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The Carolina Weather Group is a weekly talk show broadcasting each week from the Carolinas. The show is dedicated to covering weather, science, technology, and more with newsmakers from the field of atmospheric science. With co-hosts across both North Carolina and South Carolina, the show may closely feature both NC weather and SC weather, but the topics are universally enjoyable for any weather fan. Join us!

The Carolina Weather Group is a weekly talk show broadcasting each week from the Carolinas. The show is dedicated to covering weather, science, technology, and more with newsmakers from the field of atmospheric science. With co-hosts across both North Carolina and South Carolina, the show may closely feature both NC weather and SC weather, but the topics are universally enjoyable for any weather fan. Join us!


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The Carolina Weather Group is a weekly talk show broadcasting each week from the Carolinas. The show is dedicated to covering weather, science, technology, and more with newsmakers from the field of atmospheric science. With co-hosts across both North Carolina and South Carolina, the show may closely feature both NC weather and SC weather, but the topics are universally enjoyable for any weather fan. Join us!




NC air quality and climate: Weather Proof at the Schiele Museum - Part 1 [Ep. 421]

This week, the Carolina Weather Group visits the Schiele Museum's Weather Proof event in Gastonia, North Carolina. Our guests: Join us next week for Part 2 of our on-location journey, where we talk to Clay Chaney with the National Weather Service in Greenville-Spartanburg, SC, and go inside the WCNC Charlotte storm tracker with Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to meet the Carolina Weather Group team and try their hand at forecasting...


Talking tropics with Philippe Papin [Ep. 420]

This week on the Carolina Weather Group, we catch up with Hurricane Specialist Philippe Papin from the National Hurricane Center on the tropical season to this point and how to be prepared for when the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season heats up. LEAVE A TIP: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: SUPPORT US ON PATREON: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: The...


NOAA researchers want to know your tornado stories [Ep. 419]

Has a tornado hit your house or your community? Have you received a tornado alert? NOAA scientists want to hear your story. The new Tornado Tales citizen science tool is an online survey that provides a way for people to anonymously report their tornado experiences. Developed by researchers at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), the tool will be used to better understand how people receive, interpret and respond to tornado information from NOAA. Our guest this week is...


Predicting flooding events [Ep. 418]

Recent strong thunderstorms have produced localized flash flooding in the Carolinas. This week on the Carolina Weather Group, we look at how NOAA's Weather Prediction Center and Storm Prediction Center predict flooding events. Our guest is meteorologist Ashton Robinson Cook. Plus, a personal invite to join the Carolina Weather Group this Sat., July 23 from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. for the Schiele Museum's Weather Proof event. Come try your hand at our green screen and enter for a chance to...


WBTV's Eric Thomas retiring: 1-on-1 exit interview [Encore]

This week, an encore episode from the Carolina Weather Group archive. After 33 years forecasting the weather for Charlotte viewers of WBTV-TV, Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas retired at the end of 2021. In a special sitdown interview with the Carolina Weather Group's Scotty Powell, Eric revisits his 3-decade career, including historic coverage of Hurricane Hugo, tornadoes, and other severe weather events. Eric also outlines the evolution of his career - from television into the age of...


The man who lives in a Carolina lighthouse [Encore]

Frying Pan Tower is located 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina and rises 135' above the Atlantic Ocean. It helps provide safety to Mariners in the Atlantic ocean, is used for environmental research and education studies, and is a shelter to a natural ecosystem for marine wildlife. Its location makes it a prime spot to observe tropical weather off the Carolina coast, including a direct hit by Hurricane Irene in 2011. Weather conditions are observed on-board by weather sensors and a...


Earthquakes in Elgin, South Carolina [Ep. 417]

This week, breaking news: The largest earthquakes in South Carolina since 2014 continue to rumble out of Elgin. The USGS says two earthquakes today, one a magnitude 3.5 and another 3.6, plus associated aftershocks, shook across the Carolinas, including in Columbia and reports of tremors as far away as Charlotte and Raleigh. The Carolina Weather Group's James Brierton is looking at the latest earthquake data from the USGS as more than three dozen earthquakes continue to shake South Carolina...


How NOAA weather radios save lives in severe weather [Ep. 416]

NOAA and the National Weather Service maintain a nationwide network of analog radio transmitters that provide life-saving information during severe weather. These 24/7 radio stations provide real-time forecasts, severe weather warnings, and updated observations throughout the Carolinas and United States. This week our guest is Bruce Jones of Midland Radio, one of the biggest manufacturers of weather radio devices that can be used at-home and on-the-go. Jones explains the history of NOAA...


NC faith leaders call on U.S. to pay 'fair share' for climate-related loss [Bonus]

Nadia Ramlagan, North Carolina News Service Faith and climate leaders convene in Charlotte this week, as the Southeast Climate and Energy Network and US Climate Action Network join forces. They're asking the nation to pay its fair share to help communities feeling the worst effects of climate change. Rev. Michael Malcom is the executive director of the Birmingham, Alabama-based People's Justice Council. He pointed out that Black, Brown and other historically vulnerable communities...


