Newsmax: Independent news with a conservative perspective. Up-to-the-minute breaking news coverage, insightful political analysis, thought-provoking opinion shows, and enlightening documentaries. A trusted destination for individuals who value authentic news and viewpoints that both inform and positively impact their lives. Nielsen ranks Newsmax as the 4th highest-rated cable news channel. Newsmax champions a free press, one that provides Americans with balanced coverage, diverse viewpoints, and honest debates on the issues affecting our lives. Forbes calls Newsmax “a news powerhouse” and The New York Times describes it as a “potent force” in U.S. politics. The 2023 Economist/YouGov survey for Trust in Media reported that Newsmax is among the most trusted cable news channels with the highest “Net Trust” of any major network. Lineup features a dynamic array of shows hosted by esteemed conservative commentators and analysts, including Greta Van Susteren, Rob Schmitt, Eric Bolling, Chris Plante, Greg Kelly, Rob Finnerty, Bianca de la Garza, Chris Salcedo, Carl Higbie, Rob Carson, Mark Kaye, Nancy Brinker, Sebastian Gorka, and many more.