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Join Founder Maria Fuller on how to become a cycle breaker and foster Independence, Leadership and Strong Personal Identity in girls today while facing todays mental health crisis, body image issues, relationships, mean girls and so much more. This podcast is for spiritually aware and conscious parents who are ready to shake things up and do the work to be the change!


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Join Founder Maria Fuller on how to become a cycle breaker and foster Independence, Leadership and Strong Personal Identity in girls today while facing todays mental health crisis, body image issues, relationships, mean girls and so much more. This podcast is for spiritually aware and conscious parents who are ready to shake things up and do the work to be the change!






Navigating Toxic Socialization: Why school should not be a main source of socialization

This week on the podcast Maria delves into the concept of toxic socialization and its impact on children, particularly within the school environment. Drawing from her experience as a homeschooling parent, she emphasizes the importance of distinguishing academic and socialization time for children. Maria advocates for healthy socialization, suggesting mixed-age groups, interest-based activities, and limited cellphone usage to foster strong communication skills. Addressing the challenges of conformity in schools, she encourages parents to prioritize their daughters' mental health and well-being over societal expectations, aiming to empower them with the resilience to navigate toxic environments.


Navigating Social Contagion: Shaping a Positive Journey for Teen Girls

In this podcast episode, Maria delves into the impact of social contagion theory on teen and tween girls, stressing the significance of comprehending the biological and psychological development of young girls. Drawing from personal experiences, Maria challenges the conventional narrative surrounding girls' identity formation, shedding light on the early pressure to conform and label themselves. The episode thoroughly examines how social media, peer relationships, and extracurricular activities influence girls' self-esteem and body image. Maria advocates for proactive parenting, urging parents to establish boundaries and select environments aligned with their values to craft a positive and empowering journey for their daughters. The conversation also addresses the repercussions of mainstream culture on girls, touching on issues like early puberty and the inclination to categorize themselves. Maria recommends that parents evaluate the content their daughters consume across various platforms to ensure it aligns with their values, fostering a healthy self-image. The episode concludes with a discourse on the potential advantages of homeschooling and the importance of curating a culture that nurtures positive experiences and values for young girls.


Bubbles of Love_Nurturing Energy Management with Your daugher

In this podcast episode, Maria shares a heartfelt story about her daughter's challenging experience during swim practice. The narrative unfolds into a broader discussion on the dynamics of energy management and empathy, exploring how individuals, especially those in touch with their feminine energy, navigate and respond to the emotions of others. The episode touches on the importance of setting boundaries and fostering emotional resilience in children. It concludes with a touching ritual that symbolizes love and support, offering listeners valuable insights into nurturing emotional well-being in their own families.


Questioning Norms: A Journey into Intentional Motherhood

In this podcast episode, Maria shares her profound insights into intentional parenting, emphasizing the transformative impact on her relationship with her daughters. Through personal anecdotes, she discusses the power of questioning societal norms and fostering individuality in children. The episode highlights the importance of declaring intentions, embracing curiosity, and creating an environment where daughters can thrive. Overall, it's a compelling exploration of intentionality in parenting and its positive effects on raising empowered and resilient girls.


Empowering Girls: A Raw Journey Through Motherhood's Challenges

In the latest podcast episode, Maria reflects on the challenges and chaos of the past year, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection during tough times. Maria shares a personal experience with her youngest daughter, highlighting the difficulties of raising a powerful girl and the importance of understanding and addressing their emotions. The episode delves into a poignant moment where the daughter expressed feeling unseen and insignificant, leading Maria to explore her role in the experience and how to support her child better. Maria emphasizes the power of owning one's part in challenging situations and the necessity of self-care and energy management for effective parenting. As Maria navigates the complexities of motherhood, she encourages listeners to approach the new year with curiosity, examining their mindset and understanding the lessons within their challenges. The episode provides a raw and authentic perspective on the struggles of parenting while promoting self-awareness and growth.


Self Advocacy: A Critical Life Skill all Girls Need. A how-to-guide

In today's engaging episode, we explore a vital life skill often overlooked – self-advocacy. Maria shares insights from her own experience with her daughters, emphasizing the shift from hard to soft skills in today's workforce. Drawing from real experiences, we witness the transformation of a hesitant teenager into a confident self-advocate.From handling college tech challenges to addressing concerns with coaches, the episode provides actionable tips for parents. The goal is clear: empower our daughters from a young age, fostering independence and resilience. Join us on this journey of self-advocacy, shaping the next generation of confident women. Stay tuned for empowering insights!


Rest, Reflect, Rejoice: A Guide to Balance in the Holiday Hustle

Step into the holiday season with a sense of ease and joy as we delve into practical tips and heartfelt insights on navigating this time of year. In this podcast episode, we explore strategies to manage expectations, avoid burnout, and create meaningful traditions that align with your family's values. Join us in a candid conversation about the importance of communication, especially with your children, as we share personal experiences and lessons learned. Discover the power of simplifying, setting realistic boundaries, and finding rest amidst the hustle. Whether you're a seasoned parent or a first-time listener, this episode is a gentle reminder to prioritize your well-being and make the most of the holiday season. Tune in for inspiration on creating magical moments that resonate with your family, fostering connection, and savoring the joy that comes with this special time of year.


