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"#FuelTheRage one broken controller at a time!" Hosted by Tazz and Trax! Two Dads who love video games but have completely opposite opinions on some of today's most popular Xbox titles. News, commentary, guests, and listener participation and much more are in store for this roughly 1 hour weekly offering!


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"#FuelTheRage one broken controller at a time!" Hosted by Tazz and Trax! Two Dads who love video games but have completely opposite opinions on some of today's most popular Xbox titles. News, commentary, guests, and listener participation and much more are in store for this roughly 1 hour weekly offering!






Xbox on Switch, Next Gen Rumors, HCS Grassroots, Anthem Review, Apex v Fortnite, & Bob Kraft loves $40 Handies (allegedly)

Episode one of the rebrand to Gaming Under Fire! Your podcast source for news and opinions on Xbox, shooters, and shooter esports! This week we talk a little bit about Xbox and Nintendo rumors. We also talk rumors of next gen Xbox announcement at E3 with Halo Infinite as a possible launch title. We then discuss the HCS Grassroots program and Tazz and Trax have different takes on what it should be for. Tazz does his Anthem review (poorly) and we debut the BETA of the GUF Rating System for...


Metro Exodus Thoughts, Crackdown 3 Impressions, Anthem Release Confusion (GRP 14)

Tazz returns from California, but no Queen "We Are the Champions" reception. We see what happens when Trax and Tazz go a week without the ability to play games or be plugged into the gaming news (it's hilarious). Metro Exodus is out, right up Tazz's alley he just needs to get around to it. Trax also missed his calling as an attorney. Discuss the Crackdown 3 reception and why people are bagging on this game so hard! We transition to Anthem's release and why it's so confusing. Worry of EA's...


10mil Apex Legends Players, The Division 2 BETA, Halo Outpost Discovery, & More

On this weeks episode we talk about Lift/Uber and being able to drive for both. Preparations for a big hockey weekend for Tazz. Fortnite streams. Tazz is an Apex Champion before DaddyTrax. Solo Kraken Killin' in Sea of Thieves. In depth discussion regarding the "so far" success of Apex Legends. Tazz's review of The Division 2 BETA as the resident Division expert. Also Halo Outpost Discovery, Crackdown 3, and more! Time Stamps Start: Intro and what we've been playing 25m 03s: Apex...


Apex Legends Reveal, Anthem Public Demo, Fortnite Concert, Blackops & More (GRP 12)

Welcome back to The Rage! This week Trax and Tazz talk Super Bowl results, how no New England fan can ever call their team an Underdog! What games we've been playing, the Apex Legends reveal, Anthem Public Demo, the Fortnite (not really) Concert, Black Ops 4 updates, Cod and Halo esports, and the Gears Mexico Open results. Time Stamps: 4min - What we've been playing 12min 58 sec - Anthem 20min 59 sec - Apex Legends 35min 31 sec - Fortnite Concert 45min 34 sec - Black Ops 4...


Steam vs Epic, Anthem VIP Demo, Seige 6 League Play, COD Blackout Updates, Halo HCS Announcements & More (GRP 11)

This week on the podcast we get Tazzman's mic to actually work the way it's supposed to! DaddyTrax goes Ragetastic this time on Steam/Valve being a bunch of cry babies with Metro Exodus going exclusive to Epic Store front on PC. Retractions and corrections regarding Rainbow 6 Siege's upcoming road map and some thoughts on league play. Also esports casters need to work on reeling in new/casual players and viewers. COD Blackout has an update coming that EVERYONE has been asking for since...


Punisher Season 2, Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal, Fortnite, The Division, & More all this week! (GRP #10)

Welcome back to another episode of GRP! This week Trax is proud to talk of one of his most impactful tweets to date! Tazzman reviews Season 2 (and likely the last) of Marvels The Punisher on Netflix. We discuss what we learned from the MK11 reveal, Trax goes thru what's new this week in Fortnite, Tazz explains "The Division" and Dark Zones and how they're going to change in TD2. How Tazz wants to get more into eSports for Call of Duty and Rainbow 6 Siege. We're continuously looking to...


GamerRage Podcast #9

The dynamic duo is back together again this week! Tazzman gives Trax a hard time about "Tezzman." Tells ya where he was last week and why airlines and discount airline websites can suck it! Meh movies and poor Trax's Eagles season comes to an end. When they finally get to the gaming stuff, a review of the UGC Halo Classic results. Tazzman even comes out of it a little more enlightened on classic Halo! Trax calls out Tazz for not listening to the last podcast (which he did) and discusses some...


