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Discussing weather, science, technology and more for all from the Carolinas.

Discussing weather, science, technology and more for all from the Carolinas.


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Discussing weather, science, technology and more for all from the Carolinas.




Inspiration4 SpaceX launch seen from Carolinas + tracking the tropics [Ep. 381]

SpaceX has launched Inspiration4 mission – the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit – aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Many of you are sharing photos and videos of the rocket's vapor trail across the eastern Carolina sky. Approximately three days after liftoff, Dragon and the Inspiration4 crew will return to Earth and splashdown at one of several possible landing sites off the...


Protecting your home from severe weather [Ep. 380]

There's a lab in Chester County, South Carolina where scientists build life-sized structures, and re-create actual severe weather, to test the integrity of home construction. Inside their lab, they can recreate damaging hail, damaging wind, hurricanes, and even wildfires. They can then test to determine how walls, windows, garage doors, roofs, cars, and more hold up against severe weather. Ian Giammanco is the senior director of product design and lead meteorologist with the Insurance...


Ida: Flooding, tornadoes, damage from historic storm [Ep. 379]

Days after bringing devastating damage to New Orleans and the Louisiana Gulf Coast, the remnants of Ida are producing historic tornadoes and flash flooding in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, including in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, where the Carolina Weather Group's James Brierton joins us live from West Chester County, Penn. WATCH LARRY SPRINKLE REFLECT ON HIS COVERAGE OF HURRICANE HUGO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST SUPPORT US ON PATREON VISIT OUR WEBSITE SUBSCRIBE ON...


August 17, 2021: North Carolina flooding, tornadoes from Fred [Ep. 378]

At least 5 people are confirmed dead after Tropical Depression Fred brought devasting flooding to western North Carolina. No place was harder hit than Haywood County, where floodwaters engulfed towns like Canton. On Wednesday, North Carolina Roy Cooper returned to the western North Carolina mountains to visit residents and businesses in Haywood and Buncombe counties. Looking back at the historic event, we're joined by Jason Boyer, Chief Meteorologist for WLOS in Asheville, and Chris...


North Carolina flooding emergency [Ep. 377]

A State of Emergency is in effect after Tropical Depression Fred brought devastating flooding to the western North Carolina mountains Tuesday. Dozens of people remain unaccounted for in Haywood County after flash flooding. On Tuesday evening, the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Emergency for the county as life-threatening flooding was occurring along the Pigeon River. Canton, North Carolina was underwater as the Pigeon River rose to nearly 20 feet. On Wednesday, the National...


Fred to bring flash flooding, tornadoes to the Carolinas (SPECIAL REPORT)

#weather #fred #severeweather Fred, a tropical storm that made landfall in Florida Monday, is bringing with it rich, tropical moisture that will produce flash flooding and severe weather, including damaging winds and tornadoes, in North Carolina and South Carolina Tuesday. Rainfall rates could be as intense as 1 to 2 inches an hour, with total rainfall amounts between 5 and 10 inches possible. There will be a risk of flash flooding, including landslides. The National Weather Service's...


Severe storms in the Carolinas + the National Weather Museum [Ep. 376]

This week we're talking with Patrick Hyland about the National Weather Museum and Science Center in Norman, Oklahoma. We're also looking at severe weather storm reports from North Carolina and South Carolina. Severe thunderstorms Wednesday produced damage wind, hail, and in at least one instance, a flash flood in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, South Carolina. We're also looking at the latest on Tropical Storm Fred from the National Hurricane Center. WATCH THIS SHOW TO SEE THE MAP OF...


These new thunderstorm alerts are coming to your phone [Ep. 375]

Starting this week, the National Weather Service will be issuing a new tier of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings that will automatically be delivered to your cell phone. Severe thunderstorms capable of producing 80 mph winds or baseball-sized hail will now be categorized as "destructive," a classification that will prompt the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) to sound on your phone if you are near the storm. The WEA functionality already delivers severe weather alerts to your phone for all tornado...


Chatting with North Carolina State Climatologist Dr. Kathie Dello [Ep. 374]

This week the Carolina Weather Group is chatting with Dr. Kathie Dello, the director and state climatologist for the state of North Carolina. She is the 5th permanent director and the first woman to hold this position at the NCSCO in 44 years. She chats with Evan Fisher, Scotty Powell, and Frank Strait about how the state observes weather and records climate. Dello talks about North Carolina's expanding mesonet of weather observation stations, about drought, warmer climate norms, wildfires,...