Teen Brain Chronicles: Smart but Scattered

This weeks podcast episode Maria discusses the development of the prefrontal cortex in teenagers and its impact on executive functioning, impulse control, working memory, and emotional regulation. It highlights the challenges teenagers face in decision-making, peer influence, and emotional regulation. Maria provides tips for parents to support their teens.


Hey Daughter! Blame Your Good Behavior on Me!

In this podcast episode, parents learn a clever technique to help their teenage daughters handle tricky situations and peer pressure with ease. The trick is simple but effective: parents become the "scapegoats" for their daughters' decisions, allowing them to gracefully navigate challenges. The podcast offers fun examples, like blaming strict parents for not being able to attend a late-night party, or attributing decisions to parental rules, like not using social media or avoiding risky behaviors. It's all about maintaining a balance between fitting in with friends and making responsible choices while building trust and open communication. Plus, there's a cool secret signal – like a secret emoji – for daughters to use when they need a rescue from an awkward situation. So, parents, get ready to empower your daughters and make the teenage journey a tad smoother!


Your daughter is like a debit card

This week on the podcast, Maria starts off by emphasizing the significance of shifting our perspective and seeing things from a different angle to cultivate a stronger bond and connection with our daughters. She highlights the fact that if we persist in approaching things in the same manner, there won't be any changes. Maria delves into the idea of the emotional "debit card" and its importance in comprehending and supporting our daughters, especially during their tween and teen years. Discover more about this concept and how it relates to your relationship with your daughter.


When friendships go sour and relationships are toxic. How to help without her pushing you away

This week on the podcast Maria talks about navigating friendships and relationships with your daughter and teh challenges it brings, especially during the tween and teen years. Understanding the developmental changes during this time, encouraging self-identity exploration, and validating her feelings are important. Maria gives practical tips and activities to do wiht yoru daughter to foster closer communication but help her navigate these tricky situations and more.


Steps to Creating Closer Communication with your Daughter

On this weeks podcast Maria discusses the importance of creating a close connection and communication with your daughter. Maria talks about reflection on personal experiences with female figures and the need for empathy towards teenage girls. Maria suggests using storytelling to discuss difficult topics and creating a safe space for communication. Maria shares her own experience with her parents and the importance of building trust and communication through storytelling and more.


Look for the Shimmers | Celebrating our 200th episode!

Join Maria on the podcasts 200th episode where she shares a technique in "Finding the shimmers" of light during the day and celebrating them as well as a review of the last 6 years top tips to help you on your journey!


When things just don't feel "right" at school - Following your Intuition and Advocacy

Maria shares her personal journey of discovering her daughter's learning differences and disabilities, emphasizing the importance of intuition, advocacy, and proper testing and evaluation from qualified professionals. She highlights the flaws in the school system and encourages parents to trust their instincts and navigate the system to get the support they need for their child.


New School Year| New Vibe! Tips and Tricks to create deeper connections with your daughter this year!

On this weeks podcast episode Maria offers several tools for mothers to connect with their daughters and support them through the school year. These tools include creating a vision board, setting expectations, working on executive functioning skills, and cultivating self-care routines. The post also emphasizes the importance of navigating peer relationships and friendships and suggests using a mother-daughter journal as a safe space for communication.


Are you Problem focused or Solutions Oriented? One makes all the difference

On this episode Maria provides a wealth of knowledge on how to become solutions-oriented when parenting teenagers. One of the key takeaways from the podcast is the importance of shifting from a problem-focused mindset to a solutions-oriented one. Maria highlights how focusing on problems can lead to rumination and negative spirals of thoughts and emotions. Instead, Maria encourages moms to embrace the problem, validate their daughter's feelings, and work towards finding solutions. Learn more about the difference between problem focused and solutions oriented and how to shift this dynamic and more


"It's me, Hi, I'm the problem its me"- Looking at the Mirror

In this episode, we're going to talk about an important topic: the power of self-reflection. Specifically, we're going to discuss how our actions as parents can affect our daughters and their behavior. It's a difficult conversation to have, but an essential one. By examining our own behavior and making necessary changes, we can create a better relationship with our daughters and help them grow into confident, empowered women.


The power of your thoughts and language you use

Join Maria on this weeks episode on how the power of your thoughts, the language you use and labels you apply to your daughter will affect your connection and experience. Don't like your teen daughter? Maybe that needs to be reframed to "I'm having a hard time connecting with her". Learn how to shift your thoughts and how it impacts the relationship with your daughter and more.


Untethered - Letting Go as the Grow

How do you start untethering form your child when it makes you scare or anxious? Listen today as Maria shares about a rite of passage experience her daughter is going through and how it was just a mush a rite of passage for her as a parent and the emotional struggles she has with allowing her daughter to go out into the wilderness for 36 hours with 2 other teens girls and more.


Moody Daughter? Mental check list and how to help

In an emergency we always start with the ABC's. Airway, Breathing and Circulation. But, what do you do with a moody teen to figure out how to even support them? Listen in on today's episode as Maria takes you through her mental check list when dealing with a moody tween and teen daughter and how to support them. From things to be aware of to scripted dialogue to use to build trust and give your daughter the support they need and more.