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Interviews and feature reports from SBS News.




Colombia hails miracle rescue of four children weeks after deadly plane crash

It's an incredible story of survival. Four young children from an Indigenous community in Colombia have been found alive more than a month after the plane they were travelling in crashed in the Amazon jungle.


Stephen Kenny, Julian Assange's Australian lawyer, speaks to SBS

WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange has lost his latest attempt to fight extradition from Britain to the United States where he is wanted on criminal charges. A judge at London's High Court has ruled Assange had no legal grounds to challenge the extradition. Assange's Australian lawyer Stephen Kenny has spoken with Biwa Kwan from SBS News on that decision, drawing parallels between this case and that of David Hicks.


World Cup trophy tour kicks off in Australia ahead of tournament

The Women's World Cup trophy is on a global tour, stopping in Australia and New Zealand across June and July. A record one million tickets have been sold for the upcoming tournament, which the two countries will be hosting.


Deadly Everest climbing season prompts questions about safety

It's been one of the deadliest climbing seasons on Mount Everest in recent history, prompting some to question whether the volume of climbers is sustainable. This year, at least 12 people have died on the mountain -- 9 foreign nationals, and 3 Nepalis, including Australian climber Jason Kennison – while five are missing -- 1 foreign and 4 Nepalis.


Harrison hopes his robot could help to save lives – here’s how

Despite growing fears around the use of artificial intelligence, or AI, educators say teaching children to program robots can have long-term learning benefits.


The desperate situation at an orphanage in Sudan

Aid workers have rescued nearly 300 children from an orphanage in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, after at least 71 children died since fighting broke out in April - but they face grim conditions in the orphanage where they are now staying. SBS's Tys Occhiuzzi spoke to William Carter from the Norwegian Refugee Council, who is in Wad Madani


Banks told to clean up their act over deceased estates

A new report into the handling of deceased estates has delivered a scathing review of many Australian banks. Six banks, including the Big Four, were all found to be charging fees after some customers had died.


Recession fears grow as a record number of people take on multiple jobs

A growing number of experts are lifting their forecast for peak interest rates in Australia increasing the chances of a recession. SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves speaks with one of them, HSBC Chief Economist Paul Bloxham. Oreana Financial's Isaac Poole takes a look at the sharemarket reaction, plus Kristy Jones of Equity Economics explains why a record number of people are now taking on multiple jobs


Indonesia, Malaysia say they are unfairly targeted over palm oil and deforestation

The leaders of Indonesia and Malaysia have agreed to increase cooperation to fight what they call discriminatory measures against their palm oil products. The countries are the world's top two producers and exporters of palm oil which is an edible vegetable oil that's used in a wide range of products. Its production has long been controversial because of concerns over deforestation and habitat loss for endangered animals such as the orangutan.


Victoria's COVID veteran steps down

The man who led Victoria's health response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, chief health officer Brett Sutton, has resigned. His stepping down adds to the growing list of political leaders and officials who spearheaded the pandemic response, but have now left the political arena.


Minister accused of misleading Parliament over Higgins allegation

Finance Minister Katy Gallagher has been accused of misleading Parliament about how much she knew about the Brittany Higgins rape allegation. Members of the opposition are now calling on her to resign and for Higgins' payout to be referred to the National Anti-Corruption Commission


Flood evacuations in Ukraine disrupted by Russian shelling

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been forced to flee after the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam caused mass flooding. Meanwhile, the United States and United Kingdom have reaffirmed their financial support for Ukraine.


Athletes descend on Berlin for Special Olympics World Games

64 athletes are preparing to travel to Berlin on Sunday to compete in the Special Olympics World Games for Australia. The Games are the largest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympics.


There's only ever going to be one Rale Rasic

The coach who guided the Socceroos to their first ever FIFA World Cup in 1974 has died at the age of 87. Rale Rasic was a trailblazer who changed football in Australia.


Nazi symbols to be banned - but is it enough?

The Federal government has announced it will introduce legislation to ban the display and trade of the two most common Nazi symbols across the country, following Neo-Nazi rallies on the streets of Melbourne. But some say the proposed law does not go far enough to prevent anti-semitism.


SBS On the Money: The properties being purchased with cash

A new report has found that a quarter of all residential property transactions were funded without a mortgage last year along the east coast of Australia. Rhayna Bosch speaks with the PEXA's Head of Research Mike Gill for more, while SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves speaks with Henry Jennings from Marcus Today for a wrap on the markets.


Migrant communities want to work - so what's stopping them?

People from migrant and refugee backgrounds often find themselves presented with harsh barrier which prevent them finding work. A committee looking into the problems says Workforce Australia, which provides funding to employment services for job seekers, needs to find ways to address the problem.


'Stay indoors' - Wildfires smoke affects US and Canada

It's a sight that Sydneysiders got used to during the massive bushfires of the summer of 2019-2020: thick, orange smog blanketing the harbour city, blocking out the sun. The same phenomenon is now happening on the east coasts of the United States and Canada as hundreds of wildfires burn out of control in Canada.


Critical threats to oceans remain as UN inches towards plastic treaty

The United Nations has marked World Oceans Day as it takes the first global step towards a legally binding treaty to regulate plastic. Plastic pollution and climate change remain a critical threat to oceans, which cover 70 per cent of the planet.


Ukraine dam breach escalates humanitarian crisis

Ukrainian residents in Kherson and surrounding regions are in the midst of an intensifying humanitarian crisis after the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam. The consequences are far-reaching, with the displacement of thousands of residents, reduced access to clean water and effects on the local ecosystem already being seen.