GOES-18, newest weather satellite, transmits first images [Ep. 415]

GOES-18, which launched March 1 as GOES-R, is continuing operational testing ahead of becoming the United States' newest weather satellite. Part of those tests, is the transmission of its initial test imagery. Our guest this week on the Carolina Weather Group is Dr. Dan Lindsey, the Chief Scientist for NOAA's GOES-R Program. Lindsey explains the ongoing testing, where the satellite is now, and what remains before the satellite can begin monitoring the weather for the West Coast of the...


How hot will Carolina weather get? | Let's Talk June 14, 2022

Excessive heat will create dangerous weather conditions across North Carolina and South Carolina this week. A heat wave will impact the Carolinas through Friday. The high temperatures, combined with the humidity, will push the heat index over 100 degrees. The heat index is a measure of what the temperature outside really feels like. Weather this hot will make it hard for our bodies to cool down. With the proper ability to perspire, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are possible. Be safe and...


When severe storms push the limit: Overshooting tops [Ep. 414]

Thunderstorms are capable of reaching the tropopause: the boundary between the lowest layer of the atmosphere in which we live (the troposphere) and the layer immediately above (the stratosphere). If a storm overshoots the tropopause and extends into the stratosphere, it may lead to the transport of air between the two layers. This is called a stratosphere-troposphere exchange or STE. Dr. Cameron R. Homeyer of the University of Oklahoma studies the stratosphere-troposphere exchange caused...


Learn from a broadcast meteorologist (and others) [Bonus episode]

You can learn what it’s like to be a television weatherperson during a weeklong virtual career workshop from WCNC Charlotte. On this bonus episode of the Carolina Weather Group, James Brierton talks with WCNC Charlotte Brand Manager Stephanie Mackey about the station’s Pathways initiatives. WCNC Charlotte is making a difference for high school and college students by hosting a series of educational sessions to give a first-hand look at what it's like working at a local television station....


Hurricane season starts with Alex threat? [Ep. 413]

Wednesday marks the start of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. A tropical disturbance near the Yucatan Peninsula could become this year's first named storm. If named, it would become Alex. The tropical disturbance is expected to move over Florida before bringing the possibility of rough surf, rip currents, and erosion to the coasts of both North Carolina and South Carolina this weekend. The storm system, regardless of strength, will remain offshore thanks to a cold front advancing across...


2022 hurricane season outlook with Dr. Phil Klotzbach [Ep. 412]

The 2022 hurricane season starts next week and both NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and the researchers at Colorado State University are calling for an above-normal hurricane season. Our guest this week, is Dr. Phil Klotzbach, one of the acclaimed CSU Tropical Weather and Climate Research team. Their tropical outlook, issued early each spring, is a leader in forecasting the tropics. Klotzbach explains how current La Niña conditions and average sea surface temperatures has led them to...


Catching up with meteorologist Alex Forbes [Ep. 411]

This week we're catching up with Alex Forbes, a broadcast meteorologist with WMAZ-TV in Macon, Georgia. When Alex last appeared on the Carolina Weather Group in 2020, he was a meteorology student at Mississippi Student University who had conducted a study that found a lot of the public is confused by the classifications used on the Storm Prediction Center's severe weather outlook. Revisit that interview: This week, Alex talks to us about his start in broadcast...


Justin Ballard of the South Carolina Emergency Information Network [Ep. 410]

Justin Ballard is a meteorologist whose weather forecasts can be heard on South Carolina Public Radio. Ballard, who is a University of North Carolina at Charlotte alum, is based at the University of Florida in Gainesville. From there, he produces weather forecasts and storm coverage for WUFT-FM and WRUF-TV in Florida and also the South Carolina Emergency Information Network. He is also a mentor and teacher to meteorology students. On this week's episode of the Carolina Weather Group,...


Report: Without Action, NC Will Fall Short on 2025 Climate Goals

Executive orders aimed at driving down greenhouse-gas emissions are still not enough to reach North Carolina's 50% reduction goal by 2030, a report by the Environmental Defense Fund found. The report showed under current state policies, North Carolina is on track to shrink emissions by 28% to 38%, far below its target. Michelle Allen, project manager of North Carolina political affairs for the Environmental Defense Fund, said there are ways to get back on track, including aggressively...


Severe Carolina weather Friday | Let's Talk Carolina Weather

Yet another round of severe thunderstorms is on the way for Friday afternoon and night. This event could be worse than the other severe storms this week. A cold front moving into the near-summery air mass that we have in place across North Carolina and South Carolina will be the trigger for the storms. As a result, the National Weather SErvice's Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has put most of the state at a level 2 of 5 'slight' risk for severe thunderstorms Friday. All modes of severe...


Should hurricane season start in May? w\ guest Michael Lowry [Ep. 409]

It's National Hurricane Preparedness with the start of the 2022 hurricane season less than a month away -- but should the hurricane season start earlier than June 1st? That's one of the questions we discuss with hurricane expert and meteorologist Michael Lowry during these never-before-seen moments from our 2021 interview with him. Lowry, who previously worked at The Weather Channel, just announced he'll be joining WPLG-TV in Miami, Florida. When Lowry talked with the Carolina Weather Group...