internet; how agony columns gave Victorians a coded escape from shame and repression; trans activist Fae Johnstone says hate won't stop her from celebrating Pride month; and more.


Episode 654: Forecasting wildfire smoke; I Think You Should Leave; LIV-PGA merger; New York, New York; and more

Why Canadians may need to become more familiar with smoke forecasts; how Tim Robinson’s sketch comedy I Think You Should Leave nails our always-angry moment; Saudi Arabia’s play for a presence in international sports; what Rowan Atkinson got wrong in his turn against electric vehicles; farewell to Blaseball, the deeply weird fantasy-baseball horror game that became a huge cult hit; Sharon Washington gets a Tony nomination for New York, New York; and more.


Episode 653: How climate change challenges home insurance, Yogi Berra's granddaughter, Pomegranate, Frame by Frame and more

How climate change is threatening the accessibility of home insurance; Yogi Berra's granddaughter on the new documentary It Ain't Over; Pomegranate delivers a time traveling lesbian love story as a chamber opera; Robert LePage and Guillaume Côté merge dance and technology to celebrate NFB great Norman McLaren; and more.


Episode 652: California produce, Succession's finale, NB LGBTQ policy review, reining in NDAs and more

Canada's reliance on California produce; why we love Succession's irredeemable cast of amoral backstabbers; New Brunswick reviews its policy on protecting LGBTQ students; a bid to rein in the use of non-disclosure agreements in federally funded institutions; how a staircase anchors an underground dystopian universe in the Apple TV + show Silo; and more.


Episode 651: Climate change in the Arctic, racism at the Canadian Human Rights Commission, MuchMusic VJs and more

The Arctic faces a climate change feedback loop; racism at the Canadian Human Rights Commission; a new documentary about Anna Nicole Smith; a Palestinian architect curates an exhibit based on what his family lost in the Nakba; former VJs recall the chaos and joy of making MuchMusic; and more.


Episode 650: Alberta wildfires; sports betting ads; a new Zelda; AI vocal impersonations and more

What raging wildfires mean for the summer ahead in Alberta; Karl Subban, father to three former NHL players, calls for an end to sports betting ads; reviewing Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom; AI vocal impersonations and Canadian IP law; a writer's poetry prompts spur thousands to put words to complex emotions; the story of two Indigenous baseball players who faced off in the World Series; and more.