GamerRage Podcast #8

Trax goes it alone this week! Let's see how he does together shall we? :) - Tazzman #FuelTheRage everywhere we can be found! iTunes: GoogleMusic: Facebook: (will say Bad at Halo Show for now) Instagram: gamer-rage-podcast Discord:


GamerRage Podcast #7

This week we go over the Halo Bowl 2.5 results, discuss a few things related to the next Xbox console, Infinity Swords removal from Fortnite, and the top 10 Holiday Games! All this and much more on this weeks episode of Gamer Rage!


GamerRage Podcast #6

We're getting closer to Christmas! And as we get closer to Christmas the inevitable "Christmas Controversy" stories start to hit the news! We've got a Substitute Teacher in Jersey taking Santa, Reindeer, elves, and the Tooth Fairy down to Chinatown among a group of FIRST GRADERS! We also got a school principle trying to ban classrooms from decorating with candy canes because they " are J for Jesus." On the game front we've got Halo having to scramble for a new director, Call of Duty's...


GamerRage Podcast #5

Shout out to Ian with Podcast Evolved for the Seasonal Cover Art :) This week Trax and I talk the MS Store Halo 3 2v2 tournament. That Vanguards are trash and you should never buy one. The Gamer Rage Podcast has been invited to participate in the Halo Bowl 3 and we expect to dominate! Be sure to add yourself to the group on the Xbox Live Club to tryout for the 4th spot on the team! Trax gives us the low down on Spyro and what's new in Fortnite. Tazz tells a really poor pirate story...


GamerRage Podcast #4

@DaddyTrax and @TazzmanLive go over their Thanksgiving Holiday weekends. Talk "Spiro" the Dragon Trilogy, Thief of Thieves, Sea of Thieves, ForzaHorizon 4, Halo, Red Dead Redemption! We also briefly touch on CliffyB being a sensitive doushe-waffle. And then talk Fortnite "stealing" dancers and selling them as emotes. Are they in the wrong? Follow the show! @GamerRage100 on Twitter and join us LIVE every Monday at 9:30pm EST Join our Discord:...


Gamer Rage Podcast #3

Description will be edited when I'm not on a tablet at work lol - Tazzman


Gamer Rage Podcast #2

Our second go around has us talking about the past week and how new found streaming fame has affected us (not much LOL). Salute to all the veterans. Where would you rather take shrapnel? We lose comic book legend Stan Lee at age 95. Topic of the week, why are Battle Royale games so fun/addicting. Some of the bigger stories from Xbox XO18. We disagree on Mouse/Keyboard support. And talk a lot of the Black Ops records being broken by Black Ops 4! And does Halo need a battle royale mode? Be...


GamerRage Podcast #1

Out of the ashes of the Bad At Halo Show, Tazzman and Daddy Trax bring you Gamer Rage! Discussion on what's going on in the world of Xbox Gaming, TV, Movies, and more! Catch the show LIVE ever week on and follow the show on Twitter @GamerRage100 This week we introduce the hosts, banter on some things including Halo, Fortnite, Netflix, and discuss is Disney as non-violent as they believe? We also check out how the CFL is much cooler in celebrating touchdowns...


Data Drop 97: Into the Sunset

It's not good-bye, it's so long...for now.


Data Drop 96: MCC Relaunch!

This week I had to drag myself and my multiple old man issues into the caster chair for the podcast. The Master Chief Collection Relaunched this past week to mixed reviews. From the 8/27 73GB patch to the release to everyone on GamePass on 9/1, we'll talk about all the changes that were made. I also put some people to task on their need for patience and understanding into the scope of this ONGOING PROCESS to fix this massive endeavor. We also take a look at some of the changes to Halo 5's...


Data Drop 95: Politics, How Tiresome

Recording on the day of a horrific tragedy in Jacksonville FL. Prayers from the Tazzman family to the family and friends affected by this horrific incident. We also talk the HCS 2K and upcoming teams headed to London. The "Go Fight Covenant Challenge" is still taking sign ups via the Discord! Go check it out and sign up. We got an announcement on the retail update for MCC and date it's coming to GamePass (hint: it's the same day). We take a look at the behind the making of Fireteam Raven,...


Data Drop 94: Are Button Combos Cheating

Very very very slow week of news. But there was quite the debate on Twitter about button combo glitches in Halo. Are they cheating or are they not? I weigh in on what I think. That's the majority of the discussion in what I believe to be the shortest podcast to date! Don't forget the Go Fight Covenant Challenge and you can sign up on the Bad At Halo Show discord. Twitter @BadHaloShow & @TazzmanLive Discord:...


Data Drop 93: Where Have All The Spartans Gone?

After a week off, I'm back in the hot seat talking all sorts of different Halo goings on! Including the TeaBag Tazzman Tournament, announcement of hte next tournament, MS Store tournaments now a year old, and why I don't care about the HCS anymore. The Halo TV show news has split the community...again. Yet another new Halo novel was announced, and we have a LOT of homework to complete before Halo Infinite. The MCC Insider program opened up to EVERYBODY...and they're having population...