This is why it's so smoky outside [Ep. 373]

Smoke from wildfires in Oregon, California, Canada, and the western Pacific are traveling in the jet stream across the United States. Smoke and haze conditions are being seen across the East Coast, including in North Carolina and South Carolina. Big cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington are even seeing the smoke. As a result of the degraded atmospheric conditions, air quality alerts have been issued in the Carolinas. Particulars in the air may make it hard for some - especially the...


Does Charlotte need a WSR-88D? [Ep. 372]

North Carolina has a radar gap Mike Smith, a retired AccuWeather executive, identifies as the fifth-worst gap in the United States. The gap exists over a portion of central North Carolina located outside the Greensboro and Charlotte metropolitan areas. While many have proposed the construction of a full-scale National Weather Service WSR-88D radar in Charlotte, Smith feels that is not the answer. Smith, who was a plaintiff expert in the litigation following the crash of US Airways Flight...


Elsa arriving the Carolinas [Ep. 371]

The Carolina Weather Group discusses Tropical Storm Elsa and the storm's forecasted impacts on the Carolinas. The system made landfall in Florida Wednesday morning before impacting the Southeast, including Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Tropical storm-force winds are expected in parts of the Carolinas overnight through Thursday. Other threats include heavy rain, flooding, and isolated tornadoes. SUPPORT US ON PATREON: VISIT OUR...


Elsa prompts tropical storm warnings in the Carolinas [SPECIAL REPORT]

The National Weather Service has issued tropical storm watches and tropical storm warnings along the coasts of North Carolina and South Carolina ahead of forecasted impacts from Elsa Wednesday and Thursday. Hurricane Elsa is expected to make landfall late Wednesday morning in the greater Tampa, Florida area. The storm system, which is then expected to weaken to a tropical storm, will move into coastal Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Elsa is expected to bring tropical storm...


Paul Barys: 46 years in weather [Ep. 370]

After 35 years forecasting weather in North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee, WRCB TV's Paul Barys is headed for retirement. The chief meteorologist at the Chattanooga station retires Friday. Paul discusses with Scotty Powell his career, changes in technology, and his plans for the future. SUPPORT US ON PATREON: WATCH US ON YOUTUBE: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:...


Here's what happened with Tropical Storm Danny (SPECIAL REPORT)

Tropical Storm Danny has made landfall north of Hilton Head on Pritchards Island in South Carolina. The storm, which formed Monday morning off the coast of South Carolina as Tropical Depression Four, continues to have maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. The storm, which will weaken as it moves inland along the border of South Carolina and Georgia, is bringing gusty winds and heavy rains. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:...


Lightning safety: Keeping safe in thunderstorms [Ep. 369]

Chris Vagasky joins us for Lightning Safety Week to help keep you safe during thunderstorms. SUPPORT US ON PATREON: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: --- Send in a voice message:


The impacts of Charleston flash flooding [Ep. 368]

For the first time since 2019, flooding in Charleston Saturday prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Flash Flood Warning. The South Carolina coastal city is no stranger to flooding. The city's downtown historic district typically floods during heavy rains - but as heavy rains caused floodwaters to rise and push into downtown businesses, including the Historic Charleston City Market, exceptional flooding occurred beyond what has become all-too-normal. This week, we're looking at...


How excessive rain and flooding is forecast [Ep. 367]

After flash flooding this week near Charlotte, North Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina, we're taking a closer look at how excessive rainfall and the risk for flash flooding are forecast. Our guest this week on the Carolina Weather Group is Alex Lamers, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the Weather Prediction Center, which is the arm of NOAA's National Weather Service primarily responsible for forecasting large rainfall events and the risk of flooding. SUPPORT THE CAROLINA...


Discover a local TV career: free workshops (Special)

Discover if a career in local broadcast television - including broadcast meteorologist - is for you with these free, behind-the-scenes educational workshops hosted online by WCNC Charlotte. Millions of students across the country missed important opportunities to learn from in-person internships or from job shadow programs. WCNC Charlotte has partnered with the Charlotte Area Association of Black Journalists and the CSB Media Arts Center, Charlotte, to make a difference by helping fill...


Charleston sea level rise and flooding risk [Ep. 366]

Jared Bramblett joins us to talk about an exciting new way to document sea level rise in the Charleston, South Carolina area. We discuss the recent trend of benchmark flooding events to hit the South Carolina low country -- and how documenting them helps local emergency officials and the National Weather Service issue urgent warnings. Bramblett is the creator of SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: SUPPORT US ON PATREON:...