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Welcome on Board! Our Station is the Voice of Promogos Ministries, which mission is to Promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation of the earth, beyond its walls, its community, its city, its province. We don't see the place we are serving as our limit, we go further as Jesus would. Our daily programming is more centered on worship songs, for we all know and believe that Praise and Worship are the best way to give glory and honor to our God. So we, as ministers, have dedicated our station to this aspect of our ministry. The staff management of the Radio is made up of men and women of God. Having the anointing of the Holy Spirit in them, they have the desire to please the heart of God with their willingness to walk in obedience to His voice, to accomplish His mission, which is to spread the message of salvation through Jesus-Christ and to edify His saints. You too can be part of this spirit-led journey by being part of this online radio ministry in any way you can, helping us go further to reach as many people as possible. We are glad to welcome you to the Promogos Radio Team's mission. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Let the praise begins and Enjoy! Pastor J.J. Papin Your Humble Servant