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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.


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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.




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The Golf Trophy Plane Incident - Man United QR Code - Life In Mariupol - Epileptic Seizures - #Dementia

Joe was told his golf trophy had to go into a bag. Paul's daughter's Man United ticket was scanned by someone else. Olga updates Colm on what life is like in Mariupol now. Brian doesn't remember his first seizure but it was captured by CCTV. Lisa is upset by how people are using dementia in their social media accounts.


Nursing Home For Brain Injury Patient - Ferry Disability Access - Lost Violin - Mystery Seizure - €18,000 Water Bill

Ann's brother is 54 and has been in a nursing home for 12 years. Olivia booked a holiday to Wales but the ferry has insufficient disability access. Patricia's son left his violin in a taxi. Elaine doesn't know what is causing her to have seizures. Ronnie runs a small gym with one toilet and received a water bill for €18,000.


My Colour Blindness Will Ruin The Ireland v Wales Match - Tesco Mobile - Dog Troubles

Denis can't distinguish between the Ireland Rugby Jerseys and the Welsh ones because he's colour blind. Listeners share how they're affected by colour blindness. Tom was having difficulties cancelling his late wife's phone account. Derek received a 10 day notice to show his dog license.


I Thought I Was Filling Out A Revenue Form - Candle Tax - The Struggles Of Carers

Phil thought she was filling out a form for Revenue but it turned out be for Pat was lighting candles in a church and noticed that there is now 23% VAT on candles. Donna explains the difficulties she faces day to day in relation to her daughter.


HSE & Dept. Of Health U-Turn

Listeners discuss their anger at the planned post-mastectomy product cuts. During the course of the show, the HSE and Department Of Health U-Turn on the plan..


Funding For Post-Mastectomy Products Cut - My Parents Were Responsible For A Social Revolution

Listeners react to reductions that are being made to post-mastectomy patients. 39 years ago today, the Irish government approved the sale of contraceptives. Joe speaks to the daughter of Mary & Seamus McGee, who took a case which resulted in an end of the ban on contraception in Ireland.


Revenue & - Niall Minogue & Agri Global People - Synthetic Cannabinoids: HHC - Lack Of Respite Care

Caoimhe is confused about what happened with her tax rebate. Cillian is owed money from Agri Global People. John's son has an addiction to vapes containing HHC, a synthetic cannabinoid. Listeners with children who require respite care describe the lack of services available to them.


I Don't Remember Signing Up To - Aleksei Navalny - Dupuytren's Contracture

Breege discovered from Revenue that, to her surprise, were now her tax agent. Callers discuss the death of Aleksei Navalny. Listeners discuss their experiences with Dupuytren's Contracture.


Get My Chihuahua To Malaga! - Unable To Locate Bulb For NCT - Losing GP Over Good Health - Claw Hand

Suzanne wants to take her chihuahua to Malaga but doesn't want to take two flights. Adrian's 2012 Toyota Corolla failed the NCT due to missing a bulb but is unable to find a replacement. Susan's daughter discovered she had been removed as a Clinic Patient. Joseph suffered from a claw hand and was told there was a 2 year waiting list.


Loveline - Valentine's Day Special

For one day only, Liveline is transformed into Loveline, as listeners share their love stories with Joe.

Duration:01:08:24 - Terms & Conditions - My Ingrown Toenail Is Ruining My Life - The Oldest Women To Row Across The Atlantic

Callers discuss their difficulties dealing with John Joe is 17 and has been in severe pain for 3 years with an infected toe. Four women, with a combined age of 232, beat the Guinness World Record to become the oldest Four Woman Crew to row across the Atlantic Ocean.


Where's My Tax Refund? - For The Love Of A Mobile Home - Seniors' Travel Insurance

Wayne hired to obtain his tax refund but is unhappy with the service he has received. Callers express their passion for mobile homes and campervans. Pauline was left with a large hospital bill after she missed vital information in the small print.


Lucan Lodge - I Can't Afford My Dog's Vet Fees - People Who Reserved Their Train Seats Wanted Me To Stand So They Could Sit In Them!

Joe follows up on the HIQA report on Lucan Lodge Nursing Home. Monica's dog has a dislocated hip but she can't afford to pay for the surgery. Margaret hadn't reserved seats on a train but is upset that the people who booked them wanted to sit there, leaving her standing.


Lucan Lodge Nursing Home - Dublin City Pedestrianisation - Lidl Knife

Joe follows up on the HIQA Report into Lucan Lodge Nursing Home. Listeners share their opinions on the further pedestrianisation of Dublin city. Gerry was surprised by a knife on sale in Lidl.


Heart Attack While Driving - Palliative Care For Children - Postal Rates & The Weight Of Books - DAA Charity Charge - Old Plastic Bottles

Martin's friend had a heart attack while driving. Lynn explains the difficulties she and her daughter, Daisy, experienced during Daisy's last days. Rachel doesn't understand the postal rates for items over 500g. Claire noticed an unexpected charge in her account. Cormac's old bottles were not recognised by the reverse vending machine.


Discovering You Suffer From Depression - Cash Only! - 100% Mark-Up On Water - Sheep Massacred By Dogs

Jimmy didn't know what was wrong with him until a doctor diagnosed him with depression. Noel wanted to see a movie in The Savoy Cinema in Dublin but they wouldn't accept cash. Will noticed that the 'honesty' water at Dublin Airport had gone up in price from €1 to €2. Dessie's sheep were massacred by local dogs.


Traveller Discrimination - Manners On Public Transport

Margaret O'Leary won a discrimination case when she was refused service in a pub. Susan wants to highlight a trend she has noticed on the DART, which she has labeled 'girlspreading'.


The Reality Of The Deposit-Return Scheme

Listeners describe their experience with the Deposit-Return Scheme on its' introductory day.


Do Accents Define Us? - Poem for Ann Lovett

Cllr. Teresa Costello explains that she has been receiving negative comments online in relation to her accent. Paula Meehan reads an extract of her poem for Ann Lovett, 'The Statue Of The Virgin At Granard Speaks'.


Remembering Luke Kelly

Joe chats to musicians and listeners about Luke Kelly on the 40th anniversary of his death.