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DCRadio.gov the digital home of DC Radio 96.3 HD4 — the District of Columbia’s first and official government radio station which is managed and broadcast from the headquarters of the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment, located in the original home of B.E.T. Television in Northeast Washington, DC We proudly serve the residents of all 8 Wards by providing quality, diverse and award winning programming that enhances the quality-of-life for District residents by providing resourceful information on government activity, education, current events, history, arts and entertainment. Some of our most popular programming includes The Woman Behind The Business, Cannabis Conversations, Rememories For Seniors, Millennial Programming, Co-Play Media for the Blerd and Anime Communities, DC Music Rocks, Brazilian Hour, Putumayo World Music Hour, Grits & Garri, New Urban Jazz with Bob Baldwin, Will Downing’s Wind Down, Wit & Reason, Warriors Circle, Inside The MFL, Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon, Champagne & Credit, Hearing The Council with Josh Gibson, Military Home Life, Artimacy, Raiding The Crates, The Sanctuary, Backstage Beyond the Laughs, Catch The Flo with Marcus Johnson, Coming to America Podcast with Wayna and Friends, The District Creatives Podcast, and Inside Style with George Worrell. Visit our website at DCRADIO.GOV