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International development experts share their ideas on how wealthy countries can promote prosperity in developing countries.

International development experts share their ideas on how wealthy countries can promote prosperity in developing countries.


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International development experts share their ideas on how wealthy countries can promote prosperity in developing countries.




Pandemic Proof: Understanding Public Health Surveillance

How does public heath surveillance work, and how can it be done better? Amanda Glassman tackles these questions with Dr. Oliver Morgan of the WHO and Dr. Theo Vos of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Together, they examine the successes and limitations of public health surveillance during COVID-19; the infrastructure, incentives, and investments needed to strengthen capacity; and ways to ensure higher quality and more representative tracking of existing and emerging disease...


The Changing Development Paradigm with Rémy Rioux

CGD's Masood Ahmed speaks with Rémy Rioux of Agence Française de Développement about the fifth annual Development Leaders Conference, the perfect storm of crises facing development agencies, and how new ways of thinking and financing can help them achieve their goals.


Pandemic Proof: Seeking Equity in the COVID-19 Response

On this episode of Pandemic Proof, Dr. Ayoade Alakija, the World Health Organization’s Special Envoy for the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) and co-chair of the African Union’s African Vaccine Delivery Alliance, joins Javier Guzman to discuss global cooperation during health emergencies. Together they reflect on the role of ACT-A in facilitating the development of and equitable access to medical countermeasures during the COVID-19 pandemic; highlight advantages and disadvantages...


Pandemic Proof: Learning from COVID-19 in Latin America

Countries in Latin America were hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. On this episode of Pandemic Proof, Amanda Glassman welcomes Dr. Jarbas Barbosa da Silva Jr., candidate for Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), to the podcast to discuss impacts and lessons learned. Together they reflect on the politicization of the public health response, the importance of health system surveillance, and the role of regional entities like PAHO and national regulatory agencies...


Pandemic Proof: Evaluating the Monkeypox Response

Dr. Boghuma Titanji, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine, joins Javier Guzman to reflect on the ongoing monkeypox outbreak and response. Together they discuss the parallels between monkeypox and previous infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19; inequities in access to vaccines and treatments; and the role national, regional, and international entities must play in preparedness and response to avoid making the same mistakes when the...


Pandemic Proof: Making Preparedness a Priority

On this first episode of new CGD podcast series Pandemic Proof, co-hosts Amanda Glassman and Javier Guzman take stock of where things stand on the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss global priorities to strengthen capacity for pandemic preparedness and response. Victor Dzau, President of the National Academy of Medicine, then joins Amanda to discuss securing adequate investment and coordinating multilateral action to end the current pandemic and better prepare for and respond to the next...


Introducing: Pandemic Proof

Get ready for Pandemic Proof, a new podcast from the Center for Global Development. Hosted by CGD's Amanda Glassman and Javier Guzman and featuring guests from around the world, Pandemic Proof confronts weaknesses in the global architecture for pandemic preparedness and response and explores policies and reforms that can better protect our world in the future.


A New Paradigm for Decision-making with Patience Marime-Ball and Ruth Shaber

CGD's Megan O'Donnell speaks with coauthors Patience Marime-Ball (Women of the World Endowment) and Ruth Shaber (Tara Health Foundation) about the data backing the economic benefits of gender inclusivity, the work that went into creating their new book, and their recommendations for unlocking higher returns and lower risk.


Lagos to Mombasa: Recap and Reflections on Season 1

Gyude shares his takeaways from the first season, underlines the importance of elevating underrepresented ideas, and makes an announcement about Season 2.


Health Insurance in India with Shankar Prinja

CGD's Javier Guzman speaks with the Indian National Health Authority's Shankar Prinja about the structure and benefits of the PMJAY insurance scheme, the challenges of large-scale programs, and the need for researchers and policymakers to work together to produce and make use of evidence on what works.


Lagos to Mombasa: Was the AU-EU Summit a Success?

Malado Kaba of Falémé Conseil and Inge Kaul of the Hertie School join Gyude to discuss the commitments made at the long-awaited AU-EU summit, the ways in which the participants were portrayed, and whether issues beyond aid, such as research, innovation, and trade, got the attention they deserved.


A History of USAID with John Norris and Wade Warren

CGD's Sarah Rose speaks with John Norris of the Gates Foundation and Wade Warren of Deloitte Consulting about Norris's new book on USAID, including USAID’s internal balancing act between development and geostrategic mandates, structural vs. sectoral initiatives, and the challenges USAID will face in its next decades.


Lagos to Mombasa: What Does the Climate Crisis Mean for Africa?

Zainab Usman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Olumide Abimbola of the Africa Policy Research Institute join Gyude to discuss the implications of the European Green Deal for Africa, the outcomes of COP26, and the impacts of the climate crisis on pandemic recovery.


Inside the Development Leader's Conference with Carin Jämtin and Alexia Latortue

CGD's Masood Ahmed speaks with Sida's Carin Jämtin and MCC's Alexia Latortue about their takeaways from the 2021 Development Leaders Conference, including the tensions between national and global challenges, how development agency leaders can address them, and what these decisions might mean for agency mandates going forward.


Lagos to Mombasa: How Can African Countries Increase Migration Opportunities for Skilled Youth?

Africa’s youth population is expected to hit one billion this year, and African countries are not on track to produce enough jobs. Dawit Dame of Ethiopia’s Jobs Creation Commission and Edwin Righa of the International Organization for Migration join Gyude to discuss how African countries can prepare for and enhance labor migration abroad.


Lagos to Mombasa: How Can Digital ID Improve Lives through Social Protection?

CGD's Anit Mukherjee and Ugo Gentilini of the World Bank join Gyude to discuss how governments reach people with social protection programs, how such programs have been used during the pandemic, and what governments should do now to prepare for the next‚ inevitable, pandemic.


Lagos to Mombasa: How Can Digital ID Be Harnessed for Development?

Dr. Joseph Atick, Executive Chairman of ID4Africa, and Alan Gelb, CGD Senior Fellow, join Gyude to discuss the evolution of ID systems across Africa, the benefits and risks of digital ID systems, and what African governments can learn from countries like India about what works and what doesn’t.


The Future of Education in Afghanistan with Zuhra Faizi and Rob Jenkins

CGD's Susannah Hares speaks with Zuhra Faizi of Harvard and MIT and Rob Jenkins of UNICEF about the history and current status of Afghan education, the role of community-based schools, and what international institutions must do now to keep Afghan children in school.


Lagos to Mombasa: How Do We Accelerate EU-Africa Investment?

CGD’s Mikaela Gavas joins Gyude to discuss barriers to private investment in health and infrastructure projects and how a new initiative—an Accelerator Hub—could help local businesses and institutions in Africa develop financially viable proposals and connect them with investors.


Lagos to Mombasa: How Do We Evaluate (and Rank) Commitment to Development?

CGD’s Ian Mitchell joins Gyude to discuss the newest edition of CGD’s Commitment to Development Index, which ranks 40 of the world’s most powerful countries on policies that affect more than five billion people living in poorer nations. How do Africa’s development partners rank, and where is improvement needed?