Rockers Movement Radio is more than sound and words, it’s a vibe, a spirt and a way of life. Rockers Movement Radio broadcasts 24/7 the Beliefs that Unite Rockers in thought and action. Rockers Movement Radio motivates all to achieve the dream of a peaceful world, united in love of equity, justice, truth and knowledge. Rockers Movement Radio streams its historic concerts as well that unite communities in an inspirational musical experience that transcends language and ideology. Hallmarks of the Rockers Movement Shield. Global music has common humane themes because these parallel the global bond of Rockers Movement. Peace, Love and Unity driving us to be inspired long after shows have concluded. Rockers Movement Radio playlists are communal touchstones to recharge our commitment to a global agenda of economic and ecological equity. If you can dream of a better world, together, You, I and Rockers Movement can make it happen. #WEAREROCKERS. Are you?




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