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Greetings massive and crew! Dis a yuh favorite station owner from di big bad station weh yuh love, Hot 876 Radio! We deh pon di top a di game, bringing di hottest reggae, dancehall, and all tings Jamaica straight to yuh speakers. I an I play everything from di foundational roots and culture music to di latest bashment riddims. Hot 876 Radio nuh partial, we play tunes from di legends like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Dennis Brown right up to di latest and greatest from artists like Popcaan, Koffee and Chronixx. If it a gwaan inna di dancehall scene, you will hear it yah so first! Our DJs dem seasoned and know how fi keep di vibes going 24/7. Whether yuh a listen in di morning pon yuh way to work, inna di day while yuh a relax, or at night when yuh ready fi a good party vibes, we always have di right tune fi yuh mood. But a nuh jus music weh di station about, enuh. We also have talk shows weh discuss important topics a gwaan inna Jamaica and di wider Caribbean. We tackle everything from politics, education, to health and wellness. We nuh afraid fi talk up di tings and have real conversation dem. So whether yuh a listen from yuh yard inna Kingston, from di countryside, or even if yuh deh pon di other side a di world, remember sey Hot 876 Radio a yuh number one source fi everything Jamaica. Keep it locked, cause anywhere else yuh tune into, yuh just a waste yuh time....






181 west st 1888-787